The Maldives is considered to be the best place for a honeymoon and anniversaries. The beaches and the ambience of Maldives are quite romantic.
Diamonds Athuruga Resort is considered to be one of the best resorts in the Maldives. Located in the south of Maldives, Diamond Athuruga resort is situated on the island of South Ari Atoll. Diamonds Athuruga does not compromise on quality and luxury. This property has beach villas and water villas and has multiple variants as well. This resort is unique for the shallow lagoon experience and its fine white sand.
Diamond Athuruga resort is a kid’s friendly resort. Normally the Maldives is an adult-only zone in most of its parts. The guests of this resort are always warmly welcomed with a free welcome drink on arrival. This resort is famous for its white themed villas. Water villas are known as lagoon villas. Beach bungalows are painted red contrasting to the white themed villas making it a beautiful place. Diamond Athuruga resort has 24/7 security and concierge services. They focus mainly on customer satisfaction.

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Room types:

This resort is famous for its white themed villas. The rooms in Diamond Athuruga have private villas. The main room types are mentioned below.
1. Beach Bungalows
2. Junior Suite
3. Water Villas
4. Two-Bedroom Water Villas

Beach Bungalows:

Facilitated on the fine sand of Diamond Athuruga beach, these finely constructed bungalows are great for leisure. These bungalows have a great beach view and have a space of 40m2/431ft2.

Junior Suite:

Similar to the Beach Bungalows, the Junior Suites are constructed on beaches of the island and has huge room space. The rooms are equipped with a bathtub. These suites have a great view as well and have a space of 55m2/592ft2.

Water Villas:

Water Villas are right on top of the clear blue waters of South Ari Atoll. It is situated in the south of Male. These water villas have a huge living area where the view of the ocean is breathtaking. These water villas have space of about 50m2/538ft2

Two-Bedroom Water Villas:

Furnished with state of the art furniture and with a huge living space, these two-bedroom water villas have a great ocean view. The villas have huge space of about 55m2/600ft2.

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Source: Website

Restaurants and Dining:

The fine dining experience is one of a kind. The Vegan experience speciality menu is a great add-on for vegans out there. Below mentioned are the restaurants available on the island of Diamond Athuruga.

1. Farivalhu Maldivian Restaurant
2. Thari Over Water Restaurant
3. Kakuni Seafood Restaurant
4. Thila Japanese Restaurant

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1. Farivalhu Maldivian Restaurant

The name says it all, Farivalhu Maldivian Restaurant serves the most authentic Maldivian cuisine in shack style kind of an ambience with a palm tree and a tropical garden by the side. The restaurant urges their guests to wear the Maldivian traditional attire – The Sarong, for a great traditional experience.

2. Thari Over Water Restaurant

Constructed right on top of the ocean, Thari Overwater restaurant serves the best fusion cuisine in the whole of South Ari Atoll by the chefs of Europe. This restaurant is famous for its luxury experience, its a la carte menu and the whole dining experience combined with the ocean view with a beautiful sunset.

3. Kakuni Seafood Restaurant:

Kakani Seafood restaurant is an open space combined with a touch of Indian cuisine. This restaurant has a wide range of seafood dishes. It is considered to be fresh from the ocean. They have special set menus and can be set up on the beach or the terrace of villas for a private romantic experience.

4. Thila Japaneese restaurant:

With the lively experience of the Japanese teppanyaki grill, The Thila Japanese restaurant serves Japanese cuisine and has a hut-like structure. Thila restaurant is famous for its chef’s private lunch and dinner at extra costs.

Activities / Experiences:

The resort offers a wide range of water sports as well at an extra cost. Certain watersports are complimentary eg. snorkelling. The equipment is provided by the resort. Some of the water sports activities are provided by the resort at an extra cost.

  • Snorkelling at sunset (3:00 PM – 6:00 PM)
  • Canoe
  • Windsurfing (10:00 AM to Noon)
  • Deep-Sea Fishing
  • Boat rental
  • Bio Snorkeling
  • Guided tours to the reef.

The above-mentioned water activities may get cancelled depending upon weather conditions

The resort has a marine biologist resident who answers all the doubts related to marine life. A great initiative for people interested in Marine life. The resort conducts multiple workshops and weekly excursion events for marine enthusiasts.

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Inclusions and Exclusions:

Multiple Inclusions by the resort are :

  • Romantic Lobster Candlelight dinner (dinner under the stars)
  • Sunset Boat trip.
  • First morning breakfast by room

The resort gives out All Inclusive meal package
All three meals with an alcohol package are provided by the resort.
Breakfast (8:00 AM – 10:30 AM)
Lunch (1:00 PM – 2:30 PM)
Dinner (8:00 PM – 10:00 PM)
Champagnes and Premium spirits are not included in the package. Snacks, cocktails, soft drinks and fruit juices are given in an All-inclusive package. Sunbeds, Beach towels and beach umbrellas are provided by the resort on a complimentary basis. The resort has a doctor 24/7 and has laundry service at an extra cost. The RTPCR cost may vary from 60-150USD for a Maldives resort. Two water bottles are complimentary at the residence. Water bottles are chargeable.

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How to reach Male airport:

Male is the only recommended airport for travelling from different parts of the world. The flights from India to Male may have a duration of about 2 – 4 hours and the cost can vary from 34,000 to 45,000 depending upon the departure city.
The visa for the Maldives is an On-Arrival visa and is a simple procedure and free of cost!! RTPCR test is mandatory for people travelling from India to the Maldives.


South Ari Atoll is far away from Male international airport. It is not accessible by Speed Boat.
Transportation to Diamond Athuruga is of two types:

  • Domestic Flight
  • Sea Plane

Domestic Flight:

People can travel in domestic flights, like any other international flight, to travel from Male international airport to South Ari Atoll. People can travel on domestic flights which are available at Male international airport. It is provided by the resort at an extra cost.

Sea Plane:

Sea Planes are one of a kind. These kinds of transfers are themselves a great experience, considered to be super noisy. These seaplanes can be adventurous and can give you a great view from above. The transfers have a duration of about 25-30mins, These Seaplanes are accessible only from morning 7:00 AM to evening 4:00 PM.
The transfers are shared.

