It is a tough spot when you have to choose between diamonds and pearls. Choosing between Maldives and Seychelles for your honeymoon is going to be a similar experience. It is the best win-win situation to be in. Maldives and Seychelles are an archipelago of smaller islands spread across the mighty Indian Ocean. Both island nations nestled amidst the ocean between East Africa and India have marvellous views and beaches. Despite being island countries located on the same ocean, the geographical, cultural and historical diversity is fascinating. Both countries are abundant in natural beauty and aquatic life. An ideal honeymoon destination is expected to provide stunning views, comfortable rooms and luxury to their guests. The resorts and hotels in both of these countries have made every conscious effort to make the best of their island features. Both the countries value and respect its abundant nature, sea, marine life and forests. Regardless of what destination you choose for your honeymoon, Seychelles as well as Maldives are sure to make an impact on your souls. These tropical paradises are all set to make your honeymoon unforgettable.


Maldives is where time slows down and you can finally catch a breath. Majority of the Maldives remains untouched and uninhabited. There are 1000s of islands out of which less than half of them are commercialized, open for tourists and locals. The capital, Male city is one of the best places to visit in Maldives for a honeymoon. The city is filled with romantic getaways like underwater restaurants, cute cafes, bistros, resorts and lovely beaches. One can’t get enough of the clear turquoise waters and white sand beaches in Maldives. The island nation soothes your soul as well as pumps your adrenaline with its adventurous water sports. There are tons of water sports in Maldives you can engage in throughout your trip. The clear blue skies and occasional visits from sea turtles, manta rays and other exotic fishes right at your water villa’s doorstep is something which one never gets tired of. There are several beautiful places in Maldives that are worth the visit and at the same time offer glimpses of the island’s culture & lifestyle.

Following are some of the best places in Maldives that your itinerary must include.

Glowing Beach

Make your one of a kind honeymoon special by visiting this one of a kind beach in Maldives. This is one of the places on Earth where nature has reached its apex. This beautiful phenomenon of bioluminescence is seen at Vaadhoo Island in Raa Atoll. The water sparkles in a soft blue glow at night, where stars meet the Earth. It is by far one of the most romantic places to visit in Maldives.

Explore Male

Every place’s capital is the hub for its culture, history and heritage. Male is no different than any capital. There are ample things to do in Male for everyone. Water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, dolphin submarine tours, museum visits, art galleries, souvenir shopping, fine dining etc. The local markets are the best places to interact with the locals and experience Maldivian culture closely.

Maafushi Island

The island’s majestic sandbars and longest coastline attracts a lot of honeymooners in Maldives. Are you on your honeymoon? Looking for a place to visit in Maldives? Maafushi Island is the most visited island in Maldives since it offers an array of activities like snorkelling where you can swim among the beautiful corals and turtles , scuba diving, dolphin spotting etc. It also happens to be one of the few public beaches in Maldives that allow tourists to wear bikinis and summer clothes.

Six Senses Laamu

One of the best resorts in Maldives with marvellous water villas and bungalows. Your trip to Maldives is incomplete without experiencing the epitome of luxury and comfort. There are exquisite over-water villas, restaurants, bars and lounges ensuring the honeymooners have a special and romantic stay at Six Senses Laamu. The resort has a unique approach towards green and sustainable tourism. The resort encourages their guests to go barefoot during their entire stay and feel the soft sand of the island get close to nature around them.

Underwater Restaurant and Stay

Create core memories at underwater restaurants and stay in Maldives. Sharing this one of a kind experience will surely get you and your spouse even closer. Ithaa, an underwater restaurant in Maldives is where you will have the best meal of your life. The restaurant has perfectly calibrated meals that are enjoyed with exquisite wines. The oceanic ambience of this underwater restaurant in Maldives is unparalleled. On the other hand, Maldives has taken its accommodation to the next level. From offering best water villas for honeymoon, Maldives is now presenting its underwater stay at The Muraka by Conrad resort.

Things to do in Maldives for couples :

  • Candle light dinner by the beach
  • Watch movies under the starry sky
  • Romantic long walks by the sea
  • Couples’ Massage
  • Water sports
  • Stay in Bubble Tents
  • Shopping

Getting there

Since Maldives is an island nation, one has to get there by air. Velana International Airport Male is well connected to important cities of the world. Almost all major airlines operate in Maldives all throughout the year.

Following your arrival, the commute to your desired hotel/resort is the most unusual ride you will experience in your life. The TMA (The Trans Maldivian Airways) provides unique seaplane transfers in Maldives which take you to your desired accommodation.

Often the resorts and hotels in Maldives are located on individual islands hence a seaplane transfer or a speedboat transfer makes it easier for the guests and at same time offers them picturesque aerial views of the Maldives.

The currency used in Maldives for transactions is mostly Maldivian Rufiyaa(MVR), US Dollars, British Pound and Euro. The malls, restaurants and guest houses even accept international credit cards. There are currency exchange counters at airport arrival halls so you can convert your currency as soon as you land in Maldives. The local markets and local vendors accept US Dollars although there is a high chance you might get your change back in Maldivian currency.


Nature’s one of the best calibrated wonders, Seychelles is the epitome of tenderness and beauty. The beautiful haven of Seychelles has gorgeous beaches, versatile geography and a dynamic history. The nation is an archipelago of 115 islands off the East coast of Africa with 3 main, large islands housing the majority of the nation’s population.The three main islands of Seychelles are Mahe, Praslin and La Digue in the inner island groups whereas the outer islands are subdivided into atolls and 5 distinct island groups. Due to Seychelles’ diverse history, their culture, architecture , religion and language is a beautiful byproduct of cultural assimilation. Majority of the country observes Catholicism as its prominent religion and locals speak English, French and Seychellois Creole. The lifestyle in Seychelles is tolerant, lively and easy. The residents of this island believe in innovation, integrity and aims to sustain social harmony. Seychelles is a best kept secret existing off the East Coast of Africa, a hidden slice of dream.

Following is the list of best places to visit in Seychelles : 

1.Victoria – One of the smallest in the world, Seychelles’ capital city Victoria is located on Mahe island. With colourful streets, French architecture, roadside restaurants and magnificent museums the city has a unique old time charm about it. Victoria is a commercial hub of Seychelles which is flooded with international tourists who visit bars, casinos, the marina, high end restaurants and lavish hotels. The city proudly showcases its heritage in its marvellous cathedrals, beautiful gardens and monuments. Don’t forget to chime in on upbeat parties and the vibrant nightlife of Seychelles.

2. Anse Source d’ Argent – The picture perfect ocean views, white sands line with grey granite boulders is what makes this one of the most photographed beaches in Seychelles. Located on La Digue island, this beach opens up at the end of a lush coconut plantation. This makes Anse Source d’Argent a hidden treasure at the end of the lush forest. One of the best places to visit in Seychelles during your honeymoon. There are certain entry fees to enter the beach and enjoy your tropical holiday.

3. Vallee de Mai – For the nature lover, adventurous couple out there, wandering off into the wild in the tropics is one of the best things to do in Seychelles. Vallee de Mai is a forest area in Seychelles which consists of multiple hiking trails, rare plant species and exotic birds. Explore the green tropics of Vallee de Mai and spot beautiful bird species like Seychelles bulbul, blue pigeon, Seychelles warbler and black parrot. Best place for honeymooners to go in Seychelles as a walk in the quiet, soothing forest can be rejuvenating and therapeutic.

