One of the most quintessential islands of the Indian Ocean, Maldives sets an example for lavish, luxe and beauty across the globe. The majority of islands in Maldives are untouched and uninhabited out of which around 200 islands are accessible to the general public. The extraordinary white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and calming greenery makes Maldives one of the top summer destinations all around the world. The private islands, top class resorts, hotels and water villas are the best romantic getaways for honeymooners and couples. Maldives’ exceptional beauty never fails to mesmerise the tourists flocking from all around the world. This is where the luxury, comfort, adventure and beauty blend in harmoniously offering you the best tropical experience. Here is the list of best islands for Maldives vacation for couples, honeymooners, families and solo travellers.

1. Male Island

Starting off with one of the most obvious and famous islands in Maldives, Male. Being the capital city of Maldives it deserves a mandatory visit during your vacation. The island is a hub for culture, history and adventure. There are numerous aesthetic cafes, exquisite restaurants and vibrant local markets offering a peek into Maldivian food and lifestyle. Try not to miss out on National Museums, art galleries, parks and beaches in Male. The crescent shaped man-made artificial beach is the best place to dive into the blue waters and go snorkelling, scuba diving or whale submarine tours. Since the island is the closest to the airport, it is a popular choice for tourists visiting Maldives for the first time.

2. Como Cocoa Island

One of the first islands to start the trend of best island resorts in Maldives . Also known as Makunufushi, the island has magnificent far stretched sandbars where one could go for sunbathing, early morning yoga or an occasional dip in the ocean. Spot fishes like eagle rays, blacktip sharks and squids. Explore the island by taking a lovely stroll around its coasts. Makunufushi island is a speedboat ride away from the capital city of Male.

Recommended places : Como Cocoa Resort.

3. Baros Island

By far the most exotic and relaxing islands in Maldives, Baros is filled with lavish cafes, restaurants and over-water villas. The island has its own diving centre where you can explore marine life accompanied by local instructors. The island offers rejuvenating spas where you can get relaxing massages with your loved ones after an adventurous day of water sports.

Recommended places : Baros water villas, beach villas, Sails bar, Cayenne Grill.

4. Maafushi Island

Since Maldives’ demographic is predominantly Muslim, the tourists are expected to wear modest clothes at the public beaches and throughout their trip. Maafushi island is one of the few public islands in Maldives that offers Bikini Beach, where you can sunbathe and flaunt your summer bodies. Maafushi island in Maldives is known for having the longest coastline in the country. The island is lined with huge coral reefs where you can go for coral garden tours and snorkelling. The Maafushi island also happens to be one of the cheapest islands in Maldives as they accommodate tourists travelling on a tight budget.

Recommended places : Thundi Beach, Bikini Beach, Moonlight – FOOD. DRINK and SHISHA.

5. Mudhdhoo Island

Mudhdhoo Island is one of the best islands in Maldives for couples to visit at night. This quaint, oval island’s beach is home to nature’s unusual phenomenon of bioluminescence. This phenomenon occurs between marine life and its microorganisms which makes the sea water glow in soft blue light at night. The views at the Vaadhoo beach are spectacular especially under the starry sky. The best way to spend a romantic night with your loved ones in Maldives, visit Mudhdhoo island.

Recommended places : Sand Bar, Sea Grill restaurant, Dusit Thani Resort

6. Olhuveli Island

An honorary mention of Olhuveli Island for hosting one of the best island resorts in Maldives. The Olhuveli island and its dreamscapes are perfect for honeymooners and couples who crave privacy. The island and its luxurious resort promote green tourism and have a unique approach when it comes to embracing nature. Six Senses Laamu is an ultra-luxe water villa in Maldives that encourages its guests to go barefoot for the entire stay. This is as close as you can get to nature with your loved ones at Olhuveli island.

Recommended places : Six Senses Resort, Lagoon restaurant

7. Dhigurah Island

People often ponder about how many islands in Maldives allow tourists to wear bikinis, Dhigurah Island is one among the handful. One can wear bikinis only on certain private islands, resorts and a few islands like Dhigurah, Maafushi, Rasdhoo, Picnic Island, Dhangethi. The island is home to the cheapest island resorts in Maldives so far. Apart from offering pristine white sand beaches, the island is abundant with mangroves and forests. The island experiences relatively lesser tourist traffic than other islands in Maldives, making it a hidden paradise in Maldives. Engage in exciting activities like scuba diving or snorkelling at the diving centres and spot aquatic animals like sea turtles and whale sharks.

Recommended places : Dhigurah Dhonveli Boutique, Ufa Escape, Haamid’s Beach, TME Retreat

8. Dhidhoo Island

One of the best islands in Maldives for honeymoon and shopping sprees. Couples often opt to have candlelight dinner under the stars or go on long walks by the beach. Probably one of the best islands in Maldives to go on a shopping spree and buy souvenirs for people back home. The island also happens to be a capital of Haa Alif Atoll, which is situated among the northern Atolls.

9. JA Manafaru Island

This is a private island in Maldives that has luxurious resorts and villas across its territories. There is a lavish resort on the island that aims to pamper you in every way possible. As far as your taste buds are concerned, the island houses some of the most extraordinary multi cuisine restaurants that are ready to offer you a top class fine dining experience in Maldives.

Recommended places : Infinity Pool and Bar, JA manafaru White Orchid Lounge, Ocean Grill, JA Manafaru the Cellar

10. Hulhumale Island

Without a doubt, Hulhumale Island is one the best islands in Maldives to stay in for budget travellers and solo travellers. This man made island is famous for its beautiful sunsets by the soft layer of white sands and swaying palm trees. Tourists often find themselves snorkelling, scuba diving and surfing by the coast. There are beautiful parks, cute cafes and local markets for the tourists to explore after an adventurous time by the beach. 

Recommended places : Tandoori flames, The Grove, The Maldive Kitchen, Coconut tree Hulhuvilla Beach.

The greatest luxury resort in the Maldives allows you to take advantage of everything that the world’s most exclusive vacation destination has to offer. Some of the world’s most luxury resorts may be found on the islands. Imagine specks of white sand with tropical palm trees stretching like pearl necklaces to lovely atolls drifting in the blue ocean if something has the right to be named paradise and also Imagine these islands being home to some of the world’s most luxurious hotels.

Top 10 luxury resorts in Maldives
image Credit : Unsplash
  1. Finolhu Baa Atoll Maldives
  2. Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas
  3. Kandolhu Maldives
  4. Baros Maldives
  5. Huvafen Fushi
  6. Kudadoo Maldives Private Island
  7. The Nautilus Maldives
  8. Milaidhoo Island Maldives
  9. Meeru Island Resort & Spa
  10. Kuda Villingili Resort Maldives

Finolhu Baa atoll Maldives

Top 10 luxury resorts in Maldives
Image Credit : Unsplash

Finolhu, a Maldives resort is one of the Top 10 luxury resorts in the Maldives, provides such opportunities. Imagine lounging on your private villa’s terrace at sunset when a manta ray appears out of nowhere. Alternatively, you could go snorkeling in the morning and also be visited by a colorful and curious turtle. Finolhu lies on the cusp of a planet unlike any other: the sea is the world’s largest natural ecosystem. The colors of the corals and also fish unleash their very distinctive beauty here in Baa Atoll, which is protected by UNESCO as a biosphere reserve. Finolhu is a dreamy area to visit, both on land and also in the water.

Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas Baa Atoll

Top 10 luxury resorts in Maldives
Image Credit : Unsplash

The Maldives luxury resort island of Anantara Kihavah Resort Maldives and also its immaculate sands spring up out of the water. Anantara Kihavah Maldives Villas, located on the Baa Atoll in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, encourages you to imagine your own barefoot luxury paradise. In your private pool beach villa or overwater villa, savor the pleasure of space.While Snorkeling Manta rays and Hawksbill sea turtles can be seen. Stargaze all night long. At this lovely hideaway, dine on a solitary sandbank or beneath the sea’s surface.

Kandolhu Maldives North Ari Atoll

Top 10 luxury resorts in Maldives
Image Credit : Unsplash

in the Maldives, an island with such a flawless shape as Kandolhu is uncommon. The island is beautiful, with vast sandy beaches encircling the emerald green lagoon, and also it is home to one of the Maldives’ most colorful and active house reefs. Kandolhu is an idyllic Maldives hotel located 70 kilometers southwest of Male’ in the North Ari Atoll. Can reach the resort by seaplane in 25 minutes. Kandolhu is an amazing Maldives resort with only 30 villas that flawlessly integrate natural Maldivian elements with modern architecture and also creature comforts to create an experience.

Baros Maldives North Male Atoll

Top 10 luxury resorts in Maldives
Image Credit : Unsplash

White sand beaches are surrounded by turquoise waters. Welcome to Baros, a verdant island paradise located only 25 minutes by speedboat from the Maldives’ international airport. Since 1973, we’ve been welcoming guests and also have spent decades polishing our services and developing our surroundings, creating what we consider to be a famous resort. We’re proud to be one of the most popular resort, and also we can’t wait to show you what makes us so unique.

Huvefen Maldives

Top 10 luxury resorts in Maldives
Image Credit : Unsplash

Fantastic retreats and also breathtaking seascapes. Terraces with rejuvenating plunge pools. An underwater spa with stunning coral views. Stretches of immaculate white sand that are picture-perfect. I was in complete happiness. Drift away to another world. Awaken your senses to a new reality. Huvafen Fushi offers liberating seclusion. Each of the 44 beautiful individual apartments is surrounded by nature and also has its own private plunge pool. Overwater bungalows that are mesmerising, or beach bungalows with white, powdery sand just steps from the door. The Pavilions are a palatial playground for guests looking for a completely unique lodging experience.

Kudadoo Maldives Resort

Top 10 luxury resorts in Maldives
Image Credit : Unsplash

kudadoo maldives private island provides a completely all-inclusive experience and also allows you to visit everything under the moon at any time and from anywhere.
magnificent moments take the form of delicious culinary creatures, endless leisure activities, and also wellness. capture your days on this tiny tropical island with the help of your personal butler, who can assist you in creating the perfect holiday itinerary. kudadoo sets a new standard in sustainable luxury hospitality with the architectural mastermind, yuji yamazaki.

Nautilus Resort Maldives

Top 10 luxury resorts in Maldives
Image Credit : Unsplash

The Nautilus Maldives 5 star resort offers a tantalizing slice of independence in the gorgeous Baa Atoll, a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the Maldives. Every visitor to our shores unearths one of life’s most valuable jewels. Time, independence, and also sanctuary are gifts that money cannot buy. This collection of 26 ultra-private beach and ocean houses exists outside of space and also time. Our Maldivian private villas are a location where anything is conceivable. It’s a place where you can make your own music.

Milaidhoo Island Maldives

Top 10 luxury resorts in Maldives
Image Credit : Unsplash

Milaidhoo is more than simply a five-star resort in the Maldives; we prefer to do things a little differently, which we term reinvented luxury. We don’t conceive of our guests as vacationers, but rather as storytellers who are creating their ideal vacation. Milaidhoo is a UNESCO biosphere reserve in the Baa Atoll, near to Hanifaru Bay, 126 kilometers north of Male. Our own coral reef, which encircles the island, is a protected area and also known as an excellent snorkeling and diving spot in its own right, making us ideal for nature enthusiasts.

Meeru Island North Atoll Maldives

Top 10 luxury resorts in Maldives
Image Credit : Unsplash

The Maldives is a tropical paradise with white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons. Meeru Island Resort & Spa is the only resort on Meeru Island North Atoll Maldives and is approximately 32 hectares long and 350 meters broad. Explore the turquoise lagoon’s pristine underwater habitat and colorful marine life, practice your golf swing, work up a sweat on the tennis court, hire a bicycle, or simply swim or kayak about it and also Meeru has a wide range of activities and also sports to keep you occupied.

Kuda Villingili Resort Maldives

Top 10 luxury resorts in Maldives
Image Credit : Unsplash

Kuda Villingili Resort Maldives is a private island that redefines time and also space. If you are traveling as a couple, family, group of friends, or alone, Kuda Villingili Resort Maldives is a slice of heaven where everyone is welcome to spend time with loved ones, make up for a lost time, strengthen connections, or build new ones. The resort’s emphasis on time and also space, which balances a sense of togetherness and inclusivity with privacy and independence, allows guests to have a unique experience. Try out the Maldives Vacation to enjoy the holidays.


South Palm Resort is a complete four-star property which is situated in Addu Atoll in the Maldives. the atoll is a popular diving location, with 30 various dive sites all within 10 minutes from the resort. The exclusive Kurumba Spa at South Palm Resort Maldives is home to the special floating spa rooms, which are the only ones of their kind in the Maldives. With a choice of 100 beachfront villas and 30 overwater villas, South Palm Resort Maldives offers unparalleled serenity, privacy and comfort. Surrounded by white sandy beaches with pristine lagoons and views of the serene blue waters of Addu Atoll. The Island offers a wide range of activities and excellent facilities. It includes Maldives first-ever floating spa rooms at the Kurumba Spa. Now get through what the resort offers in terms of accommodation, restaurants and activities to make you feel entertained throughout your stay.

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Image credits: Pexels

Types of Accommodations

If you wonder if South Palm Island resort accommodates 2 adults on the occasion of a Honeymoon / Anniversary trip or in the case of a Leisure trip which should cover an entire family – say 2 adults and 2 children, The answer is a big Yes. With a wide range of 100 beachfront villas and 30 overwater villas options, one can choose to stay in a particular villa. Even the resort allows doing the split stay in two different villas. All the villas are covered with lush tropical vegetation offering a splendid sunset view and surrounded by the gentle sounds of the Indian ocean. Let us explore more about the various types of Villas that are offered in South Palm Island resorts:

  • Beach Villa (60 rooms) – Features Outdoor shower, Panoramic Lagoon view and exclusive path to the beach & lagoon.
  • Water Villa (28 rooms) – Surrounded by Ocean water which offers Panoramic lagoon view and direct path to the sea.
  • Overwater Villa (2 rooms) – Surrounded by Ocean water which offers an attached pool with a Lagoon view
  • Palm Villa (20 rooms)
  • Sunrise Villa (10 rooms)
  • Family Villa (Spacious villa which has interconnected rooms and gives a direct path to the sea).

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Image credits: Pexel


South Palm Island resort offers the amenities such as:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • King size bed
  • LCD TV
  • Air Conditioning
  • Designated smoking area
  • Mini bar
  • Ceiling fan
  • In-Villa dining facilities
  • Veranda
  • Swimming pool
  • Butler service

Standard Inclusions

  • Daily Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner(Complimentary Upgrade from Half Board to Full Board) or All-Inclusive Meal Plan (All Meals & Drinks).
  • During designated meal hours at Banyan Restaurant, free drinking water is supplied by the glass.
  • Moonimaa Lounge access till domestic flight departure time on arrival day.
  • Round trip to domestic transfers from Velana International Airport to South Palm Island resort Maldives.