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  1. Where is the Maldives located?
    The Maldives is located near the South-West part of India near the Indian Ocean.
  2. Types of currency used in Maldives?
    The most commonly used currency in Maldives is USD and Maldivian Ruffiya.
  3. How much does it cost to travel to the Maldives from India?
    Flight tickets can cost from 35,000 to 45,000 depending on departure city.
  4. How can I travel to my resort from Male?
    Resorts can be reached via speed boats, seaplanes, domestic flights.
  5. How much does RTPCR cost in the Maldives?
    PCR tests can vary from 60USD to 150USD depending upon the resorts.
  6. What are the types of meal options available in Maldivian resorts?
    Bed and Breakfast
    Half Board – Breakfast and Dinner
    Full Board – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner
    All-Inclusive – All three meals and drinks package.

To know more about Maldives packages click on Maldives Vacation.


Part of Sun Siyam properties, Sun Siyam Olhuveli is one of the best luxury properties out there in the Maldives. Sun SIyam Olhuveli is a 4-star premium resort. Situated in the South Male Atoll Sun Siyam Olhuveli is a kid’s friendly resort as well. Olhuveli is relatively large in size. Sun Siyam Olhuveli specialises in giving the best customer satisfaction in terms of luxury. This property has a wide range of restaurants and bars as well and customers can have a great time in those restaurants and bars. The resort offers multiple water activities and quite amount of experiences from their side. The spa present is Sun Siyam Olhuveli is said to be heavenly.

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Room types:

There are different types of rooms present in Sun Siyam Olhuveli. The types of rooms available are mentioned as follows:

  • Deluxe Room Grand Beach Villa
  • Two Bedroom Beach Suite
  • Grand Beach Villa with Pool
  • Grand Beach Suite with Pool
  • Water Villa
  • Deluxe Water Villa
  • Grand Water Villa
  • Grand Water Villa with Pool
  • Prestige Jacuzzi Water Villa
  • Presidential Water Suite

Deluxe Room:

These are the standard rooms available in Sun Siyam Olhuveli. These villas either have a beachfront. These rooms measure approximately 50m2 each and can accommodate up to two adults and one child. Extra beds can be availed at an extra cost and on a request basis.

Grand Beach Villa:

Equipped with King size beds and sun loungers the Grand Beach Villas are situated near on sands of the island with a great ocean view. These villas measure approximately 80m2 and have outdoor bathrooms as well. Grand Beach Villas can accommodate up to three adults or two adults and two children.

Two Bedroom Beach Suite:

Two-bedroom Beach Suite is situated along the beach sides of the resort with lush greenery huge backyard space and a plunge pool as well. These villas are facilitated with an outdoor bathroom equipped with a huge bathtub. Two Bedroom Beach Suites can accommodate up to six adults and measures about 293m2.

Grand Beach Villa with Pool:

Located right in front of the ocean, Grand Beach Villa with Pool is equipped with a private pool of its own. These villas are big in terms of space with king-sized bedrooms and open-air bathrooms as well. These villas can accommodate up to three adults and measure about 91m2.

Grand Beach Suite with Pool:

These Suites feature extra space with a luxurious bathroom and a private pool for couples who want a taste of the golden apple. These villas are situated in front of the ocean and can accommodate up to 4 adults. Grand Beach Suite measure about 101m2.

Water Villa:

These water villas are traditionally built with a sun deck and are situated right above the piercing blue waters. Water villas can accommodate up to three adults and measure about 64m2.

Deluxe Water Villa:

These villas are built purely on the basis of luxury. Deluxe Water villas feature a private sun deck and an outdoor jet tub as well. These villas can accommodate up to two adults, one child and measure about 82m2.

Grand Water Villa:

Grand Water Villas are big in terms of living space and have huge sundecks incorporated within each villa. These villas feature king-size rooms, oversized daybeds a large bathtub and a walk-in shower as well. These water villas can accommodate up to three adults and measure about 100m2 in space.

Grand Water Villa with Pool:

This villa is known as an affordable luxury villa. These villas are equipped with a king-size bed, a private pool and steps to reach the lagoons from the villas. These villas can accommodate up to two adults, two children and measure about 112m2 in space.

Prestige Jacuzzi Water Villa:

These villas feature a huge living space and a private jacuzzi pool. The villa is well known for its beautiful sunrise view and luxurious bathrooms. These villas can accommodate up to three adults and measure about 123m2 in space.

Presidential Water Suite:

The Presidential Water Suite is large in size and has a private pool as well. These villas have two kingsize bedrooms, two luxurious bathrooms and big living space. The Presidential Water Suites are perfect for a family staycation with kids and elders and measure about 270m2 in space.

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Restaurants and Dining:

The luxury dining experience in Sun Siyam Olhuveli is one of a kind and there are multiple restaurants and bars available in Olhuveli and are mentioned below:

  1. Dhoni Bar
  2. Lagoon Bar
  3. Sunrise Bar
  4. Island Pizza Siyam
  5. Orchid Sunset Restaurant
  6. Namaste
  7. MalaaFaiy
  8. Maagrib Grill
  9. Dream Bar
  10. Romance Pool Bar
  11. Teppanyaki
  12. L’ Amore
  13. Destination Dining
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Activities / Experiences:

Sun Siyam Olhuveli is well known for its spa experience and water activities. A wide range of activities are available at the resort and are listed below:

  • Spa Manta Point (Complimentary)
  • Thrill Seeker
  • Ship Wreck
  • Kite Surfing
  • Snorkelling Excursion
  • Scuba Diving
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Inclusion / Exclusions:

Sun Siyam Olhuveli deals with two meal options:

  • Full Board – Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.
  • All-Inclusive – All three meals with unlimited drinks package

Inclusions differ from resort to resort, as far as Sun Siyam is concerned honeymoon freebies are provided by the resort to newlywed couples.

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Transportation and Transfers:

The easiest way to reach Male, Maldives is by flight. People can fly from different parts of India to Male. Male is considered to be the most recommended option for tourists. Flight prices can vary from 33,000 to 45,000 depending on the departure city and the type of flight. Tourists travelling from India have to take a mandatory RTPCR test. After reaching Male, to reach Sun Siyam Olhuveli, tourists can travel in a shared speed boat and it would take 45 minutes to reach the resort.


  1. Where is the Sun Siyam Olhuveli located?
    Sun Siyam Olhuveli is located near the South Male Atoll.
  2. Type of currency is used in the Maldives?
    The currency used by tourists in the Maldives is USD and Maldivian Rufiyaa.
  3. How much does it cost to travel to the Maldives from India?
    Tickets can cost about  34,000 to 45,000 depending on departure city.
  4. How can I travel to my resort from Male?
    Sun Siyam Olhuveli can be reached via speedboat and would approximately take 45mins from Male.
  5. How much does RT-PCR cost in the Maldives?
    Covid PCR tests can vary from 60USD to 150USD depending upon the resorts.

