The barefoot eco hotel

Overview of the Barefoot Eco Hotel

The Barefoot Eco Hotel in the Maldives is a 4-star eco-hotel that has plenty of ecological environment around the island. The hotel is run by Swiss and Italian management that prioritize providing unique and customized services to the guests. The lush vegetation and privacy are the key factors that draw visitors to choose this beautiful hotel on the Maldivian island. The sunbeds with the umbrella will be a divine relaxing place to watch the tides hitting the shore.

The hotel primarily nurtures the eco-life around and organizes lectures conducted by biologists on the importance of sustainability and conservation. The local community people along with activists are involved in the conservation of this land’s natural resources. This care and importance towards nature preservation have been a stand-out asset for this property.

A domestic flight from Male airport will be the mode of transfer into the Hanimaadhoo island that has an airport too. A private car transfer from the airport will reach the Barefoot eco-hotel.

People who love to shop for clothing, personalized care products can visit the Barefoot boutique and purchase. They have an ample collection of clothes and two skilled tailors will help in stitching personalized fabrics according to the guest’s wish in a short time.


  • Beachfront rooms:
    These types of rooms are on the ground floor and have direct access to the beach. There can be only a max of 4 people who can be accommodated in an each. It is a fully air-conditioned room facility with temperature control provided. The rooms are large and have 538 sqft good spacious living space with innovative design aspects incorporated. The natural traditional stone looks for the bathrooms are unique in design with a shower attached. A minibar facility is available which is chargeable at the resort.
  • Oceanfront rooms:
    This room type is built at an altitude above the beach sand which is accessed by a staircase. This property will provide an immense view of the Indian ocean and the guests can experience the orangish painting over the skyline during sunset. They have double and twin bedrooms. In terms of the size, they are very similar to that of the beachfront properties. The amenities provided are similar to the beachfront rooms.
  • Family room:
    This room type is especially suitable for a family of max 6 members. Both beachfront and ocean view properties combine with a floor to facilitate a 1076 sqft family room. The verandas are one highlight in this room category.
  • Seaside rooms:
    There are a total of 12 seaside rooms which are facing opposite each other. The furnished wooden verandas with a classic and elegant design add a new dimensional look. A wide veranda outside leads to an inner sandy courtyard. Since the rooms are adjacent and opposite to each other, they are perfect for family or friends who travel as groups.

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Restaurants and bars:

The Barefoot Restaurant never disappoints the visitors in providing the best-in-class cuisine. The seafood is freshly served with the best of spices and flavors added. The Mediterranean cuisine cooked by the Italian chef is top-notch in taste and will make everyone ask for more. Various delicious local foods are added to the menu list where people can experience the taste of Maldivian cuisine.

The restaurant mainly focuses to give hands to the locals in procuring ingredients and in supporting them. The buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner are platted alongside the view of the lagoon. The candlelight dinner is arranged for the couples giving romantic and dreamy experiences.

The juice bar refreshes the visitors with fresh juices and mocktails, which are located next to the lagoon. The floating bar has a variety of beverages like wines, cocktails, and beers which is accompanied by the blissful view of the sunset.



The resort will amaze the guests with a unique and sensational experience beyond the imagination. Excursions sailing into the sea, snorkeling activity, and biology lectures are some of the highlights to which the guests can rejoice at the resort.

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  • Excursions:
    There are various excursion plans which the guests can tour. A boat is arranged by which the excursions to monitor the manta rays and dolphin watching is done. The nighttime excursion will help discover the lively reefs and marine life underwater. For romantic couples, the sunset cruise will be absolutely delightful to remember for the rest of their life. The resort has biodiversity conservation programs where people will be taught the importance of flora and fauna. The resort provides a fully equipped gym, windsurfing, stand-up paddles, board paddles, and exclusive sailing.
  • Snorkeling and Kayaking:
    A house reef is situated close by which can be accessed by swimming or kayaking. There is complimentary snorkeling which is offered by the resort for the visitors.
  • Diving:
    There is a diving center which is located nearby the restaurant and the main jetty. They will offer diving courses for all age groups. This diving center is operated between 8:30 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 18:30. The diving team consists of 2 to 3 instructors, a compressor boy, and 2 dhoni crew. All types of equipment like regulators, masks, fins, and safety suits are provided to the divers.
  • Spa facility and yoga:
    The ayurvedic and classic massages offered to the guest will help them have a relaxing time. All these treatments are done by expert therapists. Beauty treatments are personalized based on the skin types of the guests.
    Yoga being one of the ancient forms of health beneficiary exercise helps in shaping the body and mind. The yoga is performed under the supervision of the yoga master. This mental and physical exercise is complimentary for the visitors to teach the importance of ancient and deep discipline.

How to reach?

The barefoot eco-hotel would be reached in 45 minutes via domestic flight from the Male airport. After landing at the Hanimaadhoo airport, there is a private car transfer to the resort.

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Nearby resorts to the Barefoot Eco Hotel:

There are quite some resorts that are close to the Barefoot Eco Hotel on the Hanimaadhoo island. These resorts have good accommodation facilities and amenities.

  • Fanhaa Guest House
  • Sea Esta Lodge, Maldives
  • Tropical Lodge
  • Cerulean View Residence
  • Himeyn Beach Maldives

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