4. Sir Selwyn Selwyn Clarke Market – A trip to the local market can tell you a lot about the person you are travelling with. This vibrant local street market is where the best of Seychelles’ fresh produce is sold. Stumble into this lively place during a morning stroll while you are staying in Victoria. There are great souvenir shops, spices, local cloths etc. plus for the honeymooners, a place for grocery shopping or shopping would be a great place to bond over. Definitely one of the best places in Seychelles for couples.

5. Six Senses Zil Pasyon – Six Senses Zil Pasyon is a dreamland, fairytale, a different dimension nestled in Seychelles. The resort is one of the best places to stay in Seychelles for couples and honeymoons. The otherworldly views of the sea at Six senses Zil Pasyon is surreal. The resort is located on a private island neighbouring Ramos National Park. There are lavish beachfront villas with private pools and comfortable beds awaiting your arrival. This ultra luxe resort is surrounded by massive trees, white sands and the lovely beach gives off living in the nature vibes.

Things to do in Seychelles for couples:

  • Exploring secluded beaches
  • Renting bikes and riding them by the beach
  • Hiking
  • Transparent Boat Kayaking
  • Watch Sunsets
  • Dolphin tours

Getting There :

Majorly known international airlines operate in Seychelles. There’s Air Seychelles serving international passengers all around the world. There are several direct flights from India, which take you at Seychelles International Airport, Mahe.

Once you land in Mahe, there are taxis, buses and private vehicles on rent to get around the island. If your desired hotel, resort or accommodation is on a different island, there are ferries that will get you around. A more expensive option would be a helicopter ride to your accommodation on a private island.

Seychelles’ currency is Seychelles Rupees (SCR) which is accepted for transactions with other international currencies like Dollars and Euros. It is advised to check places in Seychelles that accept these foreign currencies before you travel. The car rentals, hotels and restaurants majority of them accept Seychelles Rupees and International credit cards hence the best thing to do would be to carry loose cash (SCR) at all times.

Ironically, being island countries of the same ocean, Seychelles and Maldives are drastically different from each other in terms of tourism and history. Beachwear or bikinis are not allowed in Maldives except on a few beaches. This predominantly Muslim country has a modest code of conduct when it comes to clothes, pork, alcohol and meat and expects the tourists to adhere to them. On the other hand, Seychelles is open to different cultures due to its history, there are no such restrictions on the tourists. Maldives vacation for couples is largely laid back, soaking in the turquoise seas, engaging in adventure sports and living in a fantasy. If you are planning your honeymoon in Seychelles, there is an array of things to do apart from water sports. The tropical hills and green forests have nature trails enabling tourists to explore the serenity of Seychelles.

In conclusion, these archipelago countries are ethereal, beautiful and safe with warm welcoming locals awaiting your arrival.

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives is a peaceful aquatic paradise located on the island of Aarah in the pristine waters of Vaavu (Felidhoo) Atoll surrounded by a beautiful lagoon, an excellent house reef, and long stretches of white, sandy beach. The resort was officially opened on 1st October 2019.
This five-star deluxe resort features sleek Italian design elements, a hosting loft, suites, water bungalows, villas, and family accommodations. The Exclusively designed furniture from Germany, Italy, and the Far East gives the property a chic and exclusive ambiance. Guests can dine at the resort’s variety of gourmet restaurants serving an international platter in the most scenic setting.
Velifushi’s notable features are its predisposition to the enjoyment of the aquatic experience, its silences, accomplices of the great intimacy that characterizes it. With the proximity of the reef to the beach, there are many nearby snorkeling spots and a colorful reef which makes Velifushi a unique experience.

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives
Image source: Pexels

Stays at Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives :

Accommodations at Cinnamon Velifushi include 90 remarkably spacious rooms. The views from each and every chic room are complemented by the airy, open, Italian-styled interiors. Every loft, bungalows, and suite are accommodated with an in-villa safe, LED TV, to rest serenely on a king-size bed with extra bed facilities, air-conditioning, complimentary instant tea, and coffee making facilities to make their guests feel home away from home.

  • Superior Beach Loft
  • , Beach Bungalow
  • Water Bungalow
  • Sunset Water Bungalow with Jacuzzi
  • Water Suite with Pool.
    Guests are provided with above options to choose from.

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Amenities provided at all the rooms

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • King size bed
  • Pillow menu
  • Split air-conditioner
  • Ceiling fan
  • Sofa/armchair
  • TelephoneLED TV with satellite channel
  • Safe in room
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Tea and coffee making facility
  • Coffee machine
  • Minibar with charge
  • Room service with charge
  • Bathrobe/bath slippers
  • TowelsBidetIndoor shower
  • Hot and cold water
  • Desalinated water
  • Hairdryer
  • Sitting area on terrace
  • Sea view
  • Life jackets
  • Raincoats Fire protection system
Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives
Image source: Pexels

Dining at Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives :

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives has five different restaurants and bars, outstanding chefs, and a passion for the cuisine. Guests can dine at the resort’s gourmet restaurants serving an international platter in the most scenic setting surrounded by the beach.

The Velifushi ’s al fresco restaurant, Vah serves by the beautiful ocean along with an array of international cuisines. The cuisine provided here is very diverse and said the food is all cooked to perfection.
No matter what your interest is, the restaurant has got you covered, with Italian, Asian, Indian, Sri Lankan, and Maldivian cuisine. There is a cooking station as well. The super-friendly chefs would make pasta and rice dishes in the evening for their guests.

The Marlin is a seafood restaurant that opens for lunch and dinner only. The lunch menu is ultimately light snacks and pub grub served with a twist. For the dinner, it is a signature seafood menu. It highlights local and international flavors that are served to perfection. The service is said to be impeccable over there.

The Hama rhythmic bar is for those who are looking to party like there is no tomorrow. The bar has a great ambiance and serves fun cocktails which for sure will lift your spirit. This bar opens at 8 in the evening.

Iru, which means ‘sun’ in the native Maldivian language, is the classic beach bar. The resort serves its rich, signature gelato along with other drinks and snacks. There is a pool bar . Fen, is the name of the pool bar. It is to pour you an endless list of drinks. Here at the pool bar is where you can absolutely work up an appetite, snack on, and sip some fun cocktails.

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Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives
Image source: Pexels

Cleaning and safety measures taken by Cinnamon Velifushi :

1.Onsite COVID-19 testing (PCR) is available

2.Minimum age for COVID-19 test requirement: 2

3.Guests must provide health documentation

4. Guests must provide a negative COVID-19 test result

5. Vistors must provide a negative RTPCR test result.

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives
Image source: Unsplash

Activities :

The resort offers an array of unique experiences including a swimmable lagoon surrounding the island with an abundance of marine life for their guests to enjoy.  The resort accommodates a fully-equipped sports bar and a luxury wellness spa operated by the acclaimed Mandara Spas. If the guests would like to indulge in some sports, they can always go diving, Snorkelling, canoeing. For a cultural tour, the guests can always go island hopping or visit a local island.

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If guests would like to spend time just around the resort and relax, they could absolutely enjoy sandbank picnics, play beach volleyball, or stay indoors and play table tennis, or billiards. There is a well-equipped gym with a very helpful trainer.
There is a spa, Mandara Spa which is a perfect place to release tension and stress from the long journey. This promises a more relaxing vacation.
The therapists are all said to be very kind, caring which adds to a fantastic experience. There is a kids club at the resort, which includes games at the children’s play area. couples with younger children are encouraged to let them take part in this.
This makes the resort family-friendly as well. There are exciting water sport activities like snorkeling or scuba diving at the house reef. The resort highly recommend their one-of-a-kind ‘dive with sharks’ excursion. Resort accomedates, Sunset cruise on a local dhoni for their guests. Check out the Maldives Vacation to enjoy your holidays.