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Overview of the Innahura Maldives Resort

The Innahura Maldives Resort is situated in the southeast Lhaviyani Atoll. It is a 4-star beach resort that has particularly different styles of beach bungalows built to give a surreal experience to the visitors. The seaplane transfer takes about 40 minutes from the Velana International Airport to the Innahura Maldives resort. The visitors will have a bird’s eye view of the entire atoll when flying via seaplane.

The resort has a terrace attached where games like billiards, table tennis, and darts are played and is a quiet calm place to spend the holiday trip. Travelers prefer to stay nearby the beach sands and relate to nature’s sound of tides and the silence of the ocean at night time. It is one of the few resorts in Maldives island to have exclusive beach-type bungalows. The staff and service provided at the resort are exceptional. The Maldives is a destination that is believed to offer a luxurious and serene atmosphere with its gloomy water body surrounded all over. With such expectations at the back of the mind, Innahura Maldives Resort will never disappoint its guests on the whole lot experience.

Innahura Maldives Resort

Room type and amenities:

There is a total of 78 lively rooms which are categorized into three beach bungalow types. Depending on their view and accommodation, these beach bungalows are named Sunrise beach bungalows, Sunset beach bungalows, and Inter-connecting beach bungalows.

Sunrise Beach bungalow:

There are 41 sunrise beach bungalows that will give a mesmerizing view of the morning sunrise from the glass windows of the beachfront. It is furnished with queen-sized beds, a mini-bar setup semi-outdoor bathrooms, and a wifi connection.

Sunset Beach bungalow:

There are 33 sunset beach bungalows that will stun the visitors with the picturesque view of the dusk when it sunsets. With sitting on the sundeck and relaxing, the day is fulfilled watching nature’s beautiful scenes of the time. Also Read : Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort.

Inter-Connecting Beach Bungalows:

There are only 4 inter-connecting beach bungalows that are attached adjacent to each other. This type of property is particularly suitable for families and friends who want to spend together and have more fun experiences. The beachfront location is perfect for spending the time together and kids enjoy in the sands building sandcastles and having to run around the bungalow.

Restaurants and bars:

Dhoni Restaurant:

Starting the day with morning breakfast, followed by lunch and evening dinner is all served under one roof called Dhoni (meaning ‘boat’ in Dhivehi) restaurant. The local, regional and international cuisines are platted many live cooking stations are open and baked pizzas are some delightful dishes.

Sand Bar:

The sand bar is very special for its signature beverages and also a food menu. People gather in between their pool time, Spa, and nap time to refresh themselves. Some drinks like house wines, rum, beers, gin, and tequila. Soft drinks like coke, soda water, tonic water, and bitter lemon. cold beverages including smoothies, cold coffee, fresh juices are must-try options.

Olhu Bar:

The Olhu bar is situated near to seashore where dive activities are held. It is a place where different guests mingle with each other and have a good evening time. They offer their signature drinks like house wines, cognac, grappa, tequila, whiskey, and vodkas. Mocktails and cocktails are very popular at the bar. Fresh juices and smoothies go well for all aged guests.


The experience which Innahura Maldives Resort offers is unique for the visitors in terms of the activities that are provided. The fishing, sunset cruise, sunset picnic, and snorkeling are some activities to explore in the Innahura. Also Read: Fushifaru Maldives Resort.

Sunrise and Sunset fishing:

People who are very enthusiastic about having to tour the marine creatures and also wish catching some big fishes can do fishing. It is a very exciting activity which completely occupies the morning time. The fish which are caught are freshly prepared and served for lunch or dinner at the Dhoni restaurant. The timing for sunrise fishing is between 06:30 – 08:30 every Monday to Thursday while for sunset fishing it is between 18:00 – 20:00, every Wednesday and Sunday, and the caught fish is served the next day for lunch or dinner.

Sunset cruise and Stargazing cruise:

A cruise called Dhoni takes the guests on an excursion to discover the ever-beautiful Maldives island. The scenic view of the sun kissing the ocean and slowly saying bye to daytime is a treat to witness. The sunset cruise is operated every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday between 18:15 – 19:15. One for the romantic couples to spend time enjoying the moonlight and sparkling stars is the Stargazing cruise. This is operated daily between 21:00 – 22:15 if weather permits and not on full moon day.


Snorkeling is one such experience where with diving masks and their add ons, the marine and coral life can be explored underwater at a certain altitude of the water body. It is very interesting for people who would want to witness underwater beauty.

Sunset picnic:

It is a half-day tour on a cruise trip across the Lhaviyani Atoll. So, snorkeling, swimming, and discovering the flora living on the island are some of the highlights of the trip. The picnic is packed with food and drinks to enjoy the cruise mode. Pre-booking is required in advance to book the picnic. Enjoy your sunset picnic by choosing the Maldives Vacation.

How to reach?

The Innahura Maldives Resort is reached via seaplane transfer which takes about 40 minutes from the Velana International Airport. The seaplane is operated by the Maldivian seaplane company which was started in 2014. Also Read: Varu by Atmosphere Resort Maldives.

Nearby resorts

These are some of the resorts which are located close to the Innahura Maldives Resort:

  • Cocoon Maldives
  • Le Méridien Maldives Resort & Spa
  • Palm Beach Island Resort & Spa
  • Fushifaru Maldives
  • Kanuhura Maldives

There was a time when the word “spa” meant nothing more than relaxation and stress relief. The modern day spa concept, on the other hand, embraces much more. It’s all about staying healthy, all about taking care of your skin. It’s all about carving out some time for yourself. Today, going to the spa is nearly a ritual that not only calms the mind and body, but also rejuvenates the skin by boosting blood circulation and giving it a natural glow. The synchronised massage of your entire body helps to relieve discomfort in your joints and muscles. When your blood pressure is under control, your body feels fresh and rejuvenated.

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Top 10 Spa Resorts in Maldives.

Spas in the Maldives have become an indisputable staple in practically every resort throughout the years. The resorts offer exclusive spa packages, some geared toward singles and others specifically designed for couples. Some of the greatest spa treatments available in the Maldives are listed below:

 1.Baros Island resorts, Maldives.

