Maldives has commercialized over the decades. The resorts, hotels, water sport activities in Maldives boosted as the tourism industry flourished. The activities provided for fun and leisure in Maldives also play a huge role in showcasing the lifestyle and culture of the island. The capital city of Male has been increasingly becoming one of the most ‘happening’ places in Maldives. Offering majority of the water sports and now skydiving in Maldives as well! Get a chance to behold the alluring, white sandy islands of Maldives from an aerial view. Maldives truly has surprised the world with its underwater wonders and now with its azure blue skies. Skydiving in a tropical, archipelago country like Maldives is a one of a kind experience which thrill seekers should definitely not miss out on. Capture the painting-like scenes of this tropical paradise in your memory as you fall free through the skies.

The blue Maldivian skies which meet the turquoise waters of the sea over the horizon, gives you a sense of free falling in a blue paradise. Witness the sublime views of the lagoons, forests and panoramic views of the islands far away while you skydive in Maldives. The clear sunny skies with little to no clouds in Maldives create an ideal set up for a smooth flight and soft landing. Like all the good things in the world are short lived, similarly skydiving in Maldives is no exception. The free fall lasts for a minute as you glide through the endless blue skies at a speed of 120 mph.

To ensure all round safety of the tourists skydiving in Maldives, there are certified instructors and professional tandem divers included in the package. For all the first timers and beginners, tandem diving is the best option to choose while skydiving in Maldives. The price usually ranges from INR 30,000 to INR 50,000 that includes a 20 minute airplane ride, certified instructors, skydivers and skydiving equipment.

When it comes to eligibility, people below the age of 13, pregnant women are not allowed. People with difficulty in mobility, impairments or wheelchair users are refrained from skydiving in Maldives. This is a private tour and activity in Maldives. It is advised you to not carry any illegal drugs, alcohol or any prohibited substances.

Skydiving Site in Maldives

Make sure you report to Kooddoo Airport well in advance for your dive.
Carry your Valid ID proofs for documentation and age proof.
The hotels in Male and Hulhumale offer pick up and drop facilities for your tour.
The tour lasts for 1 hour with skydiving timings beginning from 8 AM to 6PM.

The prices keep fluctuating according to the peak season in Maldives. Hence it is advisable to contact the skydiving services for current prices and packages. Get your adrenaline pumped for a whole minute and fall freely through the most beautiful skies of the most beautiful destination in the world. The Maldivian skies are equally beautiful and scenic as its turquoise clear seas. While you are in Maldives, don’t limit your adventurous streak only till seas, when literally sky’s the limit. One of the world’s exhilarating activities to do in Maldives, Male is here to help you tick items off your bucket list. When it comes to diving, be it scuba diving or skydiving in Maldives, the activities are safe and often accompanied by experienced professionals. Skydiving in Maldives is bound to leave you speechless and in awe of the scenic nature surrounding you. Definitely one of the best adventurous activity to do in Maldives vacation with your friends and partner that is very likely to turn into a core memory.

The thought of travelling with the love of your life can be exciting. Holding their hand while you witness the beautiful wonders and sights of the world is sure to be a welcoming thought. Honeymoons are supposed to be romantic, private, comfortable and luxurious. Maldives and Mauritius are totally capable of fulfilling these requirements and make your honeymoon the most special time of your life. Both the countries have high standards when it comes to hospitality, accommodations and restaurants. One can say these island countries have recognized their unique features and utilised them efficiently. The resorts, hotels, guest houses cater to tourists on all kinds of budget without compromising on enjoyment and stunning views.


The archipelago of 1190 islands, 26 Atolls and 200 inhabited islands, Maldives takes away the prize. Its immensely beautiful beaches, resorts, hotels, reefs, lagoons and mangroves are sure to sweep you off your feet. Waking up to exotic views of crystal clear waters and white sandy beaches set a romantic tone to your honeymoon, as it gives you a feeling of living on an island with no one around except your loved one. The capital city Male flaunts its history, culture, heritage and adventures proudly to every tourist . The city is a hotspot for tourists who have a knack for fine dining restaurants, luxury and leisure. Snorkelling, scuba diving, dolphin submarine tours, exploring the local markets, museums, and monuments are a few of things to do in Maldives. The locals are warm, friendly and accommodating, although as a sign of respect tourists are expected to dress modestly while travelling in Maldives. Only a few handful of islands, beaches and private resorts in Maldives allow tourists to wear bikinis and beachwear.

As for honeymooners, here is a list of best beaches in Maldives :

1.Vaadhoo Beach

It cannot be stressed enough how much potential this beach possesses to turn your night in Maldives into an unforgettable core memory. Vaadhoo Beach in Maldives is known for being home to nature’s unusual phenomenon of bioluminescence. The sea waters tend to sparkle due to chemical reactions that take place between the marine life and friction of the waves. The beach is occupied by tourists at night during the months of December and January. Undoubtedly, Vaadhoo beach adds to your romantic Maldives vacation and is one of the best places to visit in Maldives for honeymoon.

2. Maafushi Beach

The only island in Maldives with the longest coastline, Maafushi also has a bikini beach. It is one of the few public beaches in Maldives that allows tourists to flaunt their summer body and sunbathe under the clear skies. Sip refreshing drinks as you enjoy your time with your spouse at Maafushi, bring a yoga mat and meditate by the beach while your extroverted spouse enjoys the water sports.

3. Hulhumale Beach

Due to its close proximity from the capital city, Hulhumale beach is a well known place for evening strolls and long romantic beach walks. Witness a stunning sunset while walking around the beach or choose to sail into the seas as the sun touches the horizon, either way enjoy the most relaxing, laid back time of your life with your spouse. The beach is clean, quiet and serene, this creates a perfect ambience for romance.

Being an island nation, there are ample adventurous activities to do in Maldives. Get your adrenaline pumped as you and your partner engage in these activities:

  • Snorkelling
  • Scuba diving
  • Parasailing
  • Skydiving
  • Surfing
  • Kayaking
  • Windsurfing etc.


The small, quaint island country off the coast of East Africa, Mauritius has been blooming with beauty for decades. Mauritius has been a well known destination for decades. The popularity of the country has been around for a while, one can say it was one of the first countries that started the wagon of luxurious island getaways. The tropical rainforests, surreal beaches, serene mountains of Mauritius have mesmerised tourists from all over the world for years. The capital city, Port Louis is home to significant monuments and museums that depict the rich history of the island country. The island of Mauritius is the largest among the Rodrigues and Reunion islands. The island nation is home to some extraordinary World Heritage sites like Le Mourne, a cultural landscape and Aapravasi Ghat. This tropical country has a vast history where Portuguese, French, British and Arab explorers travelled to its shore and contributed to the culture of present day Mauritius.

Following is a list of some of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius, an old timey luxurious destination:

1.Flic en Flac

Begin your tropical journey in Mauritius by visiting the most classic beach of all time, Flic en Flac. Since the beach is comparatively less crowded and mildly inhabited, there is a soothing aura on the beach, making it a perfect place to have quality time with your spouse and family. There are cute cafes, bars and restaurants that outline Flic en Flac encouraging tourists to spend a day out by the beach. Flic en Flac holds a position in one of the most popular beaches in Mauritius. One can also enjoy fun activities like snorkelling, swimming, kayaking and diving by the beautiful shores of Flic en Flac.

2.Belle Mare

Bless your eyes with the beautiful scenery of Belle Mare beach in Mauritius. The coast of Belle Mare is versatile in its geography and adds to the list of activities to do in Mauritius. Its breathtaking turquoise blue waters, pristine white sands and lush green hills make a perfect summer palette. You can choose to hike, parasail or take a long romantic walk by its shores. Definitely a best pick for places to visit in Mauritius for a honeymoon.


