The Maldives, an independent country in the Indian subcontinent, is an archipelago consisting of approximately 1200 islands, of which the inhabited islands are less than 17%. These islands, which are the crowns of submerged volcanoes, are small, with white sands that resemble powdered sugar, beautiful corals and turquoise waters. All of these factors make this country the perfect holiday destination for people from around the globe. This destination attracts travellers like honeymooners, family vacationers, solo vacationers, friends, celebrities, influencers or people who desperately need a break from the outside world. Though the purpose of the visit varies from person to person, they all have a common few expectations from the destination like a luxurious experience, privacy, stunning views, mouthwatering cuisine etc. In this blog, we will be discussing a property that delivers on all these expectations in detail. The property is one of the most luxurious and premium properties in the Maldives, The Amilla Maldives Resort and Residences.

Overview about the Resort

Amilla Maldives opened in 2015. While having a contemporary approach to design, they have not gone overboard. They have somehow managed to preserve and highlight the natural beauty. The resort is on a 23.5-hectare island with only 67 spacious villas and Residences. The remaining land is untouched, with jungles, through which a cycle track runs. The secret beaches also add to the beauty of this island. The guests have complete freedom to roam, play and explore this comparatively big Maldivian island. The resort is also proud of its Homemade and Homegrown @Amilla projects, where fresh fruits and vegetables are grown within the island. The resort is in the Baa Atoll, which happens to be a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. This area is quite famous for its Mantas, Whale Sharks and biodiversity. These are very few of the many attractions of this resort.

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Accomodation at The AMILLA MALDIVES

There are a variety of villas as well as Multi-Bedroom residences that are available in this resort.


Relax and loosen up yourselves in the spacious pool villas at Amilla Fushi. Villas in this resort start at around 220 square meters, which is a lot bigger when compared to other luxury villas in the Maldives. The modern and contemporary design of the villas, coupled with the massive indoor and outdoor areas for relaxation and play, give guests a truly marvellous and memorable experience. All the villas have a pool. The following are the different types of villas available in this resort.

  • Reef Water Pool Villa
  • Sunset Water Pool Villa
  • Lagoon Water Pool Villa
  • Treetop Pool Villa
  • Beach Pool Villa


While one side of the island has Villas, the other side has these multi-bedroom residences. These residences are on the other side of the island so that guests enjoy maximum privacy and seclusion. These are grand beachfront residences with a remarkable view of the ocean. All this luxury and grandeur, accompanied with a Katheeb ( A personal butler), makes guests feel like royals for the duration of their stay at the residence. There are three types, starting from 630 square meters and going up to 1090 square meters.

  • Four Bedroom Residence
  • Six Bedroom Residence
  • Eight Bedroom Residence
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Restaurants at the Amilla Maldives

The dining at the Amilla Maldives is an experience by itself. The following are the different culinary experiences that the guests at Amilla get to witness.

Wellness Your Way

It is an apt dine-in location for those who prioritise health, even during their vacation. Whether vegan, vegetarian, low carb, keto, paleo specialities, gluten-free or dairy-free dishes, the restaurant will cater to any of these needs. The restaurant also provides a plant-based diet and even plant-based cocktails for those that love to detox while vacationing.

Ethical Meats

There is something extraordinary about the meat served in this restaurant. They are committed to serving the guests the best quality meat available on the planet. The restaurant imports its animal products and ingredients from the best farms from across the globe that raise the animals in the most humane way possible. The meat served is succulent, juicy, tender and cooked to perfection. You can check out the list of suppliers on the resort’s website. Meat lovers can truly tell the difference.

Feeling Koi

Enjoy the beautiful Japanese fusion cuisine on the deck just above the water. The arrangement of the tables is in a manner that allows you to see the fish below you as you dine into the delicacies.


It is an experience that offers the best of both North Indian and South Indian cuisine. The spices create a burst of flavour with every spoon whereas the North Indian cuisine serves Tandoor specialities, tasty curries and authentic Indian desserts.

Barolo Grill

Enjoy the mouth-watering Italian cuisine and juicy and tender grills with a breathtaking view of the resort’s main pool that extends into the ocean.

The Emperor Beach Club

This chill beachside spot is the social hub of the island. Enjoy lunch on the sandy beach with a slow sea breeze. Guests are seen playing beach volleyball or enjoying a wine tasting session around this spot.

Joe’s Pizza

The spot is perfect for PIzza lovers. Enjoy a delicious Pizza with gooey mozzarella, herbs freshly plucked from the garden, fresh veggies and everything that you expect from a pizzeria, coupled with a breathtaking view overlooking the lagoon.

Chill’d Cafe

Indulge in an authentic cafe experience on a private island. Chill’d serve Salads, Juices, Smoothies, Wraps and Sandwiches made from homegrown ingredients. The cafe is also known for its homemade ice cream.

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Activities at Amilla Maldives

Amilla Fushi frequently hosts DJ’s, internationally renowned performers and even wellness coaches or instructors to keep the guests engaged and entertained. There are also various activities to keep the guests occupied. The following are some of the activities that the resort provides.

  • Sultan Village Kid’s Club to keep the kids entertained.
  • Glamping in airconditioned bubble tents.
  • Weekly activities such as workshops, group activities, special events etc.
  • Excursions like Ocean Discovery, Night Snorkeling, Snorkeling Safari, Reef Hopping , Blue Hole Snorkeling, Traditional Sunrise fishing, Introduction Snorkeling, Sunset & Dolphin Discovery, Snorkeling Safari, Blue ( Prices and timings mentioned in website )
  • Teen Programs like Football training, Island Run, Tennis Training, Beginner Guitar lessons etc to keep the teenagers occupied during their stay.
  • A dive with the In house Marine biologist to learn about the intriguing underwater world and island inhabitants.
  • Scuba Diving
  • Non moterised and motorised water sport activities.

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Accessability from the main island

The Amilla Maldives is in the Baa Atoll, which is about 120 km from the main island, Male. You can reach the resort by seaplane, which takes about 35 minutes. The other option would be to take a 15-minute domestic flight followed by a 15-minute speedboat. If you are looking for a Maldives Vacation this will be a great option.

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1)Where is Amilla Fushi located?

A: Amilla Fushi is located in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Atoll Baa, the best destination in the Maldives for diving and snorkelling; The resort is 35 minutes by seaplane from Male Airport

2) What is the check-in and check-out time?
A: Check-out at 12 o’clock Check-in at 2 pm.

3) Is Amilla Fushi pocket-friendly?
A: It is quite expensive and most of the activities are an additional cost.

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