Honeymoon Inclusions

  • Romantic floating breakfast in the pool
  • Order your A-la carte meals at Kanduolhi Bar
  • On the day of arrival, a Traditional Maldivian food hamper and a bottle of sparkling wine & a fruit basket is provided in the room
  • 24 hour butler service provided in the room
  • A departure gift is provided to the guest.

Food and Dining experience

South palm resort offers a dining experience for guests who are opting for Half board, Full board or All Inclusive meal option (Those who are opting for Half board will get a complimentary upgrade to Full board with no additional cost). The main dining venue is Banyan Restaurant where you get to experience Asian and International cuisine along with the traditional Maldivian food. the beauty is that you are given access to have your dining with your loved ones on the amazing views of the Indian ocean.

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Kanduolhi bar & Moodhu bar

If you want to relax on the beach having a snack or even a cocktail with having a perfect sunset view and overlooking the lagoon, Kanduolhi bar is the place for you! If you are a music lover, Moodhu bar is the place for you to make you entertained and this bar even allows you to have a sip of cocktail bathing in the pool because it is a typical funky side pool bar. The alcoholic beverage includes Beer, house wine, Whiskey, brandy and others. For non-alcoholic beverages, it covers right from Soft drinks (Coco-Cola, Fanta, Water soda and others), packet fruit juices, tea/coffee, cocktails and mocktails.

Image credits: Unsplash


South palm Island resort never ceases to Impress with its range of motorized, non-motorized and other kinds of activities which one can select. Here are the activities to suit your taste:

  • Kurumba Spa (featuring floating spa rooms in Maldives, which is one of its kind)
  • Boat excursions
  • Fitness Centre (For gym freaks)
  • Local Island and sight seeing
  • Live music and other entertainment
  • Kid’s club
  • Snorkeling
  • Water sport activities
  • Canoe
  • Paddle boards
  • Wind surfing
  • South palm Dive Centre
  • Theme dinner nights
  • Games room
  • Fishing
  • Photography
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Yoga
  • Open air bath

How to reach South Palm resort from Male airport

From the male airport, one has to travel via Domestic flight to Gan International airport which is a good 90-minute journey. From Gan International airport, it is a 15-minute speedboat transfer to reach South palm resort. Domestic flight is the one that carries the passengers to the nearest island which has an airport. From there, passengers will be transferred to the resort via Speedboat. All the transfer costs are included in the quote and one need not have to shell out extra money for the transfers. Based on the arrival time of passengers to the male airport, domestic flights and speedboats are arranged by the resort. Check out the Maldives Vacation to have a great vacation.

Image credits: Pexel

Other resorts nearby

  1. Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa
  2. Canareef Resort maldives

Overview of the resort

Canareef Resort is a four-star resort located on Addu Atoll, the Maldives’ southernmost atoll. The resort’s wide sandy beaches and lovely inland lagoons welcome all visitors. In addition to the surrounding tranquility, this resort offers spectacular villas, adrenaline-pumping activities, vibrant reefs, delectable cuisine, and modern comforts. Guests are allowed to choose from 80 sunrise villas, 71 sunset villas, and 120 jacuzzi villas. While the sunrise beach villa offers stunning ocean views, the sunset beach villa amuses guests with amazing lagoon views. You can even consider a Jacuzzi villa which has a private beach as well as a variety of exciting activities and entertainment options. Each villa is built to appreciate the beautiful natural greenery of the area, whether it’s for a honeymoon, anniversary, or leisure trip. let’s go deep into what the resort offers in terms of room accommodation, amenities, food & dining experience and various activities.

Villa types

The resort offers three categories of the room which one can choose from. Every room is designed to offer a good blend of luxury and facilities to suit everyone’s taste. All of the villas are attractively designed and outfitted with artistic décor, providing guests with the best vacation experience. Here are the room categories which the resort offers:

  • Sunrise Villa (80 villas) – Offers a fantastic view of the blue sea and allows you to view the horizon of the Indian ocean. This villa can accommodate 2 adults / 2 adults and 1 child
  • Sunset Beach Villa (71 villas) – Offers a beautiful view to the lagoon and one can even feel the breeze from the white sandy beach. This villa can accommodate 2 adults / 2 adults and 1 child
  • Jacuzzi Villa (120 villas) – This is an Individual beach villa with a private enclosed outdoor area featuring a Jacuzzi for two. This villa can accommodate 3 adults / 2 adults and 2 children / 2 adults and 1 child. Also Read: Top 10 luxury resorts in Maldives.
Image credits: Pixabay


Though the resort offers only three-room categories, it never fails to impress on the amenities which is aplenty.

  • Complementary Internet access
  • Flat screen TV
  • King size bed
  • Digital safe
  • Hair dryer
  • IDD Telephone
  • Electric kettle
  • Mini bar service
  • Individually controlled air conditioning system
  • Terrace with lounge furniture
  • Complementary drinking water
  • Laundry service
  • Reading light by the bed
  • Romantic Jacuzzi / Hot tub
  • Partially open air-bathroom with shower
  • Fixed closet
  • House keeping service

Food & dining service

For food lovers, be ready to tingle your taste buds as the resort offers three restaurants that showcase mouth-watering International cuisines from local Maldivian delights to any other cuisines, they offer every menu to satisfy the hungry palates.

  • Dhoni bar – This restaurant serves Asian seafood delicacies and also features live entertainment in the evening such as crab race, local boduberu, a dance night with your loved ones along your drink. Timings are 10am-11pm for this restaurant.
  • Kilhi – This restaurant serves International cuisines such as French, Sri Lankan, local Maldivian delights which are done on the daily buffet and a-la-carte system. you are also given the option to book a private dinner facing the sea and enjoying the waves. Timings are 07.30am-09.30am for breakfast, 12.00pm-14.30pm for lunch & 19.00pm-21.30pm for dinner.
  • Meeraa Asian cuisine & bar – This restaurant specializes in serving light menus such as Asian classics such as Burgers, pasta and salads. also, they serve refreshing cocktails, mocktails and fine wine. it is opened from 10am-10pm. Also Read: South Palm Island Resort Maldives.


Wondering what kind of activities resort offers, here you go:

  • Sanctuaire Spa – Offers a wide range of treatments which includes massages and scrubs and even there is a private suite for both singles & couples
  • Wind surfing
  • Canoeing
  • Banana boat ride
  • Jet ski
  • Fun tube
  • Catamaran sailing
  • Snorkeling expeditions
  • Dolphin cruise
  • Padi dive centre
  • Big game fishing
  • Sunset fishing
  • Kids club
  • Fitness centre
  • Tennis
  • Beach volleyball
  • Nature trail
  • Cycling
  • Fish feeding
Image credits: Pixabay

Way to reach Canareef resort from the Male airport

To reach Canareef resort, one has to travel from Male airport to Gan International airport via Domestic flight which is a 90 minutes travel. Now after reaching Gan International airport, passengers are taken to Canareef resort by Speedboat transfer which is a good 15 minutes travel. Kindly note that all the transfers are included in the quote. hence, passengers need not have to shell out extra money for transfers. The resort will properly arrange for the transfers based on the arrival time of passengers at Male International airport. Choose the Maldives Vacation and enjoy the vacation with your family and friends. Also Read: Which Island You Should Select In Maldives.