Tamarin Beach is here to fascinate you with black sand beauty. The islands of the Indian Ocean tend to have fine white sands, and turquoise waters whereas Tamarin beach stands out with its black sand. Offering one of the most picturesque sights, Tamarin beach is a well known spot for surfers, locals and tourists. One of the most beautiful beaches in Mauritius, the beach is located in the Tamarin Village, surrounded by gorgeous hills.

Mauritius or Maldives, the best part about your honeymoon is your spouse.

Deciding for a honeymoon can be a tedious task. Every couple would want to spend their first trip of married life somewhere heavenly. There are several beautiful places on Earth worth visiting on your honeymoon hence it’s not an easy task to decide. If eventually your choices narrow down to Maldives or Bali for a honeymoon, it means you both are on the same page and coming to a conclusion will be easy. Maldives and Bali are summer destinations, both are similar when it comes to their geography, views and popularity among honeymooners. The following are some things to consider while making the final decision.

Maldives (Sunny side of the World)

A world famous holiday destination, Maldives is a paradise nestled in the Indian Ocean. The island nation consists of more than 1000 islands out of which more than half of them are untouched and uninhabited. There are around 200 islands open to the public in Maldives, all inhabited by the locals and tourists. The islands are lined with ethereal coral reefs, fine white sands, lush green palm trees, bushes and mangroves. The exotic resorts, hotels and water villas in Maldives seize every opportunity to make your stay special. Almost all resorts in Maldives occupy an individual island, making them a perfect place for honeymooners and couples. The capital city of Male is a hub for activities in Maldives, be it from water sports to museum visits. The city has something in store for everyone.

As it is a tropical nation, the weather is warm and dry with little to no humidity between January to April.

Things to do in Maldives:

  • Snorkelling – Engage in one of the best activities in Maldives, as you dive into the big blue sea. The over water villas in Maldives are designed specifically to cater to your snorkelling needs. The water villas have a direct access to the ocean, encouraging their guests to go snorkelling as many times as they like.
  • Scuba Diving – This goes without saying that for an all round experience of Maldives, scuba diving is the way to go. Swim deeper in the seas and explore magnificent whale sharks, green sea turtles, sting rays, yellowfin tunas and flamboyant coral reefs. There are dive centres available at resorts, islands providing expert divers for safety. This is a mandatory activity that should make it to your list of things to do in Maldives.
  • SkyDiving – Adventures in Maldives don’t limit themselves to water. Skydiving without a doubt makes it to the list of adventurous activities in Maldives. Experience the adrenaline filled freefall with unusual views of the majestic ocean and islands below you. The one minute freefall is accompanied by professionals who help you land safely on soft white sands. There are certain criteria and rules one must follow to ensure their safety for skydiving in Maldives.
  • Surfing – The islands lined with white sands are a perfect spot for surfing. The waves are ideal for surfing as they are not too high for beginners or not too low for experts. The maximum length reached is between your head and shoulders. There are surfing instructors who could teach you surfing techniques and who knows you might end up with a new hobby in Maldives.
  • Exploring Male – Every standard itinerary includes exploring the culture, heritage and history of the new place. If your spouse is a history lover, exploring museums, art galleries, local markets would be a perfect day out for you. There several places to visit in Male as well i.e the underwater restaurants, cute aesthetic cafes, beaches, souvenir shops and many more.

Places to stay in Maldives :

Since Maldives is known for its heavenly beaches and romantic resorts, here are some top 5 resorts in Maldives for honeymooners in which you should surely consider staying in.

Six Senses Laamu – This is where the pinnacle of luxury, comfort and beauty comes to life. . Newlyweds on their honeymoon look for places that elevate their happiness and love. At Six Senses Laamu, they encourage tourists to go barefoot in an attempt to bring them closer to nature and promote green practices. The resort is equipped with posh rooms, over-water restaurants, bars, poolside and relaxing spa treatments. Go on exploring the beach barefoot with your loved one and watch the beautiful sunset on Maldivian sands.

Finolhu Beach Bubble Tents – One of the best resorts in Maldives for honeymooners, Finolhu Beach Bubble offers one-of-kind style accommodation to its guests. Get a chance to spend the most unforgettable night of your life under the starry sky on majestic Maldivian sandbars. It doesn’t get any more romantic than this. The bubble tents are well furnished with clean bathrooms and linens. Spend quality time inside your own bubble at Finolhu where it’s just you and your spouse with no distractions.

Centara Grand Resort – It is one of the budget resorts in Maldives yet it does not compromise on quality and luxury. The resort has an open concept in its rooms, villas and restaurant, creating a laid back feel among the guests. The honeymooners get their privacy as well as comfort at Centara Grand Resort. The exquisite restaurants and bars are perfect for dinner dates after spending a whole day of adventures.

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives – One of the best resorts in Maldives for honeymooners, Hard Rock hotel best suits the young, newlywed couple. The decor of this resort hotel is sleek, modern and futuristic. Unlike the other resorts in Maldives, the interiors of Hard Rock Hotel are colourful, hip and trendy. They have some of the best water villas in Maldives with private terraces, open wooden decks and a Rock Shop. For the musical honeymoon couple, sway to the Maldivian beats at Hard Rock Hotel.

Como Cocoa Island – Stay at one of the most popular resorts of Maldives that contributed in starting the bandwagon of luxury resort islands in Maldives. The awesome views you get to witness at Como Cocoa island resort feel like a painting. The colour palette of turquoise waters, clear blue skies and pristine white sands will bless your eyes in Maldives. Experience the Maldives vacation staying on an island that has posh amenities with your loved ones and make the best of your honeymoon.

The island nation receives tourists from all over the world. The standard mode of transactions in Maldives is through cash or international credit cards. It is crucial that you convert your currency to Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR) or carry US Dollars, British Pounds or Euros for transactions at local markets and shopping sprees.

Bali (Island of Gods)

The pearl of Southeast Asia, Bali is a hub for backpackers, soul seekers, honeymooners and leisure travellers. Indonesia, just like Maldives, has more than 1000s of islands scattered around its seas. The island of Bali is a small province in Indonesia with diverse culture spread across its territories. The island is diverse in every form, topographically, demographically, culturally and historically. When you visit this tropical haven, it’s not just you, your mind, body and soul goes on a journey as well. The lavish beaches, serene waterfalls, magnificent temples and dazzling nightlife of Bali still leaves room to unravel this mysterious island. For honeymooners, the island is bound to take you on a journey of self discovery and at the same time strengthen the bond between you and your spouse. Abundance of activities in Bali lets you get a peek at its culture, its heritage and aura.

Following are some things to do in Bali on honeymoon to make it even more memorable.