Beautifully nestled in the quiet Vaavu Atoll, Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives can be reached by 25-minute scenic seaplane transfer from Velana International Airport. Visitors can arrive at the resort through Speed boat transfers which take a 75-minute ride . According to the guest’s flight timings, the resort will arrange the transfers. The resort offers 24-hour speedboat transfers.

Cinnamon Velifushi Maldives
Image source: Unsplash

Resorts Nearby:

  1. Cocogiri resort
  2. Plumeria ocean views
  3. Plumeria Boutique
  4. Maldives sunset lodge and village.
Coral reef for snorkeling
Image Credits : Unsplash

Overview (House Reefs and Snorkeling ) :

There are around 2500 reefs in the Maldives, with over 900 of them being house reefs. In this article the top ten house reefs for snorkeling. This list of the top ten is based on   personal experiences of tourists visited over there.

Mirihi Island Resort (Snorkeling ) – 6 Km House Reef

In the Indian Ocean, its like a small emerald diamond. Only 36 villas are available at the property, 30 of which are water residences and the remaining 6 are beach properties. Seaplane travel to this lovely islands takes 30 minutes. Mirihi is the best property for snorkeling.

This is another massive house reef that stretches for 6 kilometres. On the eastern point of the reef is a 350-meter-long little island. The Aqua Residences are located on the shallow side of the reef, with a very short drop over. From whatever point on the island, the reef is only a short distance away. Going down from the primary jetty, checking the current direction, and following it is the best method for snorkelling in Mirihi.

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Coral reef for snorkeling
Image Credits : Unsplash

Reethi beach Resort – 3 Km House Reef

Reethi Beach Resort, with a length of 600 metres and a breadth of 200 metres, is a snorkeler’s paradise. The island was renovated in 2010 and now has more dining options and improved facilities. The Baa Atoll is home to this lovely island. A 35-minute seaplane voyage or a 20-minute scheduled flight to Dharavandhoo based on the short speedboat trip to Reethi Beach are the only ways to get there. The island is surrounded by beautiful white beaches, and the word itself means “good beach” in the native tongue. On the island, there are 120 rooms, 30 of which are on the ocean. There are five restaurants to choose from, and there are also five bars to choose from for drinks. A four-star resort, Reethi Beach is located on the island of Reethi.

The lagoon on the eastern part of Reethi Bay leads to the turquoise sea. House reef begins on the island’s south west tip and extends all the way to the villas and even beyond before turning east. The island is easy to reach because the house reef is only 30 to 100 metres away. It’s normally not too shallow, and you can swim over it to get to the drop-off. The method to the house reef at Reeth Beach is to just kick off from the beach and swim to it, as the arrival jetty would be on the lagoons side.

Coral reef for snorkeling
Image Credits : Unsplash

W Retreat and Spa Maldives – 2 Km House Reef

The W Maldives is known for its luxurious ambiance and provides 78 unique retreats designed around the Whatever/Whenever concept. Beach Oasis is the name given to the land’s 28 retreats. The remaining villas overlook the lagoon, one of which is called  WOW and has two bedrooms, making it ideal for families. In this fancy playground, there are a variety of gourmet food options as well as areas to relax. By seaplane, it takes twenty minutes to get through it. The oval-shaped island is 220 metres long and somewhat shorter in width.

W Maldives home reef is only 2 kilometres long, unlike some other top house reefs. The size of a group does not always determine its diversity and richness. Water villas pointing north are near to the drop-off point, while those facing the lagoon are further away. From all sides, the coral reef encompasses the tiny island. The reef is widely obtainable from a variety of beach locations; there have been some small parts of the reef, but there is always a deeper region nearby to swim across to reach that cliff off. The sea at the point of discharge villa jetty might be turbulent at times, so stick close towards the island and enjoy snorkeling.

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Coral reef for snorkeling
Image Credits : Unsplash

Kuramathi – 3.8 Km House Reef

Kuramathi has 357 accommodations and several tourist facilities and is 1.7 kilometres long. The island is small and long, with a beautiful sandbank that reaches for up to a kilometre at the western tip. Kuramathi is as a lovely paradise appropriate for both ordinary vacationers and luxury seekers. The northern section of the islands has a lagoon, while the southern side features a 3.8-kilometer-long house reef. The biodiversity in this massive reef is incredible. Stairs lead down to the ocean in the Water Villas.

Coral reef for snorkeling
Image Credits : Unsplash

Diamond Athuruga – 4.4 Km House Reef

Diamonds Athuruga Shore & Water Villas, located in the heart of Ari Atoll, has 46 Beach Villas and 25 Aqua Vacation homes. A breathtaking 25-minute seaplane ride from Velana International Airport is required to reach this four-star resort. This island is a semi-circular droplet with a small diameter. It is 180 metres long and 145 metres wide in the centre.

Given the slight area of the island, the home reef is huge, measuring 4.4 kilometres in length. Because the reef is modest and you wouldn’t want to splash over it, there are snorkeling canals to swim across. The arrival jetty, which stands directly on the drop-off, is the finest site to go snorkeling. You can travel down from this jetty using the snorkeling channel by following the tide to either side. Swimming back to the jetty may be difficult flow of current.

Coral reef for snorkeling
Image Credits : Unsplash

Vilamendhoo Maldives – 4.5 Km House Reef

Vilamendhoo, located in the South Ari Atoll, is a famous All Inclusive resort for divers. This is a long and thin island. And the length is around 900 metres. This four-star resort has 184 rooms, two main restaurants, and a number of other amenities, including a variety of on-site activities including tennis and valley ball. And also, on the island, there are some children’s facilities, but just a few adult-only establishments.

Coral reef for snorkeling
Image Credits : Unsplash

Bathala Island Resort – 1.6 Km House Reef

Bathala Island Resort is a tiny sandbar in North Ari Atoll that is approximately 230 metres long and 110 metres wide. This three-star resort has 46 luxury villas. And , it takes about 20 minutes by airplane or longer by speedboat to get to where. Hence , In this resort, everything is straightforward. The resort offers an All Inclusive plan, which is ideal for budget divers. Hence , year round, the island is very busy, with the majority of visitors being Germans and there is high demand for snorkeling.

Coral reef for snorkeling
Image Credits : Unsplash

Baros Maldives – 4 Km House Reef

This is a five-star resort with 75 villas in Male’ Atoll. The speedboat ride from the airport takes 20 minutes. And also , she island is little, with a size of only 230 metres. Baros has a fantastic reputation for tourist experience, according to our resort ratings.

The Baros house reef is massive, stretching over 4 kilometres in length. Except for the house reef, there are several solitary reefs near Baros. Hence , Baros is a coral reefs biodiversity hotspot. Additionally , the house reef is easily accessible out from island or the aquatic residences. A blue colored spot in the lagoon near to water villas on the western side of the island is the site to go if you ever want to observe marine mammals.

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Coral reef for snorkeling
Image Credits : Unsplash

Kandolhu Island – 1.3 Km House Reef

Kandolhu’s house reef is well-known among snorkelling enthusiasts. The island is round in shape, and the house reef follows suit. Residence reef is easily accessible; the best places to jump off are two of the jetties, and simply following the current will provide you with a decent dose of snorkelling. This is really a small island, but the reef is twice the area of the island. The lagoon’s water is very clear. There are little fish nearby if you descend the stairs of the water villa; this is a small place idea for non-swimmers.