Walk through verdant vegetation up a sandy promenade to the famed Serenity Spa of Baros private island resort, which offers maximum comfort and elegance. Serenity Spa has you covered from head to toe, with a variety of luxurious spa and massage therapies to help you relax and refresh your body. Feel your senses relax as you get massaged in the peace of the woods, away from the chaos of city life. The therapeutic massages will slowly seep out the holiday stress from your muscles, ranging from Swedish to East African to Indian. Aroma floral baths will leave your skin smelling lovely. Traditional herbs will also leave your skin naturally radiant.

The cost of spa treatments and massages varies depending on the length of the session and the kind selected. The spa here cost USD 175 for an hour and USD 215 for an hour and a half. Exotic spa packages start at USD 145.

2.Huvafen Fushi Resort, Maldives.

At Huvafen Fushi, immerse yourself in the captivating water kingdom of the Maldives in the world’s first  underwater resort. The sublime location beneath the sea, the well prepared massages, and the time away from electronics will soothe you to the core. Lime Spa is one of the Maldives’ most popular spas. It offers a variety of therapies that are a blend of ancient practises and modern approaches, with two underwater and six overwater rooms. Miracle ice facials, island teaser facials, marine wave underwater rituals, and turquoise explosion are just a few of the many options available.Spa treatments are divided into several categories, with pricing varying depending on the one you choose. Overwater sessions can cost USD 375 for an hour and a half, while underwater sessions range from USD 285 to 485.

3.Four Seasons Resort, Maldives.

The professionals at four seasons resort maldives at Landaa Giraavaru’s Spa and Ayurvedic Retreat work diligently on each single detail. They ensure to give the spa an outstanding and unique experience. Adapting the greatest traditions from all over the world.. They also do try to improve the immune system and renew skin cells while using the fewest chemicals possible. All of the treatments at this spa are focused on improving one’s health. There are so many things to try. Like, deep tissue massages to relieve buried tensions in the body, bathing with Himalayan salts and rose water for fresh, glowing skin, and natural washes to remove dead skin cells. The spa rates start at USD 155 and vary depending on the length of the sessions and the advantages selected. The most expensive package is USD 270, which includes a two-hour therapeutic session.

4.Jumeirah Vittaveli.

Local communities gather the oils and other components used in the massage and spa using traditional farming methods, preserving the naturalness and purity of the products. By the massage treatments performed by our spa therapists, you may experience the heaven. Individual wellness treatments and romantic private places for couples are also available at the spa. Talise Spa is well worth the money. Facials start at USD 149, while massages start at USD 160. The full body treatments, or elaborate health experiences, can cost anywhere from USD 230 to USD 500.

5.Kuramathi Resort, Maldives

The Kuramathi Spa is located in the heart of the island, overlooking the water, where you may unwind as the treatment programme distracts you from your worries. Traditional rituals from Europe, Indonesia, and Thailand are replicated using the greatest natural materials at this Maldives spa, which caters to everyone’s demands. Treatment rooms, a water pavilion massage room, beauty care rooms, and a private herbal bath treatment room are among the amenities available. Take a minute to savour the pre-treatment herbal tea given here at one of the greatest spas in the Maldives. The cost depends on the category and the duration picked by the client. Facials start at 80 USD where as the Signature Voyage goes upto 200USD as well.

6.Banyan Tree Maldives.

The magnificent banyan tree resort maldives Spa promises the most relaxing spa experiences with its immaculate relaxation therapies and quiet environs. Highly skilled spa professionals work their way through the curves and joints of your body to relieve hidden pain. Relaxing all your tensed muscles. All-natural moisturising and cleansing elements such as aloe vera, lavender, honey, milk, lemon, ginger, and coconut combine to form the ingredients of the rich spa products. The result is skin that is protected, nurtured, and revitalised, ready to take on the Maldives’ tropical climate. Massages at the Banyan Tree costs from USD 250 to USD 360. The cultural therapies ranges from USD 260 for 90 minutes and USD 330 for 120 minutes, respectively.

 7.Velassaru, Maldives

Velassaru maldives resort, one of the greatest luxury spas, offers authentic therapies over the ocean with uninterrupted views of the Maldivian seas. Allowing you to experience the simple pleasures of life. Relax and rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit with spa treatments. Velassaru’s spa features overwater treatment rooms, a lagoon-view hydropool, steam and relaxation rooms, and complimentary Sunset Yoga classes three times a week. The cost is based by the client’s chosen category and duration. The Facials start at 94USD where as the Velassaru ritual can cost as much as 260 USD as well.

8.Kurumba, Maldives

Veli Spa, which derives its name from the Maldivian word’sand,’ is the purest Maldivian-style spa in the archipelago. Every restorative therapy in their exotic selection of spas is based on local coconut oils, natural herbs, and traditional procedures. Ultimate relaxation and calming are guaranteed with 8 rooms and outdoor pavilions overlooking gorgeous seascapes.The ‘Spa Under the Stars’ allows couples to enjoy the mesmerising starry sky at night while sipping juice and getting massaged near the water.Individual massages start at USD 85 and are very affordable. There are full-body care packages starting at USD 215 if you want an all-in-one experience.

9.Taj Exotica Resort & Spa, Maldives

A branch of the well-known Indian hotel chain is the opulent Taj Exotica Resort and Spa. This resort’s Indian-inspired Jiva Grande Spa is the talk of the town, in addition to the regal atmosphere it provides. Traditional Indian botanicals and rituals are blended into the creation of rejuvenating spas. Top to toe therapies work as ultimate stress buster. Although India is the origin of yoga, the resort has a yoga school nestled in a peaceful environment where visitors can practise asanas and breathing exercises or meditate peacefully. In terms of cost, the procedures are very costly. While trademark experiences range in price from USD 110 to USD 250, spa pleasures start at USD 300 and go up to USD 635. The Indian-inspired remedies cost between 125 USD and 245 USD. Check out Maldives Vacation for your wonderful experience.

10.Anantara Resort & Spa, Maldives

The tranquil Sundari Ayurvedic Spa at Antara Veli Resort is located among lush gardens. The name of this exotic spa comes from the rejuvenating beauty rituals done using the ancient healing technique of Ayurveda. A pre-treatment ritual precedes the sessions, followed by a post-treatment ritual. You’ll want to return to this island nirvana again because of the beautiful view outside, the soothing music playing in the background, and the scented essential oils gently massaging your skin. If you’re not sure which treatment to choose, there’s also an Ayurvedic doctor on hand to help. Couples may expect to pay between USD 350 and 620 for their indulgences, while lone travellers can expect to pay between USD 190 and 355.