  • Nature Walks – The island of Bali is rich and abundant in its natural beauty. There are ample rice terraces, forests, village tours and serene waterfalls across the island. Visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Jatiluwih Rice Terrace where you can see lush greenery as far as your eye can see. The greenery in Bali is unmatched. Definitely one of the best things to do in Bali for calm vibes.
  • Temple Visits – Bali has more than 10,000 temples standing to this present day. Marriages are believed to be the spiritual union of two souls in Balinese culture. What better place than a temple for honeymooners who are embarking on their spiritual journey together. These temples are centuries old, still echoing with ancient legends and stories. One of the best places to visit in Bali for honeymoon, Bali temples are an ideal match for new couples.
  • Scuba Diving – Being an island destination, scuba diving in Bali is among the most celebrated water sports. There are various diving schools, diving spots in Bali that offer diverse underwater views. Expect the unexpected while scuba diving in Bali because the reefs, marine life, shipwrecks and underwater caves are here to take your breath away. The dives are further subdivided into beginner and advanced so that you and your spouse can choose the best suitable package.
  • Backpacking – The central and southern Bali areas like Ubud, Canggu, Sanur, Seminyak, Uluwatu, Jimbaran etc receive more tourist traffic than the rest of the island. Definitely added to the list of things to do in Bali, backpacking around the island is welcomed wholeheartedly by the majority of the tourists. Renting scooters is the best way to get around the island if you are backpacking. If you and your spouse are free souls and live as the day comes, this is the best way to spend your honeymoon in Bali.
  • Shopping – A honeymoon is incomplete without a shopping spree especially when it comes to a place like Bali. Shopping is one of the best activities to do in Bali as the variety of products here is unmatched. The local markets consist of local handicrafts, boutiques, jewellery shops, furniture and home decor.

Places to stay in Bali

1. Padma Resort Legian

Majority of the best places in Bali for honeymoon are located right by the sea. Padma Resort Legian is an elegant, posh resort surrounded by tropical gardens. The resort reflects hints of Balinese culture in its decor and services. Balinese people are close to their roots and value nature around them dearly. The resort is equipped with modern amenities, spas, beach club, 3 restaurants and 4 pools. An ideal place for couples to spend time and soak in the beauty of Bali.

2. W Bali – Seminyak

This is an upscale hotel and a resort located at the shores of Bali Sea. The search for the best resort in Bali for a honeymoon is finally over. W Bali offers surreal ocean views, gardens and luxe rooms to their guests. The flawless chic decor, rejuvenating spas and fine dining restaurants will make your honeymoon in Bali unforgettable. It is hard not to fall in love with this place and hard not to fall in love at this place.

3. The Anvaya Beach Resort

A sophisticated hotel stay for a sophisticated couple, the Anvaya beach resort hotel is a standard yet posh accommodation near Jerman beach. The interiors of this hotel is grand, oozing with Balinese heritage and culture. The resort hotel has 8 pools, extraordinary suites, beach facing villas with a private beach entry. Since it’s close to the Ngurah Rai International Airport, it is one of the best hotels in Bali for a honeymoon that is pocket friendly.

3. Hyatt Regency Bali

Set near the Sanur Beach, Hyatt Regency is one of the best hotels in Bali. The most attractive feature of this upscale hotel is its authentic Balinese architecture and decor. You are sure to catch a glimpse of the island’s culture on its walls, lobby, furniture and even their linens. The place is absolutely stunning, offering a blissful experience to its guests. There is a pizzeria, lavish piano lounge and a wellness club for the ultimate Bali experience.

As every couple is different in their own way, in their own chemistry, Maldives and Bali are different in their aura. Maldives offer you a fairytale honeymoon where only you and your spouse exist. On the other hand, Bali offers a spiritual aura, strengthening the soul connection between you and your spouse. Either way, it all comes down to how well you know your partner and choose accordingly.

The jewel of the Indian ocean, Maldives has more than 1000s of its islands spread across the blue waters. The inhabited islands house some of the best beaches in Maldives. Its aesthetic colour palette of silky white sands and turquoise blue waters mesmerise tourists every single time. The beaches in Maldives are clean, quiet and carefully preserved by the authorities in order to sustain the balance of the ecosystem in the area. The shores are lined with vibrant coral reefs, rich marine life and offers the best of water sport activities in Maldives. Maldives being a predominantly Muslim nation, the tourists are advised to dress modestly on the beaches and otherwise as a sign of respect to the country’s culture. At your Maldives vacation follow a list of beaches in Maldives where you might catch yourself chasing sunsets.

1. Hulhumale Beach

Starting off the list of beaches in Maldives with one of the most renowned beaches of them all, Hulhumale beach. A lot of tourists flock to this gorgeous beach in Kaafu Atoll for an evening stroll or sail into the sunset. The beach is famous for its lovely sunsets, fun activities like snorkelling, scuba diving and budget friendly eating options.

2. Mudhdhoo Beach

This is where one of nature’s best wonders comes alive. Mudhdhoo beach is one of the most unique beaches in Maldives for a night stroll. Experience the natural phenomenon of  bioluminescence, where the waters illuminate in a soft blue glow at night. The shore is home to fascinating sting rays, clownfishes and reef sharks.  It is one of the most romantic sights to see in Baa Atoll. The best place to visit at night in Maldives with your loved ones.

3. Makunufushi Beach

The embodiment of luxury and awesome views, Makunufushi beach, also known as Como Cocoa island is a small, quaint beach in Maldives that offers a lavish and quiet beach experience to the tourists. The beach is smaller in size which makes it possible for one to walk around the coast easily.  Makunufushi is a speed boat ride away from the capital city of Male. Bring a beach towel to lay around the white sands and get an occasional peek into the ocean while snorkelling around the reefs.

4. Bikini Beach

The name stands for itself, Bikini Beach is among the few exceptions when it comes to beaches in Maldives. The obligation of wearing modest clothes on the beach is excused at Bikini Beach in Maldives enabling you to get the best natural tan. Sunbathe on the soft white sands and consume refreshing drinks with your loved ones or go for a coral garden tour while snorkelling by the beach. The beach is located on the Maafushi island, which can be reached with a boat ride from Male and known to have the longest coastline in Maldives.

5. Fulhadhoo Beach

Teleporting you to nature’s warm embrace, Fulhadhoo beach is a beautiful escape from the daunting reality. It is one of the famous beaches in Maldives which gives you a sense of blissful solitude, as if you are the only person existing on the island. The surroundings of the beach consist of cute cafes and restaurants. It ensures privacy for you and your loved ones.

6. Dhigurah Beach

Dhigurah Beach easily secures a rank in the top 5 beaches in Maldives. Set on the Dhigurah island of the South Ari Atoll, Dhigurah beach is one of the best places for adventure in Maldives. The island offers extraordinary sights of whale sharks, sea turtles and colourful coral reefs. It is one of those places in Maldives that offers its own dive centres so that you can engage with the exotic marine life up close.

7. Kanuhura Beach

One of the best beaches in Maldives for solo travellers and families. The Kanuhura beach has decent settings, lush nature and exquisite restaurants and an underwater cafe called Kashibo nearby. Tourists often explore this island on foot, while some choose to come here for beach picnics and snorkelling. Located in the Lhaviyani Atoll, Kanuhura island can be reached by a seaplane transfer from Male Airport.

8. Artificial  Beach

Needless to say, Artificial beach in Male is among the must visit places in Maldives. Located right in the capital city of Male, the beach is a hotspot for tourists visiting Maldives for the first time. Watch the stunning sunset as you sip your refreshing drinks by the seaside cafes. This man made wonder in Male is a top pick among locals as well as tourists in Maldives for swimming, water sports, submarine tours and lively music fests. 

9. Vabbinfaru Beach

Bless your eyes with the most picturesque views of the turquoise waters and pristine white sands of Vabbinfaru beach. Adding to the list of one of the best places to visit in Maldives, views at the Vabbinfaru beach seem like painting. The beach offers rejuvenating vibes, making it an ideal place for yoga, meditation and much needed solitude. Its coasts are lined with flamboyant coral reefs where you can spot pufferfishes, small sharks and turtles as you dive in. For the thrill seekers, the beach has exciting jet skis, parasailing and snorkelling options.  Located not so far from the capital city of Male, this tropical paradise is a speedboat ride away.  

