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Alimatha aquatic resort, a Maldivian resort present in the Vaavu atoll island is one of the most luxurious escapes in the country of Maldives. The Maldives is purely a romantic getaway and the country’s economy is based on tourism and leisure staycations. The Maldives is more of a group of islands and the resorts are situated on these islands. Some of the islands are public islands and some of them are owned by hotel groups and are stated as private islands. Alimatha aquatic resort is on a private island as well. Alimatha resort exceeds the limitations in its amenities and the basic ones are Laundry, Room service, Wifi, Spa, Dining, Fitness studio etc. 
The resort has private villas and has different room types such as Garden villas, Beach Bungalows and Overwater villas. These rooms are filled with a luxury experience and unlike most of the resorts in the Maldives, their villas are private and do not have any interlinks between them. The resort allows both single stays and split stays as well. The coral reefs near Alimatha Aquatic resort are absolutely breathtaking and the scuba diving activity in the resort is a must-try and a recommendation from their side.

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Room Types:

The three types of villas present in Alimatha aquatic resort are listed below:

  • Garden Villa
  • Beach Bungalow
  • Overwater Villa

Garden Villa:

These Villas are located near to the main lobby but a bit farther from the beaches but have a great scenic view of gardens. These villas are equipped with a King size bed and are situated in the inner courtyards of the island. These villas measure about 37m2  and 44m2 approximately.

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Beach Bungalow:

Beach Villas are right in front of the ocean, on top of thin white sands of Alimatha beaches and has a great view of the ocean and sunset view from the beach will is absolute bliss. These villas can accommodate up to four guests and the villa space measures 45m2 approximately.

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Overwater Villa:

Overwater Villas are constructed on top of the ocean and give the person a unique kind of experience. These villas are equipped with king-size beds as well. Overwater villas can accommodate up to three people and the villa space measure 40m2 and an outside deck as well.

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Restaurant and Dining:

Restaurant and Dining is an exclusive experience in Alimatha resort. All the chefs in this resort are well experienced in the field of gourmet and luxury dining. The restaurants in this resort are functional from Morning 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. The resort is famous for its seafood cuisine which is a must-try in the whole of Maldives. The resort offers a dining experience in the rooms for their guests at an extra cost.
The bar has a different experience especially the sunset bar and the beach bar a must-visit where the bartenders show their expertise with their signature crafted cocktails. People can sip on their cocktails and have a heavenly experience with the beautiful sunset on the beachside. The horizon view at the sunset bar is said to be one of the best in the whole of Maldives. These bars tend to treat their customers with the utmost respect and are always at the customer’s reach to satisfy their expectations.

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Activities / Experiences:

Alimatha Aquatic resort offers a number of activities on the premises at an extra cost and a certain number of activities are given on a complimentary basis and is free of cost. The activities are as follows:

  • Beach Volleyball
  • Madigha Spa
  • Sea Diving
  • Gym
  • Wind Surfing
  • Tennis
  • Canoeing
  • Infinity Pool

Beach Volleyball:

This amenity isn’t provided by most of the resorts out there in the Maldives. Beach Volleyball is a sport played at the resort where people of various ages can participate and have a great time. People club together as teams and rivals and have a wonderful experience.

Madigha Spa:

Considered to be one of the best spa’s in the whole of Maldives, Madigha spa has a wide range of varieties of massages on their menu. People who want to have a peaceful and relaxing time head out to this spa and redeem themselves. Honeymooners have a great spa experience with a couples massage and also get some offers with their honeymoon freebies.

Sea Diving:

Sea Diving is a great adventure experience offered by the resort with professional assistance. Tourists can dive into the sea explore the coral reefs present beneath the clear blue water. People can see the water beds since the depth of water is a bit shallow near the overwater villas and the decks.


Don’t want to miss out on your workout even on your vacation? They got you covered. A built-in gym facility is available in the resort where people can finish their day to day workouts. The gyms have their own trainers who can help you out with the workouts and can offer you a great workout regime while you stay there as well.

Wind Surfing:

Windsurfing for people are introduced by the resort and does pack a punch of adventure. With the help of a professional, people can surf through the waters of Maldives once the sails set off and these activities can always be availed at an extra cost. The adrenaline rush during the whole experience is actually great for people who love adventure!


Resort residents can also try out the tiring game, where the coaches tend to take small classes for people who want to learn tennis. They can have a great time during their stay with a dashing game of tennis.


The Indian Ocean is at your reach with the help of the resort’s canoe and paddles. People can explore places and the Indian Ocean with the canoes and on their own. But the professionals make sure that resort residents don’t go farther from the shallow waters as it can be a bit of a daunting experience to get back to the resort on their own.

Infinity Pool:

The infinity pool is considered to be the best attraction of the resort. The resort residents can have a good time in the infinity pool and can experience heaven on earth while the sunset and the horizon is an absolute treat for the human eye.

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Inclusions / Exclusions:

There are multiple inclusions and exclusions, honeymoon freebies are given by the resort to newlywed couples. The All-Inclusive meal package gives the customers all three meals and a drinks package along with it.
The timings for the meal are mentioned below
Breakfast (8:00 AM – 10:00 AM)
Lunch (12:00 PM – 3:00 PM)
Dinner (6:30 PM – 9:30 PM)

Transportation and Transfers:

People can travel from India to Male by flight and the flight costs can differ from 33,000 to 45,000 depending upon the departure city and the type of flight.To reach the destination or the resort, a shared speedboat is used for transfer. Vavu Atoll is situated below Male and can take about 25-40minutes to reach depending on the weather conditions. The speed boat can be made private at an extra cost if needed.


  1. Where is the Maldives located?
    The Maldives is located near the South-West part of India.
  2. What type of currency is used in the Maldives?
    The most commonly used currency in the Maldives is USD and Maldivian Rufiyaa.
  3. How can I travel to my resort from Male?
    Resorts are located around the public island Male and can be reached by speed boats and seaplanes
  4. How much does the PCR test cost in the Maldives?
    PCR tests can vary from 60$ to 150$.

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