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Coral reef for snorkeling
Image Credits : Unsplash

Overview of the Barefoot Eco Hotel

The Barefoot Eco Hotel in the Maldives is a 4-star eco-hotel that has plenty of ecological environment around the island. The hotel is run by Swiss and Italian management that prioritize providing unique and customized services to the guests. The lush vegetation and privacy are the key factors that draw visitors to choose this beautiful hotel on the Maldivian island. The sunbeds with the umbrella will be a divine relaxing place to watch the tides hitting the shore.

The hotel primarily nurtures the eco-life around and organizes lectures conducted by biologists on the importance of sustainability and conservation. The local community people along with activists are involved in the conservation of this land’s natural resources. This care and importance towards nature preservation have been a stand-out asset for this property.

A domestic flight from Male airport will be the mode of transfer into the Hanimaadhoo island that has an airport too. A private car transfer from the airport will reach the Barefoot eco-hotel.

People who love to shop for clothing, personalized care products can visit the Barefoot boutique and purchase. They have an ample collection of clothes and two skilled tailors will help in stitching personalized fabrics according to the guest’s wish in a short time.


  • Beachfront rooms:
    These types of rooms are on the ground floor and have direct access to the beach. There can be only a max of 4 people who can be accommodated in an each. It is a fully air-conditioned room facility with temperature control provided. The rooms are large and have 538 sqft good spacious living space with innovative design aspects incorporated. The natural traditional stone looks for the bathrooms are unique in design with a shower attached. A minibar facility is available which is chargeable at the resort.
  • Oceanfront rooms:
    This room type is built at an altitude above the beach sand which is accessed by a staircase. This property will provide an immense view of the Indian ocean and the guests can experience the orangish painting over the skyline during sunset. They have double and twin bedrooms. In terms of the size, they are very similar to that of the beachfront properties. The amenities provided are similar to the beachfront rooms.
  • Family room:
    This room type is especially suitable for a family of max 6 members. Both beachfront and ocean view properties combine with a floor to facilitate a 1076 sqft family room. The verandas are one highlight in this room category.
  • Seaside rooms:
    There are a total of 12 seaside rooms which are facing opposite each other. The furnished wooden verandas with a classic and elegant design add a new dimensional look. A wide veranda outside leads to an inner sandy courtyard. Since the rooms are adjacent and opposite to each other, they are perfect for family or friends who travel as groups.

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Restaurants and bars:

The Barefoot Restaurant never disappoints the visitors in providing the best-in-class cuisine. The seafood is freshly served with the best of spices and flavors added. The Mediterranean cuisine cooked by the Italian chef is top-notch in taste and will make everyone ask for more. Various delicious local foods are added to the menu list where people can experience the taste of Maldivian cuisine.

The restaurant mainly focuses to give hands to the locals in procuring ingredients and in supporting them. The buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner are platted alongside the view of the lagoon. The candlelight dinner is arranged for the couples giving romantic and dreamy experiences.

The juice bar refreshes the visitors with fresh juices and mocktails, which are located next to the lagoon. The floating bar has a variety of beverages like wines, cocktails, and beers which is accompanied by the blissful view of the sunset.



The resort will amaze the guests with a unique and sensational experience beyond the imagination. Excursions sailing into the sea, snorkeling activity, and biology lectures are some of the highlights to which the guests can rejoice at the resort.

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  • Excursions:
    There are various excursion plans which the guests can tour. A boat is arranged by which the excursions to monitor the manta rays and dolphin watching is done. The nighttime excursion will help discover the lively reefs and marine life underwater. For romantic couples, the sunset cruise will be absolutely delightful to remember for the rest of their life. The resort has biodiversity conservation programs where people will be taught the importance of flora and fauna. The resort provides a fully equipped gym, windsurfing, stand-up paddles, board paddles, and exclusive sailing.
  • Snorkeling and Kayaking:
    A house reef is situated close by which can be accessed by swimming or kayaking. There is complimentary snorkeling which is offered by the resort for the visitors.
  • Diving:
    There is a diving center which is located nearby the restaurant and the main jetty. They will offer diving courses for all age groups. This diving center is operated between 8:30 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 18:30. The diving team consists of 2 to 3 instructors, a compressor boy, and 2 dhoni crew. All types of equipment like regulators, masks, fins, and safety suits are provided to the divers.
  • Spa facility and yoga:
    The ayurvedic and classic massages offered to the guest will help them have a relaxing time. All these treatments are done by expert therapists. Beauty treatments are personalized based on the skin types of the guests.
    Yoga being one of the ancient forms of health beneficiary exercise helps in shaping the body and mind. The yoga is performed under the supervision of the yoga master. This mental and physical exercise is complimentary for the visitors to teach the importance of ancient and deep discipline.

How to reach?

The barefoot eco-hotel would be reached in 45 minutes via domestic flight from the Male airport. After landing at the Hanimaadhoo airport, there is a private car transfer to the resort.

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Nearby resorts to the Barefoot Eco Hotel:

There are quite some resorts that are close to the Barefoot Eco Hotel on the Hanimaadhoo island. These resorts have good accommodation facilities and amenities.

  • Fanhaa Guest House
  • Sea Esta Lodge, Maldives
  • Tropical Lodge
  • Cerulean View Residence
  • Himeyn Beach Maldives

About Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa

Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa is a garden island with the appeal and closeness of a Maldivian town; only a short way from the air terminal. Embrace a whole seaway of life at the Resort’s ‘Tropicsurf’ Surf School. Sail by dhoni to The Island Spa – the main spa in the Maldives on its private isle. Retreat to conventional land and ocean-based facilities mixed with fragrant lines of bougainvillaea, frangipani and hibiscus blossoms. As the sunset paints the unending sky, the Sunset Lounge exemplifies the Resort’s laid-back and friendly energy. From mind-blowing scuba diving, remote ocean fishing and swimming to praise winning feasting, this is a honeymooners’ raven and a family’s heaven. Add a hint of experience to your vacation by exploring the off-beat points of extraordinary atolls with Four Seasons Explorer. This smooth new sailboat leaves on three-, four-and seven-night travels consistently from the Resort.

Refined, hot and humidly spacious suites and bungalows have free Wi-Fi and LED screen TVs, alongside lounge rooms, open-air showers and porches. Some are set on braces over the ocean; others near the ocean. Redesigned facilities have plunge or infinity pools. Room service is accessible every minute of every day. Breakfast is free. Furthermore, other things are 2 bars and 4 upscale dining area, in addition to a spa, an exercise centre, and an outside pool with a swim-up bar. Exercises like yoga and windsurfing are additionally are also available. The awesome lounge bar with a dusk view mirrors the resort’s peaceful and agreeable climate, there are four eateries serving gourmet food and an inconceivable spa on a different island that finishes this ideal world for those looking for unwinding and an extraordinary escape close to Velana Int. Air terminal, Male.

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Room details and Amenities in Four Seasons Resort

All the structural bits of this beautiful Maldivian town were made by neighbourhood craftsmen, utilizing local materials and strategies given throughout decades. Maldives craftsmen made in Four Seasons Resort at Kuda Huraa 96 excellent structures with covered rooftops, oceanside homes and suites. Tropical-style lofts are equipped with present-day furniture and component five-star luxury in a natural style with white stone dividers and wooden bars. All rooms, villas and suites have single or twofold beds, comfortable cushions, hairdryer, lit mirrors, wifi, satellite TV, CD and DVD player, protected, iron and pressing board, tea and espresso, phone and minibar.