10. Finolhu Island

 The island is here to charm you with its old time charms and long, amazing sandbanks. It is the most precious and one-of-a-kind beach in Maldives by far. The private island accommodates one of the most unique Beach Bubble tent stays in Maldives. Nestled in Baa Atoll UNESCO Biosphere, the magnificent sandbanks are stretched 1.8 km long. The Finolhu beach exudes a sense of serenity, tranquillity and luxury among the tourists as it houses some of the most luxurious accommodations of Maldives. 

The 26 Atolls around the Maldives consist of numerous smaller islands each with clean and mesmerising beaches. The hotels, resorts and water villas in Maldives take conscious efforts in promoting green tourism and encourage its tourists to do the same. Subsequently, the clean, quiet beaches attract tourists who are on their honeymoon, couples in search of privacy, families looking for a good time as well as the marine life.

One of the most quintessential islands of the Indian Ocean, Maldives sets an example for lavish, luxe and beauty across the globe. The majority of islands in Maldives are untouched and uninhabited out of which around 200 islands are accessible to the general public. The extraordinary white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and calming greenery makes Maldives one of the top summer destinations all around the world. The private islands, top class resorts, hotels and water villas are the best romantic getaways for honeymooners and couples. Maldives’ exceptional beauty never fails to mesmerise the tourists flocking from all around the world. This is where the luxury, comfort, adventure and beauty blend in harmoniously offering you the best tropical experience. Here is the list of best islands for Maldives vacation for couples, honeymooners, families and solo travellers.

1. Male Island

Starting off with one of the most obvious and famous islands in Maldives, Male. Being the capital city of Maldives it deserves a mandatory visit during your vacation. The island is a hub for culture, history and adventure. There are numerous aesthetic cafes, exquisite restaurants and vibrant local markets offering a peek into Maldivian food and lifestyle. Try not to miss out on National Museums, art galleries, parks and beaches in Male. The crescent shaped man-made artificial beach is the best place to dive into the blue waters and go snorkelling, scuba diving or whale submarine tours. Since the island is the closest to the airport, it is a popular choice for tourists visiting Maldives for the first time.

2. Como Cocoa Island

One of the first islands to start the trend of best island resorts in Maldives . Also known as Makunufushi, the island has magnificent far stretched sandbars where one could go for sunbathing, early morning yoga or an occasional dip in the ocean. Spot fishes like eagle rays, blacktip sharks and squids. Explore the island by taking a lovely stroll around its coasts. Makunufushi island is a speedboat ride away from the capital city of Male.

Recommended places : Como Cocoa Resort.

3. Baros Island

By far the most exotic and relaxing islands in Maldives, Baros is filled with lavish cafes, restaurants and over-water villas. The island has its own diving centre where you can explore marine life accompanied by local instructors. The island offers rejuvenating spas where you can get relaxing massages with your loved ones after an adventurous day of water sports.

Recommended places : Baros water villas, beach villas, Sails bar, Cayenne Grill.

4. Maafushi Island

Since Maldives’ demographic is predominantly Muslim, the tourists are expected to wear modest clothes at the public beaches and throughout their trip. Maafushi island is one of the few public islands in Maldives that offers Bikini Beach, where you can sunbathe and flaunt your summer bodies. Maafushi island in Maldives is known for having the longest coastline in the country. The island is lined with huge coral reefs where you can go for coral garden tours and snorkelling. The Maafushi island also happens to be one of the cheapest islands in Maldives as they accommodate tourists travelling on a tight budget.

Recommended places : Thundi Beach, Bikini Beach, Moonlight – FOOD. DRINK and SHISHA.

5. Mudhdhoo Island

Mudhdhoo Island is one of the best islands in Maldives for couples to visit at night. This quaint, oval island’s beach is home to nature’s unusual phenomenon of bioluminescence. This phenomenon occurs between marine life and its microorganisms which makes the sea water glow in soft blue light at night. The views at the Vaadhoo beach are spectacular especially under the starry sky. The best way to spend a romantic night with your loved ones in Maldives, visit Mudhdhoo island.

Recommended places : Sand Bar, Sea Grill restaurant, Dusit Thani Resort

6. Olhuveli Island

An honorary mention of Olhuveli Island for hosting one of the best island resorts in Maldives. The Olhuveli island and its dreamscapes are perfect for honeymooners and couples who crave privacy. The island and its luxurious resort promote green tourism and have a unique approach when it comes to embracing nature. Six Senses Laamu is an ultra-luxe water villa in Maldives that encourages its guests to go barefoot for the entire stay. This is as close as you can get to nature with your loved ones at Olhuveli island.

Recommended places : Six Senses Resort, Lagoon restaurant

7. Dhigurah Island

People often ponder about how many islands in Maldives allow tourists to wear bikinis, Dhigurah Island is one among the handful. One can wear bikinis only on certain private islands, resorts and a few islands like Dhigurah, Maafushi, Rasdhoo, Picnic Island, Dhangethi. The island is home to the cheapest island resorts in Maldives so far. Apart from offering pristine white sand beaches, the island is abundant with mangroves and forests. The island experiences relatively lesser tourist traffic than other islands in Maldives, making it a hidden paradise in Maldives. Engage in exciting activities like scuba diving or snorkelling at the diving centres and spot aquatic animals like sea turtles and whale sharks.

Recommended places : Dhigurah Dhonveli Boutique, Ufa Escape, Haamid’s Beach, TME Retreat

8. Dhidhoo Island

One of the best islands in Maldives for honeymoon and shopping sprees. Couples often opt to have candlelight dinner under the stars or go on long walks by the beach. Probably one of the best islands in Maldives to go on a shopping spree and buy souvenirs for people back home. The island also happens to be a capital of Haa Alif Atoll, which is situated among the northern Atolls.

9. JA Manafaru Island

This is a private island in Maldives that has luxurious resorts and villas across its territories. There is a lavish resort on the island that aims to pamper you in every way possible. As far as your taste buds are concerned, the island houses some of the most extraordinary multi cuisine restaurants that are ready to offer you a top class fine dining experience in Maldives.

Recommended places : Infinity Pool and Bar, JA manafaru White Orchid Lounge, Ocean Grill, JA Manafaru the Cellar

10. Hulhumale Island

Without a doubt, Hulhumale Island is one the best islands in Maldives to stay in for budget travellers and solo travellers. This man made island is famous for its beautiful sunsets by the soft layer of white sands and swaying palm trees. Tourists often find themselves snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing by the coast. There are beautiful parks, cute cafes and local markets for the tourists to explore after an adventurous time by the beach. 

Recommended places : Tandoori flames, The Grove, The Maldive Kitchen, Coconut tree Hulhuvilla Beach.

Maldives, a world class summer destination, is mostly to make it to a lot of people’s bucket list. The island nation is spread across the mighty Indian Ocean with its 1000s of islands and numerous Atolls. The island nation offers dreamscapes of an ideal summer holiday; clear blue waters, sunny skies, silky white sand beaches and relaxing accommodations. Tourists visit this tropical paradise for leisure or adventure, either way they have a fulfilling time in Maldives which they treasure for the rest of their lives. Maldives is a jewel of the crown of Asia, where honeymooners, couples, thrill seekers flock round the year. Being a tropical nation, the island experiences variations in the warm climate every year.

The average temperature in Maldives is between 29 Degree Celsius and 32 Degree Celsius. The climate is mostly warm, humid with occasional showers during the months of May to December. Although, the best time to visit Maldives is between the months of January to April when the island receives no rainfall and the skies are clearer than ever.