Resorts in Addu atoll

  1. Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & spa, Maldives
  2. South Palm Resort Maldives
  3. Equa Reef Maldives


If you are a person who loves to stay on an island surrounded by white sandy beaches covered with coconut palm trees and colorful coral reefs teeming with marine life, Meeru Island resort is the perfect resort for you. Meeru Island resort is a perfect 4-star resort. It is situated in north male Atoll. It is a good 55-minute scenic speedboat transfer from Velana Airport. Meeru Island is on the easternmost tip of North male atoll. It is also 50 km away from Male airport. The resort is about 32 hectares. It is 1200 meters long and 350 meters wide. Now let us get deep into what the resort offers. Be it in terms of accommodation, food & dining and activities to make you and your loved ones feel entertained throughout the stay.

Image credits: Pixabay

Types of accommodations

Meeru Island resort has 5 types of rooms categories. It ranges from beach-facing villas to water-facing villas. Each villa is designed to suit your taste. The resort also provides the options to stay in split villas (access to stay in beach villa as well as in water villa). Here are the room categories as follows:

  • Garden villas (20 rooms) – Offers to stay with a view of the tropical gardens with an indoor bathroom, a wooden sun deck & a privacy screen between the rooms. This villa can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children.
  • Beach villas (77 rooms) – Gives spacious individual wooden bungalows on the beach with a beautiful view of the lagoon. This villa can accommodate 2 adults and 2 children.
  • Jacuzzi beach villas (83 rooms) – Offers a beautiful view of the lagoon with a private outdoor area featuring a jacuzzi for two. This villa can accommodate 3 adults.
  • Waterfront villas (27 rooms) – This villa is located on the beach at the water’s edge and offers an extra-large king-size bed. This can accommodate 3 adults.
  • Jacuzzi water villas (77 rooms) – Located over the water offering a larger bedroom to accommodate 3 adults. They also offer private jacuzzi.

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Image credits: Pexel


Wondering what types of amenities the resort offers, they are here as follows:

  • Tropical décor
  • King size bed
  • Air conditioning
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Private porch with furniture
  • Sitting area
  • Overhead ceiling fan
  • Mini bar
  • TV
  • Complimentary tea/coffee
  • Nightly turndown service
  • Rain shower
  • Double sinks
  • Jacuzzi
  • Bathrobes
  • Hair dryer
  • Partially open-air bathroom

Those who are visiting Meeru Island resort for honeymoon trip will be provided with the following things on the arrival night:

  • Fruit plate
  • A bottle of sparkling wine
  • A flower decorated bed

Food and dining experience

Meeru Island resort has a lot to offer when it comes to food and dining experience. The resort gives humongous options for Full board and All-Inclusive meal options. The resort offers 2 restaurants for Buffet lovers:

  • Farivalhu buffet restaurant – Welcomes guests who stays in Garden room, beach villas, jacuzzi beach villa & jacuzzi water villa.
  • Maalan buffet restaurant – Welcomes guests who stays in adult only villas (Jacuzzi beach villas, jacuzzi water villas).

Both restaurants offers the same menu but with a variety of International and regional cuisines to suit everyone’s taste. the timings for these restaurants are 07:30AM-10:00AM for breakfast, 12:30PM-2:00PM for lunch and 19:00-21:00PM for dinner. apart from this, both the restaurants have beverage menu which one can choose from.

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A-la carte dining

  • Snack menu at bars – Select from a wide selection of International snacks which is served at the pool.
  • Asian wok restaurant – Specializes in Asian cuisine and is located over-the-water
  • Hot rock restaurant & bar – Featuring some yummy seafood, steak or anything which is cooked right at your table.
  • Meeru café – Located at Dhoni bar pool, this café features Ice cream, pastries, tea, coffee and panini sandwiches.


  • Dhoni bar – Most popular meeting place featuring scenic views onto the Jetty. It is ideal for sunset views
  • Kakuni bar – This bar includes a sports bar with your favorite sports and a disco
  • Uthuru bar – Situated near Maalan restaurant, this bar allows only people who are above 18. Hence this makes the adult-only bar.
  • Asian wok restaurant & bar – located in the Asian wok restaurant. This bar gives access to see the beautiful sunset.
  • Pavilion bar – This bar is located amid tall coconut palm trees
  • Hot rock bar – Located on the deck of a hot rock restaurant. This bar offers a fantastic view of the pool and ocean.

There is no stopping to it because Meeru Island resort even gives you the option to have romantic candle light dinner at the beach. you can even order your food from the comfort of your room.


Meeru Island resort offers a myriad of options to keep you and your loved ones entertained throughout the stay. The activity list is here as follows:

  • Snorkeling – Guided reef snorkeling, full day snorkeling safari, night snorkeling, jet ski snorkeling
  • Scuba diving which also includes diving for kids aging 8+ years
  • Water sport – Standup paddle & kayaking, jet ski rides, water skiing, mono skiing, knee boarding, catamaran sailing, wind surfing and fly boarding
  • Land sports – Golf, fitness center, tennis, bicycle rental, badminton, beach volleyball, table tennis and swimming pool.
  • Duniye spa – This spa offers a combination of oriental traditions with a touch of aroma in order to promote you with a deep sense of calm, joy & serenity

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Image credits: Pexel

How to reach Meeru Island resort

To reach Meeru Island resort, one has to travel from Male airport to Velana International airport. From Velana airport to the Meeru island resort, it is a scenic 55 minutes speedboat transfer. But note that the transfer costs are also included in the quote. Based on the arrival time of passengers coming to the Male international airport, transfers are perfectly arranged by the resorts. Try out the Maldives Vacation to change your vacation a memorable one.

Image credits: Pexels

Other resorts nearby

  1. Oblu select Sangeli
  2. Paradise Island Resort & spa
  3. Coco Bodu Hithi
  4. Centara Ras Fushi Resort & spa
  5. Varu by Atmosphere
  6. Kurumba Maldives
  7. Grand park Kodhipparu Maldives
  8. Oblu Nature Helengeli
  9. Taj coral reef resort & spa maldives
  10. Adaraan Select Hudhuranfushi

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives is a peaceful aquatic paradise located on the island of Aarah in the pristine waters of Vaavu (Felidhoo) Atoll surrounded by a beautiful lagoon, an excellent house reef, and long stretches of white, sandy beach. The resort was officially opened on 1st October 2019.
This five-star deluxe resort features sleek Italian design elements, a hosting loft, suites, water bungalows, villas, and family accommodations. The Exclusively designed furniture from Germany, Italy, and the Far East gives the property a chic and exclusive ambiance. Guests can dine at the resort’s variety of gourmet restaurants serving an international platter in the most scenic setting.
Velifushi’s notable features are its predisposition to the enjoyment of the aquatic experience, its silences, accomplices of the great intimacy that characterizes it. With the proximity of the reef to the beach, there are many nearby snorkeling spots and a colorful reef which makes Velifushi a unique experience.

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives
Image source: Pexels

Stays at Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives :

Accommodations at Cinnamon Velifushi include 90 remarkably spacious rooms. The views from each and every chic room are complemented by the airy, open, Italian-styled interiors. Every loft, bungalows, and suite are accommodated with an in-villa safe, LED TV, to rest serenely on a king-size bed with extra bed facilities, air-conditioning, complimentary instant tea, and coffee making facilities to make their guests feel home away from home.

  • Superior Beach Loft
  • , Beach Bungalow
  • Water Bungalow
  • Sunset Water Bungalow with Jacuzzi
  • Water Suite with Pool.
    Guests are provided with above options to choose from.