Room types:

  • Beach Pavilion with Pool
  • Sunrise Beach Bungalow with Pool
  • Sunset Beach Bungalow with Pool
  • Sunrise Water Bungalow
  • Sunset Water Bungalow
  • Sunrise Water Bungalow with Pool
  • Sunrise One-Bedroom Water Suite
  • Sunset One-Bedroom Water Suite
  • Sunset Family Beach Bungalow with Pool
  • Sunrise Two-Bedroom Water Suite
  • Sunset Two-Bedroom Water Suite
  • Two-Bedroom Royal Beach Villa
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  • Mini Bar
  • Flat screen TV and CD/DVD player
  • IDD Telephone
  • Tea/Coffee Maker
  • Hair dryer
  • Wireless internet access
  • Safe In Room
  • Iron and ironing board on request
  • Fax machine on request
  • Down pillows
  • Hypoallergenic pillows on request
  • Lighted make-up/shaving mirror
  • Twice-daily housekeeping service

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Food & Dining

Feast in the Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Kuda Huraa can be in five eateries and bars situated in a great regular setting. Eateries are situated in various pieces of the island, including a spot close to a huge infinity pool, the first main infinity pool in the Maldives, where the majority of the visitors like to eat.

Café Huraa

Café Huraa serves Western and Asian cooking under two outdoors structures neighbouring the pool. For breakfast, visitors can anticipate a broad meal plan of Asian and Continental delicacy, extraordinary natural fruits, newly prepared bread, and cakes. Dinner accepts Asian passage with a focus on local taste. The well known subject evenings offer tempting menu. The eatery has a wine basement that brags an exclusive choice the best handpicked wines.


The dazzling Baraabaru eatery which serves Indian food is designed with open-air, giving a lovely dining experience accumulated over the water. There is a luxury private eating structure for special events. The eatery’s inside is a rich blend of splendid colours and fabulous lighting. Adding to the feeling is a Tandoor Bar where one can see the culinary experts in real life. Open for dinner just, Baraabaru serves Indian specialities including various styles of kebabs, different sorts of bread, korma and make curries and genuine biryani. Furthermore, other dining areas are

Reef Club

Reef Club serves exemplary Italian cooking. The eatery is situated away from the buzz of the main café region, at the southern part of the island, with an incredible nightfall view. Eating is accessible outside on a wooden deck or under a covered rooftop structure. A few tables are arranged on the sand close to our adult-only pool. For lunch, the focus is on fish and natively made pasta, mixed greens and pizzas for a light and relaxed meal in the sun.

Kandu Grill

Situated near the main pool, Kandu Grill is available for dinner, serving grilled Maldivian Reef Fish, Indian Ocean Lobster, Sea Tuna just as prime steaks, mixed greens and side dishes from an open kitchen facility.

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Activities in Four Seasons Resort

Water Sports in four seasons resort maldives

  • Scuba Diving
  • Windsurfing
  • Catamaran Sailing
  • Parasailing
  • Canoeing
  • Water Skiing
  • Wake Boarding
  • Banana Riding
  • Aerobics
  • Excursion
  • Big Game Fishing

Land Activities in four seasons resort maldives

Back to the land, there are a lot more excitements. The resort has a cutting edge rec center, few running tracks, yoga classes, cooking sessions, ocean lectures, excursions, dolphins watching visits, late evening fishing, Male shopping trips and an exceptionally well-known fascination is the Four Seasons Explorer voyage, a private three-deck, 11-lodge sailboat that takes visitors island-bouncing, stargazing and making a dive Four Seasons style. Assuming that you love tennis, the inn’s court is on the following island, a moment by dhoni ride across the pond; experience in itself!

How to reach from Male Airport to Four Seasons Resort

The Resort is a 25-minute speedboat route from Malé International Airport. Visitors are welcomed by Four Seasons delegates and accompanied to the docked speedboat, which is the only best way to show up at the Resort. Check out our Maldives Vacation to have a great experience.

Nearby Resorts

  • Club Med Kani
  • Cinnamon Dhonveli
  • Adaaran Select Hudranfushi
  • kuda Villingili

You and Me by Cocoon is a rustic, classy, and romantic island coming with an intimate setting. It helps you take your time off from the everyday hustle and bustle to create quality experiences wherein you could relax and have all your time to yourself with your loved ones. Targeting only adults, this resort helps you create beautiful memories with your friends and family.

It is a brand new 5-star property situated on the Raa Atoll in the northern Maldives. It takes about 45 minutes from the Male International airport via a seaplane and about 20 minutes speedboat ride from Ifuru domestic airport.


1. Beach Suite with Pool

Located on the beach along the beachside, the beach suite pool provides a splendid view with a rustic feel. They come with beautiful bathrooms with private tubs and rain showers for the couples to enjoy. The spacious bedrooms come with a space of around 85 square meters along with a sofa, deck, and a private pool allowing you to witness the mesmerizing sunrise.

2. Manta Villa

Situated on the lagoons, these villas come with a sunrise view. They cover about 55 square meters and often come with polished wooden floors. With a 360 degree view of the lagoons, they provide a king-size bed, rain shower, and a seaside deck. The resort provides a huge number of Manta villas which are over 40.

3. Dolphin Villa

Coming with rustic and peasant views, the dolphin villas are located on the lagoons and offer sunset views. For anyone who is crazy about sunsets then Dolphin villas are the best ones to choose from. They provide a king-sized bed, cozy sofas, rain shower, and seaside decks. 

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4. Dolphin Villa with Pool

Very similar to the Dolphin villas but they are much more spacious covering about 65 square meters, these Dolphin Villas come with a private infinity pool overlooking the ocean. They come with polished wooden floors, a king-sized bed, a rain shower deck, calm and comfortable sofas and a seaside deck with lagoon access.

5. Aqua Suite

The Aqua Suites of You and Me by Cocoon are located on the lagoons and come with a sunrise view. They are spread across 65 square meters and they enjoy polished wooden floors, spacious bathrooms with rain showers, and a private bathtub for couples to relax. The king-sized bed overlooks the oceans with an outdoor deck where couples could go and sunbathe surrounded by the amazing lagoons.

6. Aqua Suite with Pool

These villas are the biggest in terms of area and provide awe-inspiring sunset views with a large and private infinity pool. They come with lagoon access which makes it easier for you to jump and swim into the ocean anytime. They provide polished wooden floors, comfortable sofas, and a spacious bathroom with rain showers and a private bathtub.

You and me by Cocoon
Image source : Pexels


1. Green Carpet

Do you plan on having healthy and delicious meals at the same time?

You and Me by Cocoon’s, Green Carpet offers you the luxury of having your meals around the pool with an urban-chic touch.

2. The Sand

Being the main restaurant, The Sand is open for breakfast and dinners. The restaurant serves freshly cooked meals catering to various international cuisines with a personal touch. It comes with a classy rustic finish with lots of varieties of wine and other beverages.

3. Rising Sun

Rising Sun is a Japanese Fine Dining restaurant. It provides a mouth-watering experience by serving various Japanese delights with a unique experience of Teppanyaki – otherwise known as Hibachi, which is a style of Japanese cuisine that uses an iron griddle to cook food.

4. Italians do it better…la pasta

Italians do it better…la pasta is a communal beachside restaurant. Surrounded by the beach shore, the restaurant serves the finest of Italian dishes for lunch and dinner.