Maldives during Peak Season : (January to April)

A good day in Maldives looks like : clear skies, hot and dry climate with little to no humidity. The dry climate makes it possible to enjoy the beaches, outdoor activities and seaplane transfers in Maldives. There is clear visibility with optimum chances of getting that beautiful tan you were looking for. The turquoise blue waters during this season are safe to take a dip where one can explore beautiful coral reefs and interact with marine life.

Places like Baros, Sun Island, South Ari Atoll, North Male Atoll are some of the best places to visit in Maldives during the peak season. Banana Reef and the HP Reef are famous tourist attractions in Maldives that receive a substantial amount of tourist traffic regardless of seasons.
The outdoor restaurants, cafes by the marina and street shopping are best experiences during the peak season as there are no showers hindering your Maldives itinerary.

A surprising number of Indian tourists flock to Maldives from the month of December. Maldives is a popular honeymoon destination for the nearby countries. Hence a lot of tourists from nearby south asian countries visit Maldives for their honeymoon. India observes a large number of weddings in the month of December, making it the best time to visit Maldives from India. The resorts are water villas that offer a romantic getaway for the honeymooners, while some of the beaches offer candle light dinner and movies under the starry sky.

If you are travelling to Maldives during the month of December, experience the lively Maldivian festivals like the Fisherman’s Day and Mawlid, also globally recognized as Prophet Muhammad’s birthday. There are fun carnivals all around the country during these festivals offering the tourists to join in on the Maldivian cultures and traditions.

Some essential things to carry during your visit in Maldives in peak season are sunscreen, hat, sun glasses etc.
Be aware that the Republic of Maldives is predominantly a Muslim country and hence carrying pork meat, tobacco, alcohol, religious books and other illegal drugs are not allowed.

The prices of hotels, resorts and water villas in Maldives vary according to the seasons hence check the prices thoroughly before booking.

Maldives during Off Season (May to November)

Due to its location near the equator, Maldives receive plenty of rainfall during these months. The month of September receives the most rainfall of all the months, making it the wettest month of the year. The conventional image of a “summer holiday” destination is wiped out from Maldives during the rainfall and storms. The skies are cloudy, seas are turbulent and the sands are not as silky during the wet season.

The seaplane rides may not be as picturesque as they are in the peak season. Although, for adventure seekers, this is the best time to surf in Maldives. The waves are strong and vigorous making the surfing experience even more thrilling. Although entering the turbulent seas may not seem like a great idea, the surfers are advised to adhere to the authorities.

Islands like Fihalhohi, Huvahendhoo are one of the must visit places in Maldives during off season. The lush green forests, mangroves, bushes and coconut trees attract honeymooners and families with kids. The tourist traffic is fairly low during this season, however some tourists still choose to enjoy the beauty of Maldives as is. The tourists during the off season rather engage themselves in experiencing the cultural, historical and gastronomical activities. They can opt to enjoy exquisite multi cuisine restaurants or visit the museums and art galleries.

Being a Muslim country, Ramadan in Maldives is a big deal. The month of Ramadan offers you the best time to explore the authentic Maldivian cuisine. The government offices in Maldives work for certain hours during the month of Ramadan. The tourists are advised not to breach the social norms like engaging in PDAs or wearing indecent clothing in public areas.

Either way, both seasons in Maldives have something to offer to the tourists. People who seek rejuvenation and peaceful experiences may choose to visit during the off season when there are less people around. People seeking all round enjoyment and expect to engage in adventurous water sport activities in Maldives, visiting in peak season would be a viable option. However, for people who are planning to visit Maldives for the first time, the month of April would be an ideal time to do so. The climate is pleasant and the panoramic ocean views are not blurred by heavy rains or storms. If you are taking a Maldives Vacation during the wet season, do carry umbrellas, raincoats, rainy sandals/footwear and light fabric clothes which dry faster.

Famous Maldivian dishes to try :

For obvious reasons, the staple food of Maldives consists of fish, curry, rice, coconut, local spices, vegetables and chicken.

  • Gulha
  • Fish Curries
  • Mas Huni
  • Saagu Bondibai
  • Reef Fish cutlets
  • Masroshi
  • Aluvi Boakibaa
  • Rihaakuru
  • Boshi Mashuni
  • Sai (Maldivian Tea)

Maldives has been a world renowned summer destination that has tourists flooding in around the globe. A large amount of tourists result in a large amount of foreign exchange taking place throughout the year. In the later parts of the 1980s, Maldives currency experienced a surge of commercialization due to a boost in its tourism sector. Naturally, tourism became one of the main sectors which heavily contributed to Maldives’ economy.

Making your Maldives vacation a bit easier, following is some useful information that may help you have a better understanding of Maldives currency.

Transactions in Maldives

Maldivian currency is non-transferable hence make sure to convert your currency into Maldivian Rufiyaa or carry convertible currency like US dollars, British pounds and Euros. When it comes to conversion from Indian rupees(INR) to Maldives currency (1 MVR) the exchange rate is Rs. 5.33 as of February 2023. Although, if you choose to use US Dollars for transactions during shopping, the vendors will return the change in Maldivian Rufiyaa.

The exchange rate for US Dollar to Maldives currency is (15.36 MVR) as of February 2023.

Place for Currency Exchange

  • There is a counter of the Bank of Maldives Foreign Exchange at the arrival hall of Male international Airport.
  • There are other private currency exchange services in Maldives like Aqsa Forex and Sago Money Exchange which are located in Hulhumale and Male respectively.
    You can also choose to use International cards for transactions in shopping malls, restaurants and hotels.
  • To get a deeper understanding of the Maldives currency, we will take a peek at its history and unique features.


Maldives currency had an intriguing past considering its unique geographical location. Maldives being an island nation, beautiful ivory coloured cowry shells were used as a form of currency in the initial days.

Due to Maldives’ pivotal location in the Indian Ocean, it was until the 17th and 18th centuries when a new form of currency ‘laarin’ was introduced in Maldives as a result of trade among the neighbouring countries. At that time, larin was a popular currency used in the Persian Gulf, India, Ceylon and other eastern countries.

The coin system of Maldives was first developed in the capital city of Male by the then Sultanate. In the later half of the 20th century, ‘Rufiyaa’ banknotes were introduced as the currency of Maldives with its value equal to Ceylonese Rupee. Subsequently in the following years of the 1960s, laari coins were introduced in Maldives currency.

Features of Maldivian Rufiyaa (MVR)

The Maldivian currency bills reflect the vibrant and colourful essence of the island life culture. The coins are carved with beautiful sea creatures found in Maldives and the bills are colourful like the coral reefs in the Indian Ocean.

Recently, a new note series has been issued named ‘Ran Dhihafaheh’ which is easy to handle, consists of unique tilt, feel and unusual dual UV colour features. There are different iridescent patterns on every note, each distinct from one another. To make the user-friendly experience convenient for the visually impaired, there are different dot patterns on each note. The notes are made of polymer to avoid absorption of moisture and tear like the paper banknotes. This has added a new twist to Maldives currency.