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Amenities provided at all the rooms

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • King size bed
  • Pillow menu
  • Split air-conditioner
  • Ceiling fan
  • Sofa/armchair
  • TelephoneLED TV with satellite channel
  • Safe in room
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Tea and coffee making facility
  • Coffee machine
  • Minibar with charge
  • Room service with charge
  • Bathrobe/bath slippers
  • TowelsBidetIndoor shower
  • Hot and cold water
  • Desalinated water
  • Hairdryer
  • Sitting area on terrace
  • Sea view
  • Life jackets
  • Raincoats Fire protection system
Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives
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Dining at Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives :

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives has five different restaurants and bars, outstanding chefs, and a passion for the cuisine. Guests can dine at the resort’s gourmet restaurants serving an international platter in the most scenic setting surrounded by the beach.

The Velifushi ’s al fresco restaurant, Vah serves by the beautiful ocean along with an array of international cuisines. The cuisine provided here is very diverse and said the food is all cooked to perfection.
No matter what your interest is, the restaurant has got you covered, with Italian, Asian, Indian, Sri Lankan, and Maldivian cuisine. There is a cooking station as well. The super-friendly chefs would make pasta and rice dishes in the evening for their guests.

The Marlin is a seafood restaurant that opens for lunch and dinner only. The lunch menu is ultimately light snacks and pub grub served with a twist. For the dinner, it is a signature seafood menu. It highlights local and international flavors that are served to perfection. The service is said to be impeccable over there.

The Hama rhythmic bar is for those who are looking to party like there is no tomorrow. The bar has a great ambiance and serves fun cocktails which for sure will lift your spirit. This bar opens at 8 in the evening.

Iru, which means ‘sun’ in the native Maldivian language, is the classic beach bar. The resort serves its rich, signature gelato along with other drinks and snacks. There is a pool bar . Fen, is the name of the pool bar. It is to pour you an endless list of drinks. Here at the pool bar is where you can absolutely work up an appetite, snack on, and sip some fun cocktails.

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Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives
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Cleaning and safety measures taken by Cinnamon Velifushi :

1.Onsite COVID-19 testing (PCR) is available

2.Minimum age for COVID-19 test requirement: 2

3.Guests must provide health documentation

4. Guests must provide a negative COVID-19 test result

5. Vistors must provide a negative RTPCR test result.

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives
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Activities :

The resort offers an array of unique experiences including a swimmable lagoon surrounding the island with an abundance of marine life for their guests to enjoy.  The resort accommodates a fully-equipped sports bar and a luxury wellness spa operated by the acclaimed Mandara Spas. If the guests would like to indulge in some sports, they can always go diving, Snorkelling, canoeing. For a cultural tour, the guests can always go island hopping or visit a local island.

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If guests would like to spend time just around the resort and relax, they could absolutely enjoy sandbank picnics, play beach volleyball, or stay indoors and play table tennis, or billiards. There is a well-equipped gym with a very helpful trainer.
There is a spa, Mandara Spa which is a perfect place to release tension and stress from the long journey. This promises a more relaxing vacation.
The therapists are all said to be very kind, caring which adds to a fantastic experience. There is a kids club at the resort, which includes games at the children’s play area. couples with younger children are encouraged to let them take part in this.
This makes the resort family-friendly as well. There are exciting water sport activities like snorkeling or scuba diving at the house reef. The resort highly recommend their one-of-a-kind ‘dive with sharks’ excursion. Resort accomedates, Sunset cruise on a local dhoni for their guests. Check out the Maldives Vacation to enjoy your holidays.


Beautifully nestled in the quiet Vaavu Atoll, Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives can be reached by 25-minute scenic seaplane transfer from Velana International Airport. Visitors can arrive at the resort through Speed boat transfers which take a 75-minute ride . According to the guest’s flight timings, the resort will arrange the transfers. The resort offers 24-hour speedboat transfers.

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives
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Resorts Nearby:

  1. Cocogiri resort
  2. Plumeria ocean views
  3. Plumeria Boutique
  4. Maldives sunset lodge and village.


The primary ultra comprehensive Mercure Resort around the world, established in the area with a special store style and elite advantages all through your visit. Prepare to drench yourself among the Maldivian culture and enjoy a liberal cluster of feasting and drink contributions at no extra charge. Arranged on the rich Kooddoo Island inside the southern Gaafu Alifu Atoll, they are found just 55 minutes homegrown departure from Male International Airport, with no extra speedboat venture. And that implies direct access from the homegrown terminal to your estate! Our favored area near the jungles, gifted us with interesting beautiful marine life and hotter water temperatures, making our tidal pond the ideal spot for swimming and plunging. Prepare to find the magnificence of our reef where you’ll have the option to recognize turtles, dolphins, and a wide scope of vivid fish species.

Maldives mercury
best water villa
honeymoon getaway
Source : Pixabay

Room Types


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Maldives villas
beautiful interiors
lounge area
Sourse : Pixaby

Dining & All inclusion Plan!

Prepare to find the best worldwide flavors with an interesting Maldivian contact across our 2 eateries and the pool bar.


As a feature of the Mercure DNA, they will welcome you on a genuinely good culinary excursion where you will find restrictive flavors privately created. As a feature of your comprehensive advantages, you will actually want to appreciate limitless dinners in our 2 eateries and Pool Bar all through your visit joined with a choice of up to 40 worldwide wines. You’ll should simply essentially pick where you need to have your next dinner.

Prepare to partake in a liberal comprehensive just hotel, where’s nothing to stress over and a lot to partake in day in and day out! Our selective advantages are thought with an additional a degree of personalization to suit your inclinations. Appreciate free-stream drinks during the entire day, across our café and bar including:

  • 40 international wines for any special occasion
  • Premium spirits
  • Cocktails & Mocktails
  • Soft drinks
  • Get ready for your choice of daily buckets of beers – which will be refilled once per day.
  • When you check-in, you’ll be able to customize your minibar based on your preferences.
  • Tailoryour culinary experience

The longer you stay, the more advantages you can add to your days off. They have special offers for people who stay for 5-7 nights and more than 8 nights.

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Activities and Amenities at Maldives Kooddoo Resort

The 3 main activities here are


A commitment, a wedding, a restoration of pledges, a commemoration… there’s not a wonderful area than Mercure Maldives Kooddoo for any ideal heartfelt festival.

From a welcome back rub at Suvadiva Spa on appearance to a service joined by customary Maldivian music and cozy fish supper for two on the white sandy ocean side, our on-location facilitators deal with everything about it.

On exceptional solicitations, we would go above and beyond to finish your manors and bed with brightening blossoms and messages according to your inclination. Our culinary specialists can likewise heat wonderful cakes with extraordinary directives for your adored one and shock by serving them while you feast at the eateries or even by conveying it to your delightful estate. We will put forth a valiant effort to guarantee that your extraordinary event is important and cherishable for a lifetime.


Gaafu Alifu Atoll is renowned for its rich, varied marine life and is viewed as perhaps the best spot in the Maldives offering a lot of encounters to esteem for a lifetime. SuvaDiva Divers, the PADI 5-star jump focus at Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort, will show you the sharks, ocean turtles, and beams that possess the huge blue tidal pond.

beautiful beaches
Source : Pixabay

Mercure Maldives Kooddoo offers a large group of different encounters that incorporate water sports choices, from kayaking, cruising and stand up rowing to stream skis and fun cylinders. Perfect coral-sand sea shores and quiet, clear waters make the island a heaven for swimmers. You might acquire a couple of blades and swimming cog wheels structure the Dive Center and go swimming from the solace of your manor around the house reef.