5. Cheers Bar

Located very close to the main pool area, the Cheers Bar is fully furnished with cozy and comfortable sofas and chairs. They serve a wide variety of wine and cocktails and other beverages with events and entertainments happening every night.

6. H2O

One of a kind, H2O is one of the best underwater restaurants in the whole of Maldives. It is fully submerged under the water and provides a 360-degree view of the marine life in the surroundings while you get to enjoy your luscious meals.


You & Me by Cocoon provides a wide variety of amenities for you to explore.

1. Water Sports

You & Me by Cocoon offers a huge variety of water sports activities. From jet skis to snorkeling equipment, they provide a wide range of equipment and activities for you to enjoy.

2. Excursions and Entertainment

Apart from the water activities, they provide a whole lot of other activities to keep you engaged. They organize fishing trips, sunset cruises, local island tours, dolphin cruises, and snorkeling trips. They also keep organizing events and other entertainment activities with Live music and DJ on a regular basis.

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3. Photography

Capturing your best and favorite moments has always been something we have been keen on and have taken care of. While you focus on creating new memories, we focus on capturing them with a professional photoshoot.

4. Other amenities

The Maldives being known for its private and intimate destination weddings, the resort also allows an option for weddings. Wherein you can celebrate with your friends and family in a close and intimate setting across the cool breeze and waves of the Indian ocean. Look out Maldives Vacation to enjoy your holidays.

Image source : Unsplash

You & Me by Cocoon offers vibrant and amazing experiences for you to savor upon. Just rest back on your beach and enjoy your stay at this wonderfully vibrant resort.

Located in the Indian subcontinent, Maldives lies in the southwest of Sri Lanka and India. Being an archipelagic country, it consists of various major and minor islands stretched from the Atoll in the north to the Addu Atoll in the South and one such resort is Gangehi Island Resort.

Stepping into the tropical paradise encompassed by the hypnotizing views of the clean beaches and clear waters and reefs, Gangehi Island Resort is located in the North Ari Atoll in the Maldives. Being located quite far from the Male airport, the guests reach the resort via the only mode of transfer which is the seaplane. It goes on both air and water and takes around 25-30 minutes to reach the resort ensuring mesmerizing views of the islands and their marine waters.

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Maldives Gangehi Island
Image source : Pixabay

Villas at Gangehi:

Gangehi offers a wide variety of super comfortable and magnificent villas. All of the room categories provide a sense of calm, serene, comfort, and luxury. The various villa types available in Gangehi are Club room, Garden Villa, Beach Villa, Overwater Villa and Overwater Villa Deluxe.

1. Club Room

 At Gangehi Island resort, this is the basic type of room category available in Gangehi. They are usually decorated with teak wood and stand at a position which provides great vibes and views of the garden. The various amenities available are a private bathroom, a hairdryer and free wifi. Most of the rooms also come with a minibar which might be charged based on the meal plan which was availed. It covers around 34 square meters and can accommodate 2 adults.

2. Garden Villa

Covered by tropical gardens, Garden Villa would be the best one to choose in case you enjoy being by the greens. All the rooms are furnished with teak wood and a private stone bathroom and these rooms also come with hairdryers and a mini-bar. Covering around 64 square meters, they come with a private patio and can accommodate 4 adults where they could have their time off and relax.

3. Beach Villa

Beach Villas come with easy and private access to the beach. This is for the travellers to enjoy the crashing waves to the shore all by themselves. Covered by the oceans and with direct access to the beach one can have a good time sipping their drinks and using the other amenities like the minibar and the private room.

4. Overwater Villa

The overwater villas come with astounding views as they are located on the waters. If waking up to the views of the water is something you would want to experience, then the water villas are the right choice for you. Moreover, these rooms are fully furnished with teak wood and come with a sunset-facing view of the lagoons as well. With around 76 square meters, these rooms can comfortably accommodate up to 3 adults. The villas provide Kettle with tea and espresso selection. They come with rooms with a veranda on the waters and provide free wifi along with a minibar.

5. Overwater Villa Deluxe

These villas are more than just rooms. They are like an entire house that is built on the ocean giving you a chance to witness the beauty of the Indian ocean. Covering about 100 square meters, they come fully furnished with precious woods. They also provide the perfect experience of sunbathing on the large wooden verandas. It also comes with a Flat-screen TV with a satellite TV.  Coming with around 102 square meters and can accommodate up to 4 adults. These villas are more of rejuvenation of the mind, body, and soul.

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Maldives water villas
Image source: Pexels


Veli Restaurant

Veli is the main restaurant with an authentic Maldivian style over the beach and the ocean. It offers various multi-cuisines like Italian, Oriental, Continental and other International cuisines. They also offer romantic dinners on request.

Thari Restaurant

It is a fancy restaurant with an open kitchen, it also open for lunch. This restaurant also provides options for a la carte menus along with cocktails which are served.

Kandu Bar

This is the bar located right next to the Veli Restaurant. Particularly, this bar offers a various and wide variety of cocktails, wines, beers, and all other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages throughout the day.


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The resort offers various services and activities to keep the people engaged on an everyday basis. They offer various wellness and spa services.

Spa Treatment

They offer various Italian spa services. These services range from a 30-minute massage to an hour’s massage as well. Combined with the spa services, they offer massages, various body treatments, and other facial and beauty treatments.

Diving Centre

The resort offers a wide range of water activities. These include snorkelling, kayaking, and diving. They also offer various diving courses, like the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced courses, otherwise called the Baby driver, Scuba driver, and the Master Driver course respectively. All of these courses come with minimum eligibility of 10 years with various water sessions and over-water dives. There are many courses that we can choose on the menu.

Laundry Services

The resort provides good laundry clothes so you can wear unwrinkled clothes and have pretty pictures clicked.

Room Services

The hotel staff are super-friendly and are always available for any assistance or help required. They can be approached to at any time of the day for any issues without having to think twice.

Image credits: Pexels


Apart from the services provided, the various amenities provided to all guests include- a mini-bar, hairdryer, private washroom, bathrobe, bathroom slippers, and comfortable lounge chairs. Look out Maldives Vacation to enjoy your holidays.

Hard rock hotel Maldives an Over-view :

Are you on the lookout for a tropical stay in the Maldives? Hard Rock Hotel Maldives is exactly what you are looking for. It is in Emboodhoo lagoon, minutes away from The Marina @ Crossroads. Hard rock hotel is a world-class accommodation with tropical architecture.

The influence is from local Maldivian culture and infuses contemporary designs throughout the property. As the name suggests, the resort has a legendary rock and roll vibe infused with music and a memorabilia-bedecked experience for its visitors.

Hard Rock Hotel Maldives has 178 spacious guestrooms including family suites, beach villas, and one and two-bedroom overwater villas, exclusively located right on a beautiful island, inviting blue waters. Hard rock hotel provides memorable hospitality which made it famous and one of the best. It is suitable for families, couples, and groups of friends. the resort offers direct access to Maldive’s first entertainment island. The island is famous for its world-class offerings like entertainment, retail fine dining, and outdoor activities. This makes the resort accessible to all age groups.

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Hard rock hotel
Picture source: Pixabay


Hard Rock Hotel Maldives is located in untouched environs of the scenic South Male atoll. South Male Atoll (South Kaafu) is a group of islands in the Maldives. It lies just south of the North Male Atoll. South Male region has everything you can possibly expect from a memorable holiday. The days spent here revolve around awesome water sports, snorkeling, and swimming.
The distance from Velana International Airport (VIA) to the resort is approximately 15 minutes by speedboat. The Hard Rock Hotel Maldives is located 450 meters from The Marina @ CROSSROADS.
The Crossroads Island has different retail and Food & Beverage outlets. It has one cultural center that showcases the beauty of the Maldives. There is a marine life center where exciting knowledge about coral preservation and habitation is provided.

