One of the most quintessential islands of the Indian Ocean, Maldives sets an example for lavish, luxe and beauty across the globe. The majority of islands in Maldives are untouched and uninhabited out of which around 200 islands are accessible to the general public. The extraordinary white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and calming greenery makes Maldives one of the top summer destinations all around the world. The private islands, top class resorts, hotels and water villas are the best romantic getaways for honeymooners and couples. Maldives’ exceptional beauty never fails to mesmerise the tourists flocking from all around the world. This is where the luxury, comfort, adventure and beauty blend in harmoniously offering you the best tropical experience. Here is the list of best islands for Maldives vacation for couples, honeymooners, families and solo travellers.

1. Male Island

Starting off with one of the most obvious and famous islands in Maldives, Male. Being the capital city of Maldives it deserves a mandatory visit during your vacation. The island is a hub for culture, history and adventure. There are numerous aesthetic cafes, exquisite restaurants and vibrant local markets offering a peek into Maldivian food and lifestyle. Try not to miss out on National Museums, art galleries, parks and beaches in Male. The crescent shaped man-made artificial beach is the best place to dive into the blue waters and go snorkelling, scuba diving or whale submarine tours. Since the island is the closest to the airport, it is a popular choice for tourists visiting Maldives for the first time.

2. Como Cocoa Island

One of the first islands to start the trend of best island resorts in Maldives . Also known as Makunufushi, the island has magnificent far stretched sandbars where one could go for sunbathing, early morning yoga or an occasional dip in the ocean. Spot fishes like eagle rays, blacktip sharks and squids. Explore the island by taking a lovely stroll around its coasts. Makunufushi island is a speedboat ride away from the capital city of Male.

Recommended places : Como Cocoa Resort.

3. Baros Island

By far the most exotic and relaxing islands in Maldives, Baros is filled with lavish cafes, restaurants and over-water villas. The island has its own diving centre where you can explore marine life accompanied by local instructors. The island offers rejuvenating spas where you can get relaxing massages with your loved ones after an adventurous day of water sports.

Recommended places : Baros water villas, beach villas, Sails bar, Cayenne Grill.

4. Maafushi Island

Since Maldives’ demographic is predominantly Muslim, the tourists are expected to wear modest clothes at the public beaches and throughout their trip. Maafushi island is one of the few public islands in Maldives that offers Bikini Beach, where you can sunbathe and flaunt your summer bodies. Maafushi island in Maldives is known for having the longest coastline in the country. The island is lined with huge coral reefs where you can go for coral garden tours and snorkelling. The Maafushi island also happens to be one of the cheapest islands in Maldives as they accommodate tourists travelling on a tight budget.

Recommended places : Thundi Beach, Bikini Beach, Moonlight – FOOD. DRINK and SHISHA.

5. Mudhdhoo Island

Mudhdhoo Island is one of the best islands in Maldives for couples to visit at night. This quaint, oval island’s beach is home to nature’s unusual phenomenon of bioluminescence. This phenomenon occurs between marine life and its microorganisms which makes the sea water glow in soft blue light at night. The views at the Vaadhoo beach are spectacular especially under the starry sky. The best way to spend a romantic night with your loved ones in Maldives, visit Mudhdhoo island.

Recommended places : Sand Bar, Sea Grill restaurant, Dusit Thani Resort

6. Olhuveli Island

An honorary mention of Olhuveli Island for hosting one of the best island resorts in Maldives. The Olhuveli island and its dreamscapes are perfect for honeymooners and couples who crave privacy. The island and its luxurious resort promote green tourism and have a unique approach when it comes to embracing nature. Six Senses Laamu is an ultra-luxe water villa in Maldives that encourages its guests to go barefoot for the entire stay. This is as close as you can get to nature with your loved ones at Olhuveli island.

Recommended places : Six Senses Resort, Lagoon restaurant

7. Dhigurah Island

People often ponder about how many islands in Maldives allow tourists to wear bikinis, Dhigurah Island is one among the handful. One can wear bikinis only on certain private islands, resorts and a few islands like Dhigurah, Maafushi, Rasdhoo, Picnic Island, Dhangethi. The island is home to the cheapest island resorts in Maldives so far. Apart from offering pristine white sand beaches, the island is abundant with mangroves and forests. The island experiences relatively lesser tourist traffic than other islands in Maldives, making it a hidden paradise in Maldives. Engage in exciting activities like scuba diving or snorkelling at the diving centres and spot aquatic animals like sea turtles and whale sharks.

Recommended places : Dhigurah Dhonveli Boutique, Ufa Escape, Haamid’s Beach, TME Retreat

8. Dhidhoo Island

One of the best islands in Maldives for honeymoon and shopping sprees. Couples often opt to have candlelight dinner under the stars or go on long walks by the beach. Probably one of the best islands in Maldives to go on a shopping spree and buy souvenirs for people back home. The island also happens to be a capital of Haa Alif Atoll, which is situated among the northern Atolls.

9. JA Manafaru Island

This is a private island in Maldives that has luxurious resorts and villas across its territories. There is a lavish resort on the island that aims to pamper you in every way possible. As far as your taste buds are concerned, the island houses some of the most extraordinary multi cuisine restaurants that are ready to offer you a top class fine dining experience in Maldives.

Recommended places : Infinity Pool and Bar, JA manafaru White Orchid Lounge, Ocean Grill, JA Manafaru the Cellar

10. Hulhumale Island

Without a doubt, Hulhumale Island is one the best islands in Maldives to stay in for budget travellers and solo travellers. This man made island is famous for its beautiful sunsets by the soft layer of white sands and swaying palm trees. Tourists often find themselves snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing by the coast. There are beautiful parks, cute cafes and local markets for the tourists to explore after an adventurous time by the beach. 

Recommended places : Tandoori flames, The Grove, The Maldive Kitchen, Coconut tree Hulhuvilla Beach.

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