Ashore exercises range from tennis, futsal and ocean-side volleyball to pool, darts and karaoke. Figure out how to cook local strengths or make your own towel craftsmanship. Also go along with us for our standard outside film evenings or exhibitions of genuine Maldivian Boduberu music.

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EXCURSIONS at Maldives Kooddoo Resort

No outing to the Maldives is finished without a trip to find the regular delights the Gaafu Alifu Atoll brings to the table.

Dolphin whale watching
Beautiful sights
clear water
Source : Pixabay

From nightfall and dolphin travels to directed swimming visits to a few remote locations, be ready to find the rich marine life. However, that is not all, we have a few extremely interesting encounters like a turtle and late evening swimming and we can even make your own private journey in view of your solicitations.

Transportation to Maldives Kooddoo Resort

This beautiful resort is situated in the perfect place but to get there you need to board flights from the most preferred city which will be a time-saver so you spend more time in the resort than the travel. After reaching the Male airport, you need to board another domestic flight from there. The area of Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort is in the midst of lavish local vegetation on Kooddoo island, part of Gaafu Alifu Atoll in the southern Maldives. Access is through a 55-minute non-stop flight (an hour and a half roundabout) from the capital, Malé, to Kooddoo Airport. There are just four or five propellor airplane flights every day, which safeguards the serenity of the island. No further speedboat excursion or seaplane flight is needed. The staff will be holding up with a warm greeting at Kooddoo Airport to carry visitors by buggy to Mercure Maldives Kooddoo. Check out the Maldives Vacation to have a wonderful vacation experience.


When is the right time to visit Maldives ??
The best time to visit the Maldives is from November to April

What are the covid restrictions in Maldives ??
No restrictions as such, but the RT PCR Tests and Vaccines are compulsory.

Do we help you book flights for the Maldives ??
You don’t need to worry about booking flight, we will help you with that. Share your phone number, name and email id to our experts.

Varu by Atmosphere- Overview

Atmosphere Hotels & Resorts introduces VARU by Atmosphere, a Maldives all-inclusive resort, which is nestled in the beautiful Indian Oceans of the Maldives. Enjoy your first moments in paradise on a 40-minute speed boat ride from Male International Airport to the Maldives’ northwestern coast. Throughout your stay, immerse yourself in the local culture and genuine hospitality while receiving 5-star service.


  • Overview
  • Room Categories
  • Dinnig Experience
  • Experiences
  • FAQ’S

Room Categories:

  • Beach Villas & Beach Pool Villas
  • Family Beach Villas & Family beach Pool Villas
  • Water Villas & Water Pool Villas
  • Water Suites
  • Majlis Suites

Beach Villas & Beach Pool Villas:

In an imaginative Maldives pool villa beach home that integrates the surrounding tropical scenery, you may enjoy the tranquil island life. Interiors are opulent, with a high-ceilinged hardwood roof, cream-colored walls, and a floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door that floods the space with natural light.

  • 10 Villas- 75 sqm
  • 15 Villas- 90 sqm (Villa with Pool)
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Beachfront

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Picture Credits: Unsplash

Water Villa & Water Pool Villas:

In Overwater villa, wake up to stunning ocean views and go for a swim in the crystal-clear turquoise lagoon. As the sound of calm waves lapping the stilts of your watery home soothes your senses, drift off to slumber. In our peaceful water villas, you may be close to nature. Featuring a vaulted ceiling and a large glass sliding door that lets in plenty of natural light.

  • 29 Villas- 93 sqm
  • 39 Villas- 93 sqm (with Pool)
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Over water

Family Beach Villa & Family Beach Villa Villa with Pool :

Open a lovely wooden door, and you’ll find yourself on a wonderful island refuge. The two-bedroom villa is located only steps away from the stunning white beach and is ideal for families traveling to the Maldives with up to four children. At our Maldives private beach villas, natural light-filled interiors with plush furnishings and Maldivian design accents create a sophisticated indoor place where you can unwind, read, or simply enjoy some peaceful family time.

  • 03 Villas – 173 sqm
  • 08 Villas – 173 sqm (with Pool)
  • Beachfront
  • 02 – 7ft King Beds

Overwater Suite:

With limitless ocean panoramas from every window and the touch of azure waves just a step away, inhale eloquence in your aquatic sanctuary. This special water suite, located at the end of a wooden jetty, offers uninterrupted sunset views and complete solitude for a really romantic lagoon stay.

  • 01 Suite – 155 sqm
  • Over water
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • 7ft King Bed
  • Private Pool

Majlis Suites:

The three premium Majlis Suites are a haven of tranquility, surrounded by beautiful tropical gardens and with easy access to the beach. A gently curving white sand beach welcomes you to your magnificent property through a private entrance. The house, which is built around a lovely courtyard with a spectacular 45-square-meter private plunge pool, has two bedrooms, one on the ground level and the other on the first floor, as well as a large living-dining room with an adjoining mini-library.

  • 03 Suites- 329 sqm
  • Beachfront
  • Complimentary WiFi
  • Private Pool
  • 02 – 7ft King Beds

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Dinning Experience:

Indulge in a culinary adventure at VARU by Atmosphere in the Maldives, where the top Maldives restaurants bring the world to you on a plate via the finest gourmet experiences.

Enjoy our delectable breakfast, lunch, and dinner spread, which includes live cooking stations and hot buffet classics, complex salad and grill bars, traditional pasta and pizza counters, the freshest vegetarian, seafood, and meat ingredients, and delectable dessert displays.

Choose appetizers, salads, kabab platters, or traditional entrees such as Filet Mignon, Sirloin Steak, Ribeye, or Bourbon Baby Back Ribs. Stewed Apricot Crème Brulee is a delicious way to end a wonderful supper.

Set sail on a gastronomic journey at Kaagé, our Maldivian fine-dining restaurant, where you may sample indigenous tastes with a progressive twist.

Choose an extensive menu that includes premium spirits, beer, and wine, as well as endless cocktails and mocktails, specialty beverages, and a variety of tea and coffee.

NÜ –
In Dhivehi, the indigenous language, NÜ signifies ‘blue’. Everything in this restaurant embraces the wonderful splendor of the Indian Ocean in the spirit of its alluring name. With a peaceful breeze and the presence of a loved one, sip a vintage drink or bite into a decadent dessert for a moment to appreciate and capture in time.

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Pictures Credits: Unsplash


This resort’s diverse choice of activities and experiences will keep you amused during your stay. Feel your tension and pains fade away at VARU by Atmosphere’s calming ELENA Spa & Wellness Complex, which is located over water. The spa, which is tucked away in a peaceful nook of the southern jetty, has six elegant treatment rooms with glass bottom floors so you can enjoy the view as our therapists pamper you with deep tissue massages and purifying treatments.

It provides a secret realm – an underwater wonderland – beyond the glistening lagoons and gleaming islands. Play to your heart’s content in our crystal-clear lagoon. On a thrilling water bike ride, zip over the water. Dive in to discover a new world. Sea turtles and beautiful manta rays can be seen swimming past. Follow the schools of brightly coloured reef fish. Admire the exquisite colors

Swimming with a manta ray only a few inches away. Observing a school of brightly coloured reef fish swim by. Watching a strange sunset while sitting on a wooden Dhoni in the middle of the ocean. Being enthralled by a school of dancing dolphins… Many of these instances may be found on VARU Island.
With our tours and private charters, you can get a taste of authentic island living. You might find yourself surrounded by a fascinating world of marine life and breathtaking ocean panoramas as you travel further out from the resort island of marine anemones and corals that are millions of years old. Check over Maldives Vacation to enjoy your vacation.