Robinson Club Noonu- Overview

resorts in water in maldives
resorts in water in the Maldives

Robinson Club Noonu is an all-Inclusive luxurious resort is located on the beautiful island of Orivaru in the picturesque Noonu Atoll. The Robinson Club Noonu is the perfect place for a fun-filled family vacation. The resort offers a wide range of activities for every person’s interests, so each family member can find something that interests them. For example, dolphin spotting trips, playing beach volleyball, discovering the resort’s very own coral reef, and activities like stand-up paddling or hitting the surf. The Robinson Club Noonu is a sustainable resort. The resort has the right mixture of architecture and technology that can combat the ravaging effects of climate change, which have hit coastal countries including the Maldives. The buildings in the resort are heat-proofed in order to keep the interiors cool in the tropical heat, thus it minimizes the need for air-conditioning, and also desalination system helps to generate the island’s water supply, by cutting down on like 480,000 plastic bottles per year. Also Read: Rani Beach Hotel Maldives.


  • Overview
  • Location
  • Types of accomodation.
  • Food and more
  • What are the experiences?
  • How to reach the resort?
  • Other resorts nearby


The Robinson Club Noonu resort is located on the mesmerizing island of Orivaru in the dreamy Noonu Atoll.

Types of Accommodation

The Robinson Club Noonu has 150 spacious and comfortable stays which are divided into 90 villas and 60 private water bungalows. This makes the resort a perfect place for family vacations and also for honeymoons.  The hotel’s well-designed rooms are furnished with a contemporary atmosphere, with the gentle pops of yellow and blue complementing a neutral-toned colour palette. The beds are large, plush, and super comfortable for a good sleep. And some of the rooms have private pools and extravagant outdoor showers. The hotel also has the facility of the infinity pool.

  • Beach Pool Bungalow
  • Standard Double Room, Balcony
  • Pool Bungalow
  • Family Room, Connecting Rooms, Sea View
  • Standard Double Room, Terrace
  • Standard Double Room
  • Economy Double Room
  • Garden Pool Bungalow

Food and more

The resort includes has two bars, of which one is the Sundowner and the Main one where the guests can have look at the admire the sunset while enjoying the cocktails of their choice. There is a Teppanyaki restaurant located along the jetty, that serves a tasty assortment of meats, fresh seafood, and it also provides vegetarian-friendly dishes for its vegetarian guests. Every fortnight, the hotel also hosts a tasteJAM, with delicious street food stands providing everything from juicy burgers to finger food.

There are 3 restaurants in the resort which are;

  • The main Restaurant
  • Specialty restaurant
  • Teppanyaki restaurant

The all-Inclusive menu that the resort offers is the following.

  • There are variety buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • The option of Late breakfast is available.
  • Even the drinks are included which are coffee specialties for breakfast, all the drinks at the bar all day except the selected wines, sparkling wines, spirits and other specialties. The guests are provided with the brand-name soft drinks, beer, table wine, filter coffee and tea in the buffet area.

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Special add ons


It is a Hawaiian diverse entertainment, with colourful decoration, a Sundowner just like on Waikiki Beach, and dinner buffets along with a wonderful setting is all for the Luhana Fortnight.


It is a fortnight street food setting with mobile stands for delicious food and drinks with music.


In this, all the healthy dishes are created with the latest diet trends for all three meals. This includes all the vegetarian dishes, vegan meals, whole foods, food combining options, gourmet plated meals, nutrition-conscious cuisine, lactose-free dishes, regional & seasonal produce. The Meals that cater to specific dietary needs are also available. Table reservation available for dinner in the main restaurant in combination with a bottle of wine additional charges applicable. In-Room service is available at additional charges.

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What are the experiences?

Adventure Water sports

The activities named Snorkeling and diving both are perfect in the Maldives and also for all kinds of underwater sports. Both the activities are offered at the Robinson Club Noonu at an extra charge.

Sports and entertainment

This program by the resort lets the guests try out small and big games free, either by the guests themselves or with other guests. Beach volleyball can also available for the guest to play on the sands of the beach or water polo in the pool.

WellFit for fitness

The resort’s gym that has various fitness and wellness programs is held for the guests. The guests can try Aqua Fit, Pilates, yoga, or a customized workout along with a personal trainer for guidance.

How to reach the resort?

The Robinson Club Noonu resort is 45 minutes away from the Male International Airport and a Domestic flight or a Seaplane can be taken to reach the Robinson Club Noonu resort. Even Speedboat is an option to take up. Check the Maldives Vacation to enjoy your holidays with your friends and family.

Other resorts nearby

  • Atmosphere Kanifushi Maldives
  • Fushifaru Maldives
  • JW Marriott Resort and Spa
  • You and Me Maldives
  • Sun Siyam Iru Fushi Maldives

The Maldives has always been seen as an expensive travel destination. People on a budget would most likely opt for a resort with similar amenities to the large brands like Marriott and Taj, but at a lower price. The overall cost will be determined in part by the number of resort amenities you use. Adaaran Club Rannalhi is one such value for money resort that was developed to disprove the idea that the Maldives is an unaffordable vacation. It is a part of the Adaaran property chain and, most importantly, offers a variety of facilities and activities to get a feel for the group of islands.

About Adaaran Club Rannalhi

The Maldives comprises around 200 inhabited islands, with many of them being privately owned islands or resorts. Like the Adaaran group, some private owners hold many properties under the same name. The benefit of such a business is that many resorts may be developed in various areas to appeal to various customer groups. Adaaran Club Rannalhi is a fantastic resort for those on a budget. It is a 4-star property. The Maldives’ Adaaran Club Rannalhi is all about basking in the sun and frolicking on the silky sands of immaculate white beaches. It provides you with tropical delights and never-ending vistas of the magnificent Indian Ocean. Under the flowing waves of the sea, explore the magnificent views seen at Rannalhi House Reef. The location provides a unique perspective on the island. Everything has been taken care of by Adaaran Club Rannalhi!

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Picture Courtesy: Unsplash

Room Categories

The accommodations are not termed villas like they are in other resorts. There are two types of rooms available: Standard rooms and Water Bungalows.