  • 5 Rufiyaa (MVR) – The 5 Rufiyaa note in Maldives currency depicts football on its front side as it is a national sport of the country. On the other side, the note has a beautiful picture of a conch shell. 
  • 10 Rufiyaa (MVR) – The 10 Rufiyaa note in Maldives currency portrays the long lasting  Maldivian culture of relying on coconut trees(toddy tapper). On the flip side, the note has an image of an intricately designed Boduberu, an oldest Maldivian drum. 
  • 20 Rufiyaa (MVR) – The 20 Rufiyaa note in Maldives currency shows the significance of the fishing culture of the island where a man is seen carrying skipjack tuna and yellowfin tuna. On the back, it shows a picture of the dhoni, a traditional sail boat of Maldives.
  • 50 Rufiyaa (MVR) – The 50 Rufiyaa note in Maldives currency has emphasised on the religious and cultural aspects  of the island. On the front, it displays a young boy reading the Holy Quran and also the group activity of pushing dhoni to the sea. On the back, a small tower-like structure of the Hukuru Miskiy (Friday Mosque)
  • 100 Rufiyaa (MVR) – The 100 Rufiyaa note in  Maldives currency embraces the art and culture of Maldives. It displays the women folk wearing the traditional outfit Libaas while working on a neckline threading Hiru. On the other side, it displays the first scriptures of the ancient Dhivehi Dhambidhu Loamaafaanu. 
  • 500 Rufiyaa (MVR) –  The 500 Rufiyaa note proudly portrays the artisans and the Maldivian art of carving woods and ekels in an intricate design. On its reverse side, it contains a beautiful vase made of lacquer with immaculate details and designs.
  • 1000 Rufiyaa (MVR) – the highest denomination of Maldives currency, 1000 Rufiyaa is a alluring blue coloured note depicting the rich marine life of the islands. The front side is filled with vibrant corals and elegant sea turtles. On the back, it contains the majestic drawing of the whale shark. 

For the Numismatist Souls
(Numismatist is someone who has a keen interest in specialising and collecting coins,currencies and medals)

If you happen to find yourself fascinated by the history of currency on your Maldives vacation, there is something to make your experience more joyful.

The Maldives Monetary Authority (MMA) has taken a special initiative to issue commemorative banknotes and coins for all coin enthusiasts around the world. The issued banknotes and coins belong to the different eras in Maldivian history.

The MMA issues :

Ran Dhihafaheh Note Series (the current note series)
The 1983 Paper Banknote Series
The 1947 Paper Banknote Series
The coin collection of 2014
50th Independence Commemorative Note
Commemorative coins like : The Gold Laari, 25th Anniversary of Independence, 25th Republic Anniversary, Millennium 2000 and 50th Republic anniversary Coin.

Let your passion flow free in Maldives!

Vacation in Maldives? or Vacation in Barbados? Either way, these summer destinations ooze with distinct vibes of island life. These island countries are situated on opposite sides of the world and are diverse in their geography, character, aura and culture. Hence, a vacation in Maldives or vacation in Barbados can take you through a kaleidoscope of adventures, experiences and memories. Following is briefly categorised information about Maldives and Barbados to get you started on planning your next exciting summer vacation!


Maldives is a jewel of the crown of Asia that has more than 1000 islands spread across the Indian Ocean. The capital city is Male is well connected to these islands and its 26 Atolls. Each Atoll consists of numerous smaller islands that offer the most luxurious hotels, resorts and water villas in Maldives. The vibrant coral reefs, stunning views of the ocean, a peaceful cohabitation between you and the exotic marine life is what makes this place unforgettable. The colour palette of turquoise blue lagoons, lush forests and pristine white sands never fail to mesmerise. A lot of tourists flock to Maldives to experience the most posh, lavish and luxurious summer vacation of their lives. This summer destination tends to be popular among couples and honeymooners. The hospitality in Maldives is exceptional which highly emphasises on providing top class service and comfort to its tourists. The national currency of Maldives is Rufiyaa (MVR) which is vastly used for transactions across the islands as well as US dollars, British Pounds and Euros.

How to Get There

Velana International Airport Male is a gateway to Maldives

Seaplane/cruise transfer from Male Airport to your desired destination.

Things to do

Being a world famous destination for summer, Maldives has an array of adventurous activities, relaxing activities and wellness treatments. You are bound to find something that will peak your interest in Maldives. Here are some fun things to do on your Maldives vacation:

  1. Exploring the Capital City
  2. SkyDiving
  3. Snorkelling
  4. Scuba Diving
  5. Experience Bioluminescence
  6. Kayaking
  7. Paddling
  8. Jet Skiing
  9. Water skiing
  10. Kite surfing
  11. Surfing
  12. Parasailing
  13. Shopping
  14. Spa and wellness treatments
  15. Helicopter ride

Top places to stay in Maldives

1. Six Senses Laamu

One of the most extravagant water villas in Maldives, Six Senses is the epitome of allround service and convenience. The overwater stays are one of the most unique styles of accommodations in Maldives. A noteworthy mention of the overwater fine dining restaurants, ice cream and chocolate shops.

2. Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

It’s sleek, modern and upscale interiors give off a sense of staying in a futuristic accommodation. The bright colours used in its decor makes it a best match for young couples and friend groups travelling to Maldives.

3. JOALI Maldives

This is as close to nature as one could get in Maldives. A slice of paradise amidst a private island. JOALI is known for its lavish wooden decor and green outdoor concepts.


Barbados is known to be the most eastern island in the Caribbean chain. The green-blue waters of the Atlantic ocean, fine white sandy beaches and a gorgeous mix of flora and fauna captures the essence of Barbados. The geographical features of Barbados include a unique blend of caves which have evolved volcanically, rolling green hills and open gardens. The capital city of Bridgetown Garrison has a vast history around its area. The architecture, culture, heritage and monuments in the city reflect the effects of colonialism by the British, Spain, France and Holland. The harbour city was considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its pivotal role in world history.

The country is known for its hip and lively culture, cheerful people and a stress free lifestyle. The locals of Barbados, also known as Bajans are warm, welcoming and tend to keep a larger than life perspective. The culture is youthful, full of fun and radiant when it comes to partying or celebrating festivals. The country is known for its bombastic carnival held every year. The currency accepted for transactions in Barbados is Barbados Dollars and US Dollars. Make sure you carry international credit cards or convert your currency into the local currency for your vacation in Barbados.

How To Get There

Grantley Adams international Airport. (BGI) is well connected to Miami and few other International airports in Europe. 

Car/Taxi service to your desired destination.

Things to do

  1. Explore the Museums and Galleries
  2. Visit the ravishing beaches
  3. Scuba diving
  4. Windsurfing
  5. Glass bottom boats
  6. Experience the catamaran cruise
  7. Drive sea scooters
  8. Go on Rum tours and breweries
  9. Shipwreck Tours
  10. Explore the caves
  11. Visit the Wildlife Reserves
  12. Botanical Gardens
  13.  Sightseeing in Cherry tree hills, Cove bay, Hackleton’s cliff, Harry Bayley Observatory
  14.  Dazzling Nightclubs
  15.  Farmer’s Market

Places to Stay in Barbados

1. The Atlantis

It is a boutique hotel in Barbados offering stunning views of the east coast to its tourists. The hotel is perfect for weddings, special occasions due to its simple yet ambient decor. The food here tastes even better with the quiet and still surroundings.

2. The Crane Resort

This is by far one of the most classiest resorts in Barbados. The Crane Resort is located near Crane Bay, hosting fine dining multi-cuisine restaurants for its tourists.  They serve exquisite Barbados cuisine, Japanese cuisine and Italian cuisine. Probably the best place to relax and escape from the fast pace of life in Barbados. The most recommended drink at the Bar 1887 is a rum punch with a side of fries. 

3. Sugar Bay Barbados

Located in the capital city Bridgetown, Sugar Bay offers fantastic views of the Drill Hall beach to its tourists. This is a resort and spa that provides more than 5 restaurants, a steakhouse, luxurious swim-up bar, beachfront eatery and watersports to its tourists.