Room categories :

There are 178 guest rooms at Hard rock hotel. The resort makes sure that everyone gets to experience their exotic hospitality irrespective of their budget. The room categories provided here are for couples and for families with children.

Lowest and most affordable rooms:

  • Standard rooms known as Silver Sky Studios
  • Beach rooms known as Silver Beach Studios
  • Family suites known as called Silver Family Suites

    The Villas:
  •  Beach villas
  • OverWater Villas.
  • Gold Beach Villas
  • Overwater villas with pool
  • Rock Royalty Overwater Pool Villa 
Hard rock hotel
Pic credits: Unsplash

Room features :

All of the rooms feature:

  • Simmons “Cool Max” bed with 300 thread-count linens
  • 49” LCD TV with IPTV
  • Sound bar with Bluetooth connectivity
  • Signature pillow menu (upon request)
  • Fully-stocked, premium mini-bar
  • Complimentary tea and coffee
  • Electronic safe
  • Iron and ironing board (upon request)
  • Signature bathroom amenities
  • Outdoor deck / balcony with sun beds
  • Signature Hard Rock amenities (upon request)
  • Signature Sound of Your Stay program
  • Rock Om in room yoga program

Additional facilities available for families:

  • Wide range of amenities for babies, toddlers and teens
  • Sofa bed


The hotel provides its guests with exclusive brand offerings and amenities. It includes The Sound of Your Stay® music program, offering complimentary use of Fender guitars and Crosley record players for in-room jam sessions. There is Rock Spa, and a Rock Shop selling all brand merchandise. Have the kids occupied as well with Roxity Kids Club® and Teen Spirit Club.

Treat yourself to an Exclusive Maldivian Spa with a Thai twist. Get the Maldives spa treatment in the four treatment rooms at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives. From the Hard Rock Signature Rhythm and Motion treatments to massages, body scrubs, wraps, facials, and special children’s treatments. There’s something on the menu for everybody.

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Hard rock hotel
Pic credits: Unsplash

There are always exciting water sports activities to try out in the Maldives. Hard rock hotel has a range of scuba-diving programs at the PADI Dive Centre at the marina. Have yourself busy with various daily and weekly excursions provided by the resort.

The CROSSROADS which is a few minutes away from the resort has exciting attractions and activities including,

– Maldives Discovery Centre: a unique natural and cultural attraction
– Marine Discovery Centre: featuring underwater activities like scuba diving and snorkeling
– CROSSROADS Event Hall: 463 SQM multi-purpose venue
– The Koimala & Maalimi’s Junior Beach Club and Camp

Hard rock hotel
Picture source : Pixabay

Restaurants and Spa:

Hard rock hotel has a variety of great restaurants. Visitors can treat their taste buds to delectable on-site food and beverage options. It ranges from a Pool Bar and all-day dining to a Beach Grill restaurant and in-villa dine experience. The food here is a one-of-a-kind experience. From international flavors at Sessions to American classics at signature Hard Rock Cafe, everything is available at one place at Hard rock hotel Maldives.
Just steps from the hotel, guests can absolutely enjoy authentic American cuisine amidst the ultimate rock and roll atmosphere at Hard Rock Café Maldives.
The Sessions is a hidden gem where you can discover the ingredient-driven menu. The dishes are from contemporary and around-the-world flavors. From a-la-carte menus to daily specials, this laid-back restaurant is truly the Maldives dining like you’ve never imagined. 
For a party,
The Pool Bar is a true rock-star fashion and the perfect spot to relax and hang out at Hard Rock Hotel Maldives. It is a convenient pool by day and lounge by night. This relaxed ambiance by the day changes upside down as the sun goes down and a DJ begins to spin.
The Elephant and The Butterfly, where you get to experience a Mexican-themed oceanfront ambiance.

Hard Rock Hotel is a luxury resort by the beach with a great Vibe and enthusiastic energy. It’s great for couples, groups of friends and for families. People working here are wonderful, extremely friendly and helpful. The resort offers speedboat transfers from the airport. This is solely based on your flight timings. Throw your gear into the speedboat and set sail for Emboodhoo Lagoon. In a few minutes, you will arrive at this exotic five-star resort, The hard rock hotel Maldives. Look out Maldives Vacation to enjoy your holidays.

Traveling for the sake of experience is one of the most satisfying feelings, and when it comes to experiencing the best of the Maldives, picking the best resort should be a must. Raffles is one such resort where you can get a true taste of the Maldives. The resort offers two islands – one is a private island with pristine sands, a turquoise lagoon, and lush flora, and another one is an overwater enclave facing east and west to catch magnificent sunrises and sunsets. Each region has its own house reef with rich marine life, as well as the luxury and world-renowned services that Raffles resorts are known for. It’s the ideal getaway to nature, where you can enjoy an unequaled level of luxury. Drums and champagne are used to greet you in a classic manner. This resort is ideal for both couples and families. Raffles is the place to go if you want to experience laid-back luxury at its finest, with 24-hour butler service, lavish facilities, and a tranquil over-water spa. Since it is so near to the equator, the natural environment is at its best, with dazzling seas and smooth, white beaches. The spectacular environment lends itself to fantastic diving and snorkeling opportunities, with abundant marine life and the entire ocean to explore. Let’s take a closer look at this resort and understand more about it in this article. Guests choose Raffles not only for the compelling blend of culture, beauty, and gentility that surrounds them but also for the remarkable way they feel while they are in residence at Raffles.

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Maldives beach
Picture Courtesy: Pexels

Room Categories

Those who dream of a life spent on the water will find 21 large beach villas with 220-260 square meters and 16 overwater villas and residences with unparalleled luxury at this resort. It’s time to unwind and consider the many accommodation options available at Raffles.

  • Beach villa with pool – The romantic beachfront gateway ! The beach villa has stunning views of the beach and the ocean. The villa’s décor is inspired by the sea and is designed to relax the senses. It offers a private garden and pool, as well as a large verandah that opens right onto the beach. It features daybeds both inside and outside for ultimate relaxation. Soak in the unique ambience of this unique location and bask in the serene sensations. Take a step outside with your special someone and enjoy the cool wind.
  • Overwater villa with pool – The magical escape ! Enjoy your vacation in an overwater villa with the sun shining and the lagoon’s peaceful, pure water. The villa is breathtakingly lovely on the inside and out. It’s also rather large and has direct access to the infinity pool. Soak up the rays and take a plunge in the pool with your special someone; it’s a wonderful sensation, isn’t it?
  • Sunset overwater villa with pool – a haven for dreamers.
  • Deluxe beach villa with pool – A private beach retreat.
  • Beach residence with pool – The most luxurious island hideaway.
  • Overwater residence with pool – The panaromic shelter
  • Sunset Overwater residence with pool – the blissful utopia.
  • Raffles Royal Residence – This is the ultimate island experience.

Inside the villas, there’s a vast yet unobtrusive elegance, with 14-foot beds as broad as a vehicle and muslin-draped four-posters beneath towering vaulted ceilings. With a plunge-pool-sized marble bath, a dressing room stocked with (properly sized) snorkeling gear and flip-flops, one-touch “romantic” lighting, and scent-burners, the bathroom is exquisite.