How many rooms does VARU by Atmosphere have?

Varu by Atmosphere comprises 108 villas in eight villa types with five-star room amenities and services, going to great lengths to guarantee that visitors have the best possible accommodations. Guests may choose from overwater villas, beach suites, and the resort’s famed Majlis suites.

Is there a house reef at VARU by Atmosphere?

Although VARU does not have its own house reef, all guests are entitled to unlimited complimentary snorkeling expeditions twice a day to a variety of surrounding reefs.

When was Varu by Atmosphere built?

In October of this year, Atmosphere Maldives opened their fifth Maldives hotel, Varu. 11-Nov-2019.

What facilities are provided in the rooms at Varu by Atmosphere?

Free WiFi, a pool, and an on-site restaurant are among the more popular features.

The greatest luxury all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives offer gleaming beaches, beautiful villas, and gourmet dining, to name a few amenities. An all-inclusive resort makes things simple by providing a completely stress-free holiday where you don’t have to bother with money. You may spend your vacation on a private island, at an adults-only resort, or in an activity-packed resort with your family. The Maldives’ all-inclusive luxury hotels cater to all types of travelers, whether you’re a romantic couple on a tropical adventure or a family on vacation. This ranking of the top ten luxury all-inclusive resorts in the Maldives is ideal for even the most discerning guests.

To view the finest of the best, check out our list of the top 10 Maldives’ Best All-Inclusive Hotels.


  • Dhigali Maldives – A Premium All-Inclusive Resort
  • Hurawalhi Island Resort
  • Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives
  • Constance Moofushi Maldives
  • Meeru Island Resort & Spa
  • Adaaran Prestige Vadoo
  • Emerald Maldives Resorts & Spa
  • Lily Beach Resort and Spa
  • Oblu Select at Sangeli
  • Varu by Atmosphere.

Picture Credits: Pexels

1. Dhigali Maldives – A Premium All-Inclusive Resort:

Dhigali is one of the Maldives’ newest resorts (it opened in June 2017), and it is located in the remote Raa atoll. The private island can be reached in 45 minutes by seaplane from Male airport or in 20 minutes by short domestic flight to Ifuru/ Dharavandhoo Airport, followed by a 50-minute boat ride to the island. When you arrive in Malé, the resort personnel will greet you and assist you with luggage and check-in for a domestic flight to Dharavandhoo Island. During your speedboat ride, you will be provided with water, Wi-Fi, and a cold towel.

Dhigali provides a distinctive island experience in the extremely remote area of the Maldives, with innovative design and magnificent surroundings. Dhigali is a lovely island with a romantic ambiance, a lush interior, and a variety of lodging alternatives. The resort is located on a thin coral cay in the Raa Atoll and is a genuine Maldivian pleasure. This is a luxurious getaway with a twist, surrounded by coral and caressed by the sun. It is suited for both honeymooners and families, and it can provide a variety of activities for its visitors, such as water sports, night snorkeling, and island hopping.

2. Hurawalhi Island Resort:

The Hurawalhi Island Resort in the Maldives is unrivaled, remarkable, and completely unique. Hurawalhi Island Resort provides its own view of Paradise, with a new 5-star resort, the world’s largest underwater restaurant, tropical champagne pavilion, beautiful villas, an adults-only policy, and no other resorts in the area as far as the eye can see.

At the end of 2016, the so-called reinterpreted Maldives, a totally unique five-star tropical experience set amidst spectacular coral reefs at Lhaviyani Atoll, opened. The five-star Hurawalhi resort is a 40-minute scenic seaplane ride from the major airport and provides 90 villas for adults seeking elegance and innovation, including 60 Ocean Villas and 30 Beach Villas. The villas are designed in a trendy and appealing manner. Yuji Yamazaki, a New York-based Japanese architect, created a modern, minimalist take on the traditional Maldivian style. The sand-floored reception area is simply decorated with simple, stylish wicker chairs and an enormous mobile made up of flying fish; the jetty leading to the Aquarium restaurant is shaded by a canopy of solar panels (renewable energy currently meets 30% of the resort’s energy needs, a figure that is expected to rise over time); and undulation of lights above the bar resembles waves rolling on the sea. Despite their simplicity, design embellishments are elegant and well-balanced.

Pictures Credits: Pexels

3. Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives :

In the sparsely inhabited Lhaviyani Atoll, Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives is a luxurious all-inclusive resort with beautiful green palm trees and abundant tropical vegetation, as well as a vast natural coral reef surrounding it. It provides stand-alone Beach villas that stretch idyllically along a mesmerising two-kilometer blue lagoon, presenting huge living areas with complementing Maldivian furnishings, and a hassle-free five-star resort experience with the Platinum Plus All-inclusive holiday plan.

The beautiful Kanifushi Island is reached after a thrilling 35-minute seaplane flight from Malé’s International Airport.

4. Constance Moofushi Maldives:

Constance Moofushi mixes rustic simplicity with the finest levels of luxury and service in a magnificent island paradise surrounded by huge blue lagoons and tantalising white beaches. Constance Moofushi is located on South Ari atoll, one of the top diving spots in the world, with mesmerising marine life and a beautiful underwater world full of stunning hues. It opened in 2010 and has since been a hit in the Maldives. Constance Moofushi’s beautiful golden beaches, elegant villas, and superb gastronomy have earned her the moniker “wedding-honeymoon” in the Maldives.

5. Meeru Island Resort & Spa:

Meeru Island Resort is able to satisfy more customers each year than any other hotel. The Meeru Island Resort is one of the Maldives’ largest 4-star resorts, with 286 rooms and suites, including 106 water villas, and more overwater accommodations than any other resort in the Maldives. The island is usually bustling with visitors, and many of them return time and time again. The island appeals to people of all ages: families have their own area, and couples have their own, as seen by the two different swimming pools, two buffet restaurants, and two spas.

Picture Credits: Pexels

6. Adaaran Prestige Vadoo:

Adaaran Prestige Ocean Villas is an all-inclusive luxury resort located near Male Airport that provides some of the most cheap water villas. It was, and continues to be, one of the few resorts in the Maldives with an excellent surf beach, which is why this island is particularly popular with surfers, but diving, snorkelling, and other sports are also numerous, and the hotel encompasses a whole island of reasonable size. This strong 4-star facility is all-inclusive, and the water villas are ideal not just for honeymoons or romantic getaways, but also for active visitors. The resort contains 37 Ocean Villas near the island, which is home to 97 Beach Villas from Adaaran’s sister property.

7. Emerald Maldives Resorts & Spa:

Deluxe at Emerald Maldives Resort and Spa All Inclusive is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for those who want to relax and enjoy the magnificent white sands, tropical environment, and blue water of a Maldivian island in a sumptuous setting. The Raa Atoll’s all-inclusive 5-star Deluxe Resort launched in August of this year. Emerald Maldives is the ideal place to spend your Maldivian vacation, whether you’re seeking for excitement while discovering the underwater treasures or simply relaxing while enjoying the modern amenities, in-house dining options, and comfort of your villa. The Emerald delivers on all of its promises. Simply fantastic work, from the opulent villa to the delectable cuisine to the unsurpassed quality of the service.

8. Lily Beach Resort and Spa:

With Premium All Inclusive, Lily Beach Resort and Spa is now one of the country’s top resorts, thanks to a superb redesign and renovation of the property. Lily Beach, which reopened as a 5-star resort in 2009, is a lovely spot for a family vacation with All Inclusive, which covers food, beverages, and a variety of activities. The elegant and spacious rooms have open-air bathrooms with hydromassage tubs, outside terraces with direct access to the ocean or the beach, and additional amenities like as sunscreen and high-quality toiletries, as well as fully stocked minibars and wide flat-screen TVs. A kid’s buffet in the restaurant, a swimming pool, and a gaming club are among the resort’s family amenities. Land and water activities are available to active guests.