Vacation in Maldives and vacation in Barbados offer completely dynamic experiences. While both of these are best vacation destinations for families and couples, the aura of these islands offer contrasting vibes. The former destination is more suitable for peaceful, luxe, posh and rejuvenating trips while the latter is more suitable for a lively, youthful, radiant and celebratory escape from the monotony.

On arranging your first trip to the Maldives. Your beginning basic challenge is choosing which island is the most excellent to remain and what shoreline involvement is best. Making the wrong choice seem to demolish your holiday. Planning the primary trip to the Maldives can be not a simple assignment. 26 atolls and 1,192 islands shimmer with white shorelines and turquoise waters. Whereas a few of them have as it were one property in their insides. Among the newcomers of the Maldives, the address frequently emerges: “Where to remain within the Maldives?”. Area and highlights are the finest fit for you. Here’s a fast direct appearing you the most and most vital highlights. This will assist you when choosing the correct island to remain within the Maldives.

Image Credits: Pixabay

North Malé Atoll:

North Malé too known as northern Kaafu is the most atoll within the Maldives, where within the beginning with time within the national tourism was launched. The capital of Maldives, Male City and Velana Worldwide Air terminal (MLE) are too found within the Maldives north male atoll resorts. The atoll is domestic to LUX* North Male Atoll and to an incredible collection of extravagance 5* star resorts and budget visitor houses. The near vicinity of the islands to the country’s primary worldwide air terminal makes it conceivable for travellers to rapidly and reasonably to reach their lodgings by speedboat. Jumping, unwinding and surfing are the most sorts of open-air exercises in this atoll and the perfect magnificence of the heaven islands of North Male pulls in guests from all over the world.

Have you as of now booked or need to book a trip to North Male Atoll? Why not check out our direct to North Male Atoll with parcels of travel tips, thoughts on where to remain, what to do and see, and the prevalent attractions to visit amid your remain, both on arrival and beneath the water. Check out the common data almost North Male Atoll to memorize approximately a few of the more bizarre places to visit and the sights that can be seen there. Utilize the outline to discover all the inns, resorts, islands, plunge locales and popular points of interest of North Male Atoll, as well as check the visitor surveys, evaluations and portrayal of your resort. 

Image Credits: Pixabay

South Malé Atoll:

Shorelines, as plummeted from the pages of gleaming magazines. Warm tidal ponds with turquoise water and one of the finest plungings within the Maldives – all this about the South Male Atoll. South Male Atoll (South Kaafu) is a gathering of islands within the Maldives. Which lies far south of the North Male Atoll and is isolated from it by the Vaadhoo Kandu channel. Appearing the leading of the Maldives, the South Male locale offers everything for an important and comfy occasion. The days here rotate around swimming, unwinding, water sports and snorkelling – and nothing more.

South Male Atoll is the more youthful sister of the busier, more created North Male atoll and here you may discover a few more peaceful and straightforward resorts counting fabulous options for budget travel. You’ll be able to reach most of them in almost 30 minutes by speedboat from Male air terminal or by open ship. Scattered like pearls within the heart of the Indian Sea, the islands here are somewhat bigger than the emerald vegetation spots in an edge of white sand and topped by alluring resorts or two. Things are fair as noteworthy submerged.

A few resorts have an amazing house reef and gem clear tidal pond perfect for snorkelling. And there are trancelike jump destinations, wracks and the Embudu Kandu marine reserve. With all this sea on your doorstep, it’s no wonder that the lodgings offer incredible openings for water sports. Fly ski, canoeing, surfing, cruising and profound ocean angling are fair many ways to urge an exceptional Maldives experience.

Ari ( Alif ) Atoll:

A domestic to LUX* South Ari Atoll, Ari Atoll moreover known as Alif or Alifu Atoll is one of the commons ponders of the Maldives. Being one of the biggest atolls within the Maldives, it extends from north to south within the western portion of the Maldives archipelago in 30 minutes by seaplane from Male airport. . South Ari Atoll, an Ensured Marine Range, remains one of the most excellent places within the world to see whale sharks, which are spotted year-round on the external reef, whereas North Ari Atoll is celebrated for its hammerhead sharks, in spite of the fact that these are distant more tricky and require profound plunging to see. Most of the islands are domestic for the extravagance resorts while others are uninhabited, the rest are occupied by nearby inhabitants. Most occupations of Ari Atoll are angling, cruising, gathering and handling of corals.

Available by open ship, speedboat, seaplanes and household carriers from Male, Ari Atoll is domestic to numerous extravagance lodgings found on private islands with white shorelines, turquoise waters and world-class jumping. Later a long time have seen raised budget tourism with an incrementing number of visitor houses and economy inns on the occupied islands of Ari Atoll, particularly in its northern portion. Encompassed by fantastic turquoise tidal ponds, white sands and palm shores, wonderful scenes moreover gloat breathtaking house reefs in marriage with a wealthy marine life. Each island could be heaven in itself with a basic and simple way of life, which makes it perfect for an exceptional occasion within the Maldives.

Image Credits: Pixabay

Lhaviyani Atoll:

Popular for world-course plunging, Lhaviyani atoll could be a charming collection of islands within the northern portion of the Maldives, that gives the ideal blend of tranquillity with fervour, consolation and experience. The islands of Lhaviyani atoll are found approximately 130 kilometres north of Male aeroplane terminal and are open by seaplane (30-40 minutes) , but an unused Madivaru household aeroplane terminal is scheduled to open in 2020. Lhaviyani atoll has one of the most elevated concentrations of tourism action within the Maldives, with ten extravagant resorts. The convenience choices at Laviyani Atoll are generally lavish 5* star resorts. Giving the cutting edge side of life on perfect private islands. Anticipate extraordinary offices and benefits, counting fine food with submerged feasting involvement, an extravagant spa, an assortment of water sports, and an astounding house reef snorkelling.

Baa Atoll:

Baa Atoll is found north-west of Malé . Isolated from the central atolls by the wide waters of the Kandiva Channel. The atoll is comprised of 75 islands scattered over about 1200km2 of the ocean and of these. As it were thirteen are possessed and domestic to a populace of around 11,000 Maldivians. Seventeen islands have been created into resorts, counting extravagance brands such as Anantara, Amilla, Milaidhoo, Vakkaru and Four Seasons. As well as a few visitor houses on neighbouring islands.

Baa Atoll may be an assigned UNESCO Biosphere Save. It is legitimately celebrated for its extraordinary get-togethers of manta beams and whale sharks at Hanifaru Inlet. It is one of the finest pearls of the Maldives. But in later a long time saw the fast development of unused extravagance lodgings. That have renewed the collection of lavish convenience in Baa atoll. Incredible marine life, wonderful nature and untainted islands of Baa atoll. They are the leading choices for those who need to feel just like the modern Robinson Crusoe.

The most highlight of unwinding in Baa atoll resorts could be a culminate blend. Also the security with extravagance and consolation by the high-end measures. The world course jumping somewhere else within the atoll is additionally a major draw. Don’t miss wonderful snorkelling with whale sharks and manta beams in Hanifary Inlet. In case you need a really exceptional get-away. Culminate occasion within the Maldives – the Baa atoll will be a shrewd choice.