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Maldives rooms
Picture Courtesy: Pexels

Food and Dining

Raffles Maldives Meradhoo, located in the center of the Indian Ocean, offers three dining venues and two mixology retreats. Thari on the main island beach, Yuzu on the overwater, and The Firepit, a huge barbecue-style eating area on a “secret” beach, all provide delectable yet affordable cuisine. Each offers a diverse variety of scrumptious foods, which are elegantly depicted on leather-bound iPad menus.

The Long Bar, an island that takes on the iconic Raffles Singapore Long Bar, is where the guests may enjoy a Maldives Sling, Beluga caviar, and limitless views of the blue, all while quickly realizing that the search for paradise is over. Thari, which means “star” in the native Dhivehi language, is a laid-back all-day beach restaurant that provides an eclectic menu influenced by Sri Lankan, Southeast Asian, Mediterranean, and other cuisines. Long Bar and Yapa Sunset Bar both feature famous drinks and mocktails to quench your thirst. Check out the Maldives Vacation to have a wonderful experience.

Activities and Facilities

  • Spa- Pamper yourself and melt away your tension at the Raffles Spa, which offers wonderful massages and therapies to help your body and mind rebalance. Guests may indulge in massages or yoga in a luxurious overwater spa.
  • Recreation and Sports – Not to forget the thrilling aqua adventures such as scuba diving, big game fishing, banana boat rides, underwater strolling, and so much more, the location also offers interior events, exhibits, and other activities.
  • Snorkeling – Local hawksbill turtles and “vegetarian” sharks can be seen on snorkelling expeditions with your marine butler.
  • Scuba Diving – Discover the amazing coral reefs. Immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters and let go of your worries.

Exhilarating water sports activities such as catamaran sailing, wakeboarding, water skiing, fishing, sunset cruises, and jet-ski rides, among others, may help you rejuvenate your energies.

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Maldives watersports
Picture Courtesy: Unsplash

How to reach Raffles ?

The resort is located at the southernmost point of the Maldives. The Raffles Maldives Meradhoo is conveniently located near the airport. In fact, for added peace of mind, you may reserve your airport transfer ahead of time. Fly to Malé International Airport to reach our tropical paradise. You may then take a 55-minute domestic flight to Kaadedhdhoo Airport, from whence you will be transported to the resort by a 10-minute speedboat ride.

Maldives seaplane
Picture Courtesy: Unsplash

The Raffles at Meradhoo Island, Maldives, will ensure that your time is valuable and that you do not want to leave. Make some excellent memories with your loved ones while enjoying the services and comfort at this uniquely lovely resort.

Looking for a beautiful Seaside vacation with turquoise blue waters and colourful coral reefs? Want to experience the wonders of the underwater world? The Maldives is the land you have to be in. Comprising of 1200 plus islands spread across a small area, the Republic of Maldives is located in the Indian ocean. From city hotels to exclusively single luxury resorts on a private island, Maldives beckons you with open arms to bask in her glory. Hurawalhi Island Resort is one such resort you ought to experience. Imagine dolphins frolicking around you in the crystal blue waters as you laze around the pool bar pampered with a glass of wine. Designed aesthetically this adults-only property is a haven for honeymooners. Read through to find out what this property has to offer….

Hurawalhi island resort
Pic credits: Unsplash

Room categories:

Laze around with your loved ones in the contemporarily designed villas that Hurawali Island Resort has to offer. Over 90 private villas spread across 5 different room categories, get set to enjoy an experience of a lifetime. Wondering whether to stay in a Beachfront villa or an overwater villa? Fret not, Hurawali has both of these. You can split your stay between the two for the best vacation. Here’s a look at the room categories:

  • Ocean pool villa
  • Ocean villa
  • Romantic ocean villa
  • Beach pool villa
  • Beach sunset pool villa

Equipped with pools, sundecks, bathrooms with rain showers the rooms are elegant with state of the art facilities. Large and spacious rooms make the stay much more comfortable. Spend the romantic evenings watching the sunset from your villa. Looking to make it more romantic? Get yourself a glass of red wine as you watch the beauty of the sky.

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Maldives resort
Pic credits : Unsplash

Wine and Dine:

Canneli restaurant:

A modern restaurant on the seashore with great views, Canneli is the main restaurant. It serves a wide variety of scrumptious breakfast, lunch and dinner. A’la carte is an option here as well. Don’t forget to go there early to catch a place on the deck. Enjoy your dinner while the evening sets in and the sea calms down.

Kashibo restaurant and bar:

Looking to taste authentic Asian, Chinese, Thai and Japanese cuisine? Kashibo is where you indulge in tantalising delicacies from across the world brought to your table by expert chefs. Combine the cuisines with the finest wines from the cellar and their unique Asian inspired cocktails pulled off by mixologists to make your evening a more romantic one.

Champagne pavilion:

Celebrate love and togetherness here at the Champagne pavilion, a one of a kind bar with a seating pavilion bringing to you the best evening views. Sunsets in the Maldives is something that is worth experiencing. A picturesque sunset and a glass of champagne in hand top it all. Would any couple want to miss this experience? Enjoy this when at Hurawalhi Island Resort.

Coco Bar:

A poolside bar to quench your thirst after a swim in the pool. With a drink in hand soak yourselves in the lap of nature with beach views. Hurawalhi makes sure every drink you have here is ought to be remembered. Relax in the sundeck on the pool and slumber. Wondering if only drinks are available? Definitely not, you can enjoy a wide variety of snacks at the Junk Food Kitchen. Quirky name right? The food you get here is delicious as well.

Hurawalhi island resort
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5.8 Undersea restaurant:

Here’s the icing on the cake 🙂 A romantic dinner date with our underwater friends is something to die for. One of the very few resorts with an underwater restaurant, Hurawalhi Island Resort offers it’s guests the best possible experience of Maldives. The colourful corals and the blue ambience set the theme right. Get dressed up in red and walk with your queen in the hallway to enter into this beautiful world. A magical dinner experience is awaiting you at Hurawlhi Island resort

Activities and Experiences:

Rejuvenate yourselves in the spa and wellness centres with world-class facilities. Fitness freaks can hit the gym to energise themselves. Sports enthusiasts have their quote of importance as well. Indulge in a game of football or tennis or TT!!! Luxury yacht or sailing experiences are something one can try their hand at when at Hurawalhi Island Resort. Hire photographers to capture your memories beautifully. Get set to enjoy your first dive here. Best in market trainers are there to make your dive an everlasting one. Snorkel in the knee-deep waters!!! Watch the dolphins and stingrays play around you while you encounter the underwater world along with them!!

All-inclusive inclusions:

Hurawalhi island resort offers an All inclusive meal plan that covers all your expenses!! Dine in at the Canneli restaurant all day and dig deep into the flavourful dishes. Step into any restaurant or bar across the island and you get drinks and snacks free of cost ( Yayyy!!!) Hop on to a boat and watch the dolphins play by as the sunsets….Snorkelling and wind surfing lessons awaits you…Makes it easier to snorkel anytime alone ( That’s adventurous right :p) Early risers can make their way to group yoga sessions, starting your day soulfully.

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Hurawalhi island resort
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How to reach there?

A 40-minute seaplane ride from the Velena international airport lands you at this luxurious yet fascinating property. Take off from the country to land at this Island destination… Hurawalhi Island resort awaits you. Located in the Lhaviyani Atoll this place is a heaven!!!. Check out our Maldives Vacation to have a great experience.

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