things to do in maldives

A paradise as it is known for tourists, the island positioned in the Indian Ocean, lying southwest of India and Sri Lanka is a setting that is a must-explore. From indulging in adrenaline-pumping adventure activities, relaxing on the white sand coastlines surrounding clear turquoise waters to exploring the magnificent structures, the island of Maldives is a complete package. With picturesque landscapes comprising lush greenery and clear waters, being aware of the attractions this setting provides is essential. Beautifying your itinerary for having a magnificent tour in this setting of absolute beauty, here are the top 10 things to do in Maldives.

Things to do in Maldives:

  1. Dive into the depth of the waters
  2. Snorkel your way into the marine life
  3. Sit back and dolphin-watch
  4. Explore the uniqueness of the islands
  5. Surf over the turquoise waters
  6. Go vertical paddle boarding
  7. Engage in stress-relieving spas
  8. Soak the beauty of over-water bungalows
  9. Witness the magnificent sunset dinners
  10. Fly over the marvellous waters

Dive into the depth of the crystal-clear waters

Serving as an ultimate highlight of this set is the activity of scuba diving in the Maldives waters which not only is thrilling but also one of the most sought-after attractions by vacationists. With numerous PADI dive centres at the tourists’ beck and call, the experience is simply magnificent. From greeting the stingrays, reef sharks and sea turtles to exploring the beautiful coral reefs, Scuba diving in the warm waters of the Maldives is not just exquisite but offers the opportunity for the tourist to create some unforgettable memories.

Snorkel your way into the exquisite marine life

Swimming along with the marine life, of which sea turtles are the most famous, is a simply irresistible activity. Diving deep in the waters of the Maldives and witnessing the marine life in action is not only beautiful but also beyond words thrilling. Have a spectacular rendezvous with a variety of fishes, and sea horses or watch how a starfish relaxes, because snorkelling is not an act but an emotion that must be felt.

Sit back and Dolphin watch

A hub for dolphin watching in the Maldives is Cinnamon Hakurra where it is not only a delight for the tourists but also a pleasure for the dolphins themselves. With dolphins swimming in their natural habitat, you can explore the waters till you find one that catches your eye. Being active and playful as the dolphins are in their environment, Maldives has made sure the tourists can greet them without pressurizing the gorgeous beings to stay, which makes it only comfortable for animal lovers to explore the attraction but also the mammals themselves. The beautiful part is that the list of things to do in Maldives does not end here. There’s much more to come.

Explore the uniqueness of Maldives islands

Comprising numerous smaller islands is what this set of Maldives is all about. If you are someone who likes to learn about the culture, history, and art of a location, then paying a visit to the nearby islands is essential. Being an Islamic setting, when exploring the mini settings, it is crucial to follow the dress code they have suggested. From buying souvenirs to take home, to exploring the rich culture of Maldives, going island hopping is one of the most renowned activities in this location.

Surf over the turquoise waters

If thrill is what you seek then heading to the most adrenaline-pumping destination of Dhonveli is a must. A myth as it is that only pros can surf, the setting of Maldives has debunked it by offering quick surfing lessons for amateurs on the island. Post an exhausting yet exciting activity of surfing, sit back on the white sands surrounding the turquoise waters whilst sipping hot coffee because such an experience is not just one of a kind but also unforgettable.

Go vertical paddle boarding

One of the most looked-forward-to attractions is vertical paddle boarding. One just can’t afford to miss such an amazing opportunity with their loved one. Hop on a paddleboard but stay standing and move your way ahead. The Maldives, having islands that are surrounded by shallow waters, makes it appropriate for tourists to indulge in this activity as it not just it clears any kind of doubt regarding safety but also offers a magnificent view below the board of fish swimming in the clear waters. There’s no doubt in our minds that this is indeed one of the best things to do in Maldives for couples.

Engage in stress-relieving spas

Being a hub for adventure sports, Maldives is also known for its exquisite opportunities to indulge in stress-relieving activities. From soothing music playing in the background to an aesthetic setting, the masseurs make sure that you are not relieved of your worries but also rejuvenate your soul when you head out of the exquisite spa. Have a day just for relaxation and sit back to soak in the magnificence of Maldives. 

Soak the beauty of over-water bungalows

From diving into the crystal-clear waters at any time, to simply chilling under the sun, having a private deck resort built over the waters is one of the major attractions of Maldives. Being surrounded by crystal-clear waters, a hub for various amenities and gorgeous views is not only an attraction that leaves the vacationists jaw-dropped but also offers a tranquil vibe that touches the mind and soul. Visiting the over-water bungalows is a must for all tourists. 

Witness the magnificent sunset dinners

When making a list of the top things to do in Maldives at night it is worthwhile to mention the mouthwatering dinner options at various eateries in Maldives. From hogging the exquisite delicacies of Maldives to enjoying the sunset views whilst surrounded by turquoise waters, having a sunset dinner is a must-to-do when in the Maldives. Pop a bottle of champagne, enjoy the aesthetics and soak in the beauty of your surroundings, because this is not a dream but a reality that the Maldives offers its tourists. 

Fly over the marvellous waters

If being in the water is exciting, then imagine the thrill of flying over the magnificent turquoise setting. An activity solely crafted for adventure buffs, parasailing in the Maldives is not only one of a kind but offers the tourists an opportunity to take home a wonderful experience. Let the wind graze your hair, while your eyes soak in the infinite beauty of the island because this activity truly marks the island of Maldives as paradise.

From magnificent, crystal-clear turquoise waters, and white sand beaches to adrenaline-pumping adventure activities, the island positioned in the Indian Ocean is truly a haven for vacationists. With picturesque beauty serving as the major highlight, the island of Maldives is a setting that caters to all types of audiences. So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to this island of pure beauty with our Maldives Vacation!

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