  • Standard Rooms – The standard room is identical to other resorts’ beach villas. All standard rooms at Adaaran Club Rannalhi are well-furnished and equipped with modern amenities. The guests are provided with easy access to the main hotel area as well as fantastic amenities.
  • Water Bungalows – Adaaran Club Rannalhi’s lovely water bungalows greet guests with comfort and elegance. Blue lagoons and spectacular underwater corals and reefs make this a tropical paradise. The rooms come with all of the newest modern conveniences, as well as individual sun patios. Without a doubt, you can snuggle up with your significant other in a warm bathrobe. Also Check with Crystal Sands Beach Hotel at Maafushi Maldives.

The only drawback at Adaaran Club Rannalhi is the lack of a swimming pool. It is one of the resorts in Maldives island without a pool. Having said that, the Indian ocean is beautifully clean, so who needs a pool?

Picture Courtesy: Pexels

Food and Dining

If you don’t want to break the bank and want to sip every day, all-inclusive hotels in the Maldives are a great option. Adaaran Club Rannalhi is a blessing because it is an all-inclusive resort. Delicious Continental, Maldivian, Asian, and Italian food is served at the main restaurant. You may dine beneath the stars on a quiet sandbank or swim in the pool with your loved ones and make some lovely memories. Enjoy delicious breakfast, lunch, and supper at a multi-cuisine restaurant, where world-class chefs are waiting to tantalize your taste buds with delectable delicacies.

Moreover, The all-inclusive Club Rannalhi plan includes three meals each day in the main buffet restaurant, as well as unlimited beverages. The resort includes two bars, both are open till midnight. Gin, vodka, rum, whiskey, and beers are all available, allowing you to create your own cocktail. A large pavilion with outside seating is accessible at the Cocktail Bar. This is an excellent spot to see the sunset. There’s also a broad selection of drinks! Relax with a cool drink at the Cocktail Bar while listening to the waves breaking.

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Activities and Facilities

Water sports, which are entertaining, adventurous, and exciting, reflect the actual spirit of the Maldives.

  • Gym – All guests at Adaaran Club Rannalhi have access to a state-of-the-art gym and fitness studio.
  • Spa – Unwind, cleanse, and detox in the Chavana Spa at the end of the day.
  • Thrilling Activities – Several water sports, island hopping, a state-of-the-art corporate retreat, indoor games, and much more are available as outside activities.
  • Snorkelling – Snorkel with the Sharks. If you’re feeling bold, go around sunset and simply hang out on the pier. There are lots of fish there already, but if you’re lucky, you could get a glimpse of one of the large nurse sharks that can grow up to two metres long.
  • Excursions – Adaaran Maldives offers daily excursions to local Maldivian islands and Male, as well as snorkelling, fishing sunset cruises, and shark feeding tours. You may sign up at reception the day before, and there is a book with further information on the charges and times. Check out our Maldives Vacation to have a great experience.
Picture Courtesy: Pexels

How to reach Adaaran Club Rannalhi

The South Male Atol, more than any other atol, is recognised for its incredible marine life, which means there were plenty of options for snorkelling and diving. Another major advantage of the South Male Atol is that it is close enough to the Male airport that you can take a speedboat instead of paying the exorbitant price of a sea plane. Fly to Male International Airport and then take a speedboat ride to the resort. It takes around 45 minutes from Male International Airport to the resort.

Picture Courtesy: Unsplash

Rannalhi, the Maldives’ final freshwater landing, is a popular travel stop for islanders. Rannalhi island, often known as ‘the measure of gold’ (run means gold and nalhi means unit of measurement), is now home to an all-action amusement resort where good times and companionship make for amazing tropical vacations.

Baglioni Resort Maldives- An Overview

maldives island resort from areal view
maldives island resort from areal view

It is located in the enormous spectacular Indian Ocean. Baglioni Resort Maldives gives its guests a unique and delight experience while in their stay. It is situated on the Dreamy island of Maagau in Dhaalu atoll, with a mesmerising tropical natural beauty. The Baglioni Resort Maldives has won 3 recognitions at the 2021 World Luxury Hotel Awards. The Baglioni Resort Maldives offers Villas with an luxuries experience and which is surrounded by the beautiful tropical nature, also the turquoise coloured waters and soft white sands. The stays are designed as per the elegant Italian style and sustainable materials and designs techniques are used in the making of the rooms which utilizes most of the natural setting that describes elegance at best. Also Read: Northern Atolls of The Maldives.


  • Overview
  • Where it is located?
  • Types of Accommodation
  • Food,dining and more
  • What are the experiences?
  • How to reach the resort?
  • Other resorts nearby

where it is located?

The Baglioni Resort Maldives is a luxurious resort in the Maagau Island of the Dhaalu Attol. The resort is just 40 minutes away from the Male Airport through seaplane. And the resort is 154 km away from the Velana International Airport.

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Types of Accommodation  

Every villas in the Baglioni resort offers a magnificent space for its guest to relax and have a great time while their stay. Each of the villas have an amazing private terrace along with the sun loungers. Every villa offers free Wi-Fi and a flat-screen TV. The resort also offers comfortable “Family villas”, which has 2 bedrooms. And also for an luxurious experience the guests can also book villas which private pools or the Presidential Water Villa.The Presidential Water Villa offers its guests 24-hour butler, pram and housekeeping services. Added to that it provides a private bar and chef. All the villas offers open-air bathrooms along with bathtub, rain-showers and toiletries.   

  • Beach Villas
  • Water Villas
  • Sunset Water Villas
  • Pool Water Villas
  • Pool Sunset Beach Villa
  • Grand Pool Beach Villa
  • Pool Suite Beach Villa
  • Two-Bedroom Family Beach Villa With Pool
  • Two-Bedroom Pool Suite Beach Villa
  • Presidential Water Villa with 3 bedrooms

The resort not only accomodates couples but it also can accomodate 2 families in the villas it offers. It will be a luxuries and a enjoyable stay for the guests who stay in the spectacular and elegant Baglioni Resort Maldives.

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Food, dining and more

The resort offers 4 excellent restaurants that serve gourmet dishes along with healthy menu of light and nutritious food, the traditional Italian pizzeria with an Italian pizzaiolo and there is a special Kid’s menu created for the kid’s who stay in the resort. The resort also offers “Private bespoke dinners, wine tasting sessions for two guests at the sunset villa. The guests can have their delicious food by adoring the scenic views of the magnificent clear waters of Indian Ocean.


This traditional Italian restaurant offers authentic Italian food in the Maldives. The guests can have a beautiful view across the ocean. This restaurant is the best place for romantic dinner under the sparkling stars with the calming sound of the waves.


This is a Japanese restaurant which offers authentic Japanese dishes to its guests and along with the view of the waterfront. The restaurant offers ‘Teppanyaki hot plates cuisine’ which has the live cooking station, that would want the guests to indulge in those dishes and taste them.


It is a multi cuisine restaurant situated on the beach that offers a wide variety of dishes to choose for its guests.

4.Pool Bar

The Pool bar situated in the beach front and it offers snacks like pastas, salads and also grills and many more dishes all the time, added to which it provides all types of beverarges for its guests

5.Floating breakfast

The food is served for the guests while they are in their private pool in the morning. This a luxurious experience for anyone to enjoy. The breakfast is includes a fresh fruit juice, yogurt to taste, the normal breakfast dishes, some baked pastries and a bread basket.

6.The inclusions of the all-inclusive meals offered

The guests are offered all the meals at the main restaurant during the fixed timings. The selected cocktails, house wine and beverages that are available in the main restaurants. The Minibar is available and it is filled once everyday of the guests stay. The minibar has soft drinks, wine, beer, mineral water, snacks.

What are the experiences?

The resort offers relaxing spa sessions for both the adults and kids at the Baglioni SPA.There are yoga, meditation and breathing sessions provided for the guests at the resort.The guest can even take those thoses sessions inside their villas for privacy.The guests can be active and play tennis, soccer and beach volleyball.The children can have fun playing in the kid’s club with the craft activities, aqua gym and zumba sessions and amny more.The guests can relax with a movie on the beach, under the stars.There are movie sessions for the children too.The resort offers water sporting actrivities which are snorkelling, scuba diving, catamaran sailing, and sunset cruises. Added to which the resort offers experiences like sandbank picnics, romantic cruises with onboard barbecues and honeymoon cruises for its guests.

How to reach the resort?

The resort is located on the private island Maagau in the Dhaalu Atoll. The resort offers seaplane transfers from the Male International Airport to the resort which is a 40 to 45 minutes flight travel. And it is a roundtrip transfer. Checkout our Maldives Vacation to experience all these in real life.

Other resorts nearby

1.Sun Siyam Iru Veli

2.Sun Siyam Vilu Reef

3.Hotel Riu Palace Maldives

4.Kandima Maldives

5.Centara Island Resort and Spa Maldives

Overview of the Barefoot Eco Hotel

The Barefoot Eco Hotel in the Maldives is a 4-star eco-hotel that has plenty of ecological environment around the island. The hotel is run by Swiss and Italian management that prioritize providing unique and customized services to the guests. The lush vegetation and privacy are the key factors that draw visitors to choose this beautiful hotel on the Maldivian island. The sunbeds with the umbrella will be a divine relaxing place to watch the tides hitting the shore.

The hotel primarily nurtures the eco-life around and organizes lectures conducted by biologists on the importance of sustainability and conservation. The local community people along with activists are involved in the conservation of this land’s natural resources. This care and importance towards nature preservation have been a stand-out asset for this property.

A domestic flight from Male airport will be the mode of transfer into the Hanimaadhoo island that has an airport too. A private car transfer from the airport will reach the Barefoot eco-hotel.

People who love to shop for clothing, personalized care products can visit the Barefoot boutique and purchase. They have an ample collection of clothes and two skilled tailors will help in stitching personalized fabrics according to the guest’s wish in a short time.


  • Beachfront rooms:
    These types of rooms are on the ground floor and have direct access to the beach. There can be only a max of 4 people who can be accommodated in an each. It is a fully air-conditioned room facility with temperature control provided. The rooms are large and have 538 sqft good spacious living space with innovative design aspects incorporated. The natural traditional stone looks for the bathrooms are unique in design with a shower attached. A minibar facility is available which is chargeable at the resort.
  • Oceanfront rooms:
    This room type is built at an altitude above the beach sand which is accessed by a staircase. This property will provide an immense view of the Indian ocean and the guests can experience the orangish painting over the skyline during sunset. They have double and twin bedrooms. In terms of the size, they are very similar to that of the beachfront properties. The amenities provided are similar to the beachfront rooms.
  • Family room:
    This room type is especially suitable for a family of max 6 members. Both beachfront and ocean view properties combine with a floor to facilitate a 1076 sqft family room. The verandas are one highlight in this room category.
  • Seaside rooms:
    There are a total of 12 seaside rooms which are facing opposite each other. The furnished wooden verandas with a classic and elegant design add a new dimensional look. A wide veranda outside leads to an inner sandy courtyard. Since the rooms are adjacent and opposite to each other, they are perfect for family or friends who travel as groups.

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Restaurants and bars:

The Barefoot Restaurant never disappoints the visitors in providing the best-in-class cuisine. The seafood is freshly served with the best of spices and flavors added. The Mediterranean cuisine cooked by the Italian chef is top-notch in taste and will make everyone ask for more. Various delicious local foods are added to the menu list where people can experience the taste of Maldivian cuisine.

The restaurant mainly focuses to give hands to the locals in procuring ingredients and in supporting them. The buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner are platted alongside the view of the lagoon. The candlelight dinner is arranged for the couples giving romantic and dreamy experiences.

The juice bar refreshes the visitors with fresh juices and mocktails, which are located next to the lagoon. The floating bar has a variety of beverages like wines, cocktails, and beers which is accompanied by the blissful view of the sunset.



The resort will amaze the guests with a unique and sensational experience beyond the imagination. Excursions sailing into the sea, snorkeling activity, and biology lectures are some of the highlights to which the guests can rejoice at the resort.

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  • Excursions:
    There are various excursion plans which the guests can tour. A boat is arranged by which the excursions to monitor the manta rays and dolphin watching is done. The nighttime excursion will help discover the lively reefs and marine life underwater. For romantic couples, the sunset cruise will be absolutely delightful to remember for the rest of their life. The resort has biodiversity conservation programs where people will be taught the importance of flora and fauna. The resort provides a fully equipped gym, windsurfing, stand-up paddles, board paddles, and exclusive sailing.
  • Snorkeling and Kayaking:
    A house reef is situated close by which can be accessed by swimming or kayaking. There is complimentary snorkeling which is offered by the resort for the visitors.
  • Diving:
    There is a diving center which is located nearby the restaurant and the main jetty. They will offer diving courses for all age groups. This diving center is operated between 8:30 to 13:00 and 15:00 to 18:30. The diving team consists of 2 to 3 instructors, a compressor boy, and 2 dhoni crew. All types of equipment like regulators, masks, fins, and safety suits are provided to the divers.
  • Spa facility and yoga:
    The ayurvedic and classic massages offered to the guest will help them have a relaxing time. All these treatments are done by expert therapists. Beauty treatments are personalized based on the skin types of the guests.
    Yoga being one of the ancient forms of health beneficiary exercise helps in shaping the body and mind. The yoga is performed under the supervision of the yoga master. This mental and physical exercise is complimentary for the visitors to teach the importance of ancient and deep discipline.

How to reach?

The barefoot eco-hotel would be reached in 45 minutes via domestic flight from the Male airport. After landing at the Hanimaadhoo airport, there is a private car transfer to the resort.

Checkout our Maldives Vacation to experience all these in real life.

Nearby resorts to the Barefoot Eco Hotel:

There are quite some resorts that are close to the Barefoot Eco Hotel on the Hanimaadhoo island. These resorts have good accommodation facilities and amenities.

  • Fanhaa Guest House
  • Sea Esta Lodge, Maldives
  • Tropical Lodge
  • Cerulean View Residence
  • Himeyn Beach Maldives

Brennia Kottefaru, Maldives, is a mini-paradise on earth where you can enjoy a unique vacation. From Velana International Airport, take a scenic 40-minute seaplane flight to the resort. Participate in a variety of activities and water sports, including a free tour, non-motorized water sports, and snorkeling. Lime Restaurant offers a large breakfast, lunch, and dinner buffet with live cooking stations. Take in the breathtaking sights of blue oceans, gorgeous beaches, and fluffy white sand. Relax in one of the 18 treatment rooms at the on-site spa. Brennia is a Kingdom, having ten different types of villas scattered throughout its territory, totaling 106 land villas and 84 over-water villas. These villas are intimate and provide their guests luxury, serenity, and space to unwind and be away from the stresses of everyday life. Our villas offer comfort and familiarity, with soft mahogany furnishings and amber tones that create a warm, friendly atmosphere while also giving the impression of expansive opulence. Also Read: Varu by atmosphere resort Maldives.

Know about

  1. Brennia Kottefaru Overview
  2. Room category
  3. Dining
  4. Activities
  5. Honeymoon inclusions
  6. Amenities
  7. How to reach from Male airport

Brennia Kottefaru Overview

Brennia Kottefaru, a hidden boutique resort on Raa Atoll, is an exotic refuge surrounded by lush green trees and blue waters. The resort is a 40-minute seaplane flight from Velana International Airport and spreads over 12 hectares of land. Brennia Kottefaru in the Maldives offers high-end accommodations with top-notch amenities. The resort features Beach Villas and Water Villas that have been designed in a modern style to meet the demands of travelers and to put you at ease.

Check-in Time : 2:00 PM
Check-out Time : 12:00 PM

It offers three on-site restaurants, Lime, Manta, and Sunset Grill, that provide a variety of delectable cuisines. In addition, the resort has three bars: La Pella, Sing Sing, and Sports Bar, all of which provide a diverse selection of drinks.

Image credits : Unsplash

Room Category

Bougain Villa: Located in the island’s central region, the Bougain Villa features a clean and stylish décor with golden brown tones and teak flooring. The villas are relaxing and comfortable.

Beach Villa: Scattered throughout the island’s beach, the Beach Villa features a polished and sophisticated décor with teak flooring in golden brown tones. The villas are big and well-appointed.

Beach Pool Villa: With a sophisticated and exquisite décor of golden brown tones and teak flooring, the Beach Pool Villa frames the island’s sandy beach. The villas are relaxing and comfortable.

Water Villa: Located in the island’s gorgeous lagoons. Water Villas have a simple and elegant design with golden brown tones and teak flooring.

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Dining at Brennia Kottefaru

Lime Restaurant

Experience a variety of buffet meals at our multi-cuisine restaurant, which is open throughout the day. The main restaurant is a gourmet wonderland, with plenty to please everyone’s taste buds.

Asian Fusion A La Carte Restaurant

At our Asian specialty à la carte restaurant, entice your taste buds with the various flavors of Asia, from the spiciest dishes to the sweetest sweets. All your reservations should be made at the reception desk.

Sunset grill

Experience our fiery sunsets along with your choice of delectable grilled cuisine. From seafood to your choice of meat, our à la carte restaurant astonishes the zest of grilled food for dinner. 

La pella

After an amazing afternoon in the water, unwind with a refreshing drink and light nibbles at the main bar, which also functions as a coffee shop and caters to the poolside lounge area.

Sing Sing – Karoke bar

Those who like to conclude the day on a high note can sing together with fellow melophiles at the karaoke room.

Sports bar

Allow a cold drink to wake you up from your island stupor as you gather around the bar with fellow fans to cheer on your favourite teams.


Brennia Kottefaru manages our Water Sports Centre, which is staffed by seasoned personnel. Guests can pick from a variety of motorized and non-motorized activities at the Water Sports Centre.

  • Catamaran Sailing & Windsurfing.
  • Kayaking & Stand-up Paddle Board.
  • Snorkeling and Diving.
  • Fun Tubes.
  • Water Skiing.
  • Knee boarding.

Excursions Include

  • Jet Ski Excursions
  • Dolphin/Turtle Cruise
  • Coral Gardening
  • Fishing

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Honeymoon inclusions

  • Includes On arrival fruits & turn-down service with homemade cookies and chocolate.
  • In-villa bed decoration for they honeymooners
  • Bottle of Rose Sparkling wine- Champagne (once during the stay).
  • Candlelit dinner set-menu with widespread choices (once during the stay)


  • Wi-Fi access- Using a high-speed internet connection, share your special moments with your friends on social media.
  • Conference rooms are available at the resort for uninterrupted meetings throughout your business trip.
  • Do your clothes get wrinkled in your suitcase because of the laundry service? There’s no need to be concerned; the resort offers a laundry service for an additional fee to ensure that you’re constantly well-dressed.
  • Room service- Don’t want to leave your room but still want to feel at ease? Stay in your own comfort zone with 24-hour room service.
  • A refrigerator, bathrobes and slippers, closet, open sky shower, comfortable lounge chairs on a private