Picture Credits: Pexels

9. Oblu Select at Sangeli:

OBLU Select by Atmosphere at Sangeli Island is the newest ALL INCLUSIVE resort in the Maldives, offering the unique All Inclusive Serenity Plan. The hotel, which opened on July 1, 2018, provides a variety of stylish individual beach and water villas and suites, some with private pools. This exquisite tropical oasis is about 50 minutes away by speedboat from Velana International Airport (Male). OBLU Select at Sangeli aims to be a gorgeous island chic and a lovely addition to the Maldives’ resort segment, making it ideal for couples and families. The resort will be positioned as a luxury all-inclusive 4-star resort, with 137 villas divided into six categories, including beachfront and overwater villas.

10. Varu by Atmosphere:

The Premium All-Inclusive Resort VARU by Atmosphere is located on the northwestern border of the Malé Atoll. The Maldives’ native tradition and culture are reflected throughout the hotel’s estate, with characteristic Maldivian-style design features inspiring the property’s appearance and style. The ‘VARU Plan’ includes villa accommodations, all meals and beverages, unique dining experiences, in-villa services, excursions, spa treatments, and more. The word VARU is derived from the Dhivehi language and means “strong, resilience, and abundant life.” VARU by Atmosphere is a 45-minute speedboat ride from the main Velana International Airport and features 108 magnificent villas as well as four restaurants and bars. Check out the Maldives Vacation and enjoy your holidays.

The Holiday Inn Kandooma resort Maldives has completely taken out the critics single-handedly. The Maldives is the best destination for travellers who are looking for beaches, leisure time and a whole lot of privacy. Usually, rumour has it that the beaches in the South Atoll aren’t as great as the north. Holiday Inn gives you a luxurious stay with its private beaches, spa treatments and water activities. Doesn’t matter if you are actively looking for adventure in the water or probably taste the different types of cocktails or even let your kids have fun. This resort welcomes all sorts of travellers.

The resort is highly recommended for family travellers. Often there will be notifications about what’s happening on a daily basis, what’s actually trending for the day. Most importantly if you are looking for sunbathing this resort has amazing views with great beaches. Approach Maldives Vacation for the best-customised vacation



Holiday Inn Kandooma is located in the south Atoll approx 40-45km from the Velana Airport Maldives. You can reach the island via a shared speed boat which takes roughly 40-60 minutes to reach the island. Once you reach the shore you can see the staff of Holiday Inn waiting to welcome you for your most relaxed and luxurious vacation.

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Rooms in Holiday Inn resort Kandooma Maldives

The Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma has 160 rooms, suites and estates in various classes:

  1. Beach View Villas
  2. Sea View Beach House
  3. Beach Houses, Garden View Villas
  4. Family Beach Houses
  5. Island View Overwater Villa
  6. Overwater Villas.

    Get your best room in this 8 different room types available. It is extremely enchanting to walk shoeless on the coloured wood floor with a particular surface. Huge widely inclusive windows have the effect of the deficiency of dividers, working on the vibe of meeting with nature and the interminable blue ocean.

    The rooms are absolutely astounding, and even lift their spirits with their nautical plan, beginning right from the footstool. The daintiness of white is invigorated by blotches of splendid tones

    The Overwater Villa offers a definitive Maldives experience. Drifting above coral and marine life in the shallow clear waters, visitors will partake in their experience on the private sundeck. For much more extravagance, indulge yourself with Overwater villas. These manors come outfitted with similar sumptuous bed sizes. Room sizes fluctuate from 85 to liberal 170 square meter space.

Activities in the resort

For quite a while, Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma Maldives is known as a jumping island, a spot that couldn’t have cared less with regards to extravagance, yet invested a ton of energy plunging. The destinations that pulled in the primary jumpers then, at that point, are still near, thus numerous visitors come to the Holiday Inn basically for plunging. For fledglings, there is a decent house reef, and for some accomplished jumpers in overflow there are brilliant plunges, promising the absolute best and most prominent from the Indian Ocean. For youngsters 8 years or more established to encounter scuba making a plunge the safe, pool like states of the bound tidal pond region. Cocoa Corner, Kandooma Caves and Kandooma Caves are the most famous jump destinations.

Lately, Kandooma has likewise procured a standing as a surf spot. The surfing activities are quite famous in this island and it is a recommended one. But it comes with a lot of restrictions and guidelines so make sure you give that a read through.

The ocean side doesn’t have direct admittance to swimming and the ocean side is loaded with notice indications of solid flows, however, there is a free-swimming outing each day in just 5 minutes by boat. Excursions to other coral reefs are additionally on the week by week movement menu.
A couple of spots around the island were transformed into respectable sandy seashores, and this is sufficient, however all over the place, as in the tidal pond, you ought to be careful with fresh and at times sharp corals under your feet.

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Spa Treatments in Holiday Inn Resort kandooma Maldives

At last, Como Shambala Spa is a quality item and where you will track down unwinding and harmony for the brain and body. Medicines, back rubs, yoga and health will assist you with re-energizing your life energy. It is feasible to accomplish congruity with nature. It offers five wonderful rooms, just as two lavish spa manors. This is one more part of the hotel that is a ton to offer away from the ocean side.

Restaurants and Bars in Holiday Inn Resort kandooma Maldives

In Holiday Inn resort Kandooma Maldives the chefs know how you’d like your eggs to go with your global breakfast, complete with the determination of juices, ground espresso and teas. Come evening, the “Large Barnacle” changes from brilliant and windy to delicate and heartfelt, lit by the close sparkle of candles and floated by the chilled thumps of music.

The Kitchen is another perfectly exquisite eating experience with the best perspective on the island. The café offers cafes an eminent Modern Fusion menu out around the ocean with feet in the sand, in upholstered solace neglecting the Kandooma Channel. Only 15 speeds away are the wine room with a decision of 250 distinct old and new-world wines.

Partake shortly of the “city-by-the-ocean side” at Bokkuraa Coffee Club. Look over a day by day changing turn of new baked goods and custom made frozen yoghurts to go with shop espressos teas newly fermented to arrange. Take in the shocking vistas of pool, ocean and sky, or make up for lost time with the most recent buzz while you pause.

Valiantly is the retreat’s first ocean sidebar situated on the oceanfront neglecting the excellent tidal pond of the Indian Ocean. The Lounge request some espresso or tea settle back and pay attention to the jumping stories told by the jumpers who hangover here. Pool Bar is the spot to snatch steaks, pizzas, sandwiches. And your most loved poolside refreshments put forth a convincing defence for relaxing the day away in the sun.

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  1. What are the covid regulations for the Maldives?
    You need to get 2 negative RTPCR tests – one in India and one in the Maldives, both 24-72 hours prior to your departure
  2. Can we island hop from one resort to another
    Yes, it can be done. But several RTPCR tests must be taken for this.
  3. Are there direct flights from India to the Maldives?
    Yes! There are direct flights from Mumbai, Delhi, Kochin, Banglore and Hyderabad

    Few other points

    *Kids ages 12 and under stay for free when sharing their parents’ room.
    *Holiday Inn Resort Kandooma in South Malé Atoll, one of the best diving spots in the Maldives
    *Check-in from 14:00, Check-out before 12:00
    *All Children are welcome.