Image Credits: Pixabay

Raa Аtoll:

Raa atoll or North Maalhosmadulu is one of the northern, most gone to atolls within the Maldives. Isolated from Baa atoll by Hani Kandu could be a canal 5 km wide. Nearly 70 km long and 30 km wide there are 88 islands in Raa atoll, 15 of which are possessed. Raa Atoll is domestic to a few extravagance inns incorporating: Emerald, Kudafushi and an ultra sumptuous Joali Maldives. Raa Atoll’s interesting geographical and geological highlights make it wealthy and assorted in marine life. The external edge of the atoll is profound whereas the internal islands are on shallower levels. Making conditions interestingly positive for the expansion of corals and angle. The western edge of the atoll too lies near. One of the leading profound water angling destinations in the Maldives. It makes the atoll an amazing put to see both reef and pelagic angles. 

Prevalent exercises for visitors are snorkelling, plunging, watersports and outings. The last-mentioned incorporates visits to the adjacent possessed island of Meedhoo, dolphin travels and angling trips. Anticipate a parcel of float jumps in most jump destinations of Raa atoll. An assortment of marine life, and a few of the leading shorelines in the Maldives. A superb collection of uninhabited and unexplored islands of Raa atoll gives travellers fantastic opportunities. To enjoy an extraordinary shoreline encounter within the Maldives. Raa atoll is open by a 45-minute seaplane flight from Male. A 45-minute flight from Male to Ifuru Airport or a 35-minute flight from Male to Dhravandhoo Air terminal. Choose Maldives Vacation and enjoy your speedboat ride.

Varu by Atmosphere- Overview

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts introduces VARU by Atmosphere, a Maldives all-inclusive resort, which is nestled in the beautiful Indian Oceans of the Maldives. Enjoy your first moments in paradise on a 40-minute speed boat ride from Male International Airport to the Maldives’ northwestern coast. Throughout your stay, immerse yourself in the local culture and genuine hospitality while receiving 5-star service.


  • Overview
  • Room Categories
  • Dinnig Experience
  • Experiences
  • FAQ’S

Room Categories:

  • Beach Villas & Beach Pool Villas
  • Family Beach Villas & Family beach Pool Villas
  • Water Villas & Water Pool Villas
  • Water Suites
  • Majlis Suites

Beach Villas & Beach Pool Villas:

In an imaginative Maldives pool villa beach home that integrates the surrounding tropical scenery, you may enjoy the tranquil island life. Interiors are opulent, with a high-ceilinged hardwood roof, cream-colored walls, and a floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door that floods the space with natural light.

  • 10 Villas- 75 sqm
  • 15 Villas- 90 sqm (Villa with Pool)
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Beachfront

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Picture Credits: Unsplash

Water Villa & Water Pool Villas:

In Overwater villa, wake up to stunning ocean views and go for a swim in the crystal-clear turquoise lagoon. As the sound of calm waves lapping the stilts of your watery home soothes your senses, drift off to slumber. In our peaceful water villas, you may be close to nature. Featuring a vaulted ceiling and a large glass sliding door that lets in plenty of natural light.

  • 29 Villas- 93 sqm
  • 39 Villas- 93 sqm (with Pool)
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Over water

Family Beach Villa & Family Beach Villa Villa with Pool :

Open a lovely wooden door, and you’ll find yourself on a wonderful island refuge. The two-bedroom villa is located only steps away from the stunning white beach and is ideal for families traveling to the Maldives with up to four children. At our Maldives private beach villas, natural light-filled interiors with plush furnishings and Maldivian design accents create a sophisticated indoor place where you can unwind, read, or simply enjoy some peaceful family time.

  • 03 Villas – 173 sqm
  • 08 Villas – 173 sqm (with Pool)
  • Beachfront
  • 02 – 7ft King Beds

Overwater Suite:

With limitless ocean panoramas from every window and the touch of azure waves just a step away, inhale eloquence in your aquatic sanctuary. This special water suite, located at the end of a wooden jetty, offers uninterrupted sunset views and complete solitude for a really romantic lagoon stay.

  • 01 Suite – 155 sqm
  • Over water
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • 7ft King Bed
  • Private Pool

Majlis Suites:

The three premium Majlis Suites are a haven of tranquility, surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens and with easy access to the beach. A gently curving white sand beach welcomes you to your magnificent property through a private entrance. The house, which is built around a lovely courtyard with a spectacular 45-square-meter private plunge pool, has two bedrooms, one on the ground level and the other on the first floor, as well as a large living-dining room with an adjoining mini-library.

  • 03 Suites- 329 sqm
  • Beachfront
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Private Pool
  • 02 – 7ft King Beds

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Dinning Experience:

Indulge in a culinary adventure at VARU by Atmosphere in the Maldives, where the top Maldives restaurants bring the world to you on a plate via the finest gourmet experiences.

Enjoy our delectable breakfast, lunch, and dinner spread, which includes live cooking stations and hot buffet classics, complex salad and grill bars, traditional pasta and pizza counters, the freshest vegetarian, seafood, and meat ingredients, and delectable dessert displays.

Choose appetizers, salads, kabab platters, or traditional entrees such as Filet Mignon, Sirloin Steak, Ribeye, or Bourbon Baby Back Ribs. Stewed Apricot Crème Brulee is a delicious way to end a wonderful supper.

Set sail on a gastronomic journey at Kaagé, our Maldivian fine-dining restaurant, where you may sample indigenous tastes with a progressive twist.

Choose an extensive menu that includes premium spirits, beer, and wine, as well as endless cocktails and mocktails, specialty beverages, and a variety of tea and coffee.

NÜ –
In Dhivehi, the indigenous language, NÜ signifies ‘blue’. Everything in this restaurant embraces the wonderful splendor of the Indian Ocean in the spirit of its alluring name. With a peaceful breeze and the presence of a loved one, sip a vintage drink or bite into a decadent dessert for a moment to appreciate and capture in time.

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Pictures Credits: Unsplash


This resort’s diverse choice of activities and experiences will keep you amused during your stay. Feel your tension and pains fade away at VARU by Atmosphere’s calming ELENA Spa & Wellness Complex, which is located over water. The spa, which is tucked away in a peaceful nook of the southern jetty, has six elegant treatment rooms with glass bottom floors so you can enjoy the view as our therapists pamper you with deep tissue massages and purifying treatments.

It provides a secret realm – an underwater wonderland – beyond the glistening lagoons and gleaming islands. Play to your heart’s content in our crystal-clear lagoon. On a thrilling water bike ride, zip over the water. Dive in to discover a new world. Sea turtles and beautiful manta rays can be seen swimming past. Follow the schools of brightly coloured reef fish. Admire the exquisite colors

Swimming with a manta ray only a few inches away. Observing a school of brightly coloured reef fish swim by. Watching a strange sunset while sitting on a wooden Dhoni in the middle of the ocean. Being enthralled by a school of dancing dolphins… Many of these instances may be found on VARU Island.
With our tours and private charters, you can get a taste of authentic island living. You might find yourself surrounded by a fascinating world of marine life and breathtaking ocean panoramas as you travel further out from the resort island of marine anemones and corals that are millions of years old. Check over Maldives Vacation to enjoy your vacation.


How many rooms does VARU by Atmosphere have?

Varu by Atmosphere comprises 108 villas in eight villa types with five-star room amenities and services, going to great lengths to guarantee that visitors have the best possible accommodations. Guests may choose from overwater villas, beach suites, and the resort’s famed Majlis suites.

Is there a house reef at VARU by Atmosphere?

Although VARU does not have its own house reef, all guests are entitled to unlimited complimentary snorkeling expeditions twice a day to a variety of surrounding reefs.

When was Varu by Atmosphere built?

In October of this year, Atmosphere Maldives opened their fifth Maldives hotel, Varu. 11-Nov-2019.

What facilities are provided in the rooms at Varu by Atmosphere?

Free WiFi, a pool, and an on-site restaurant are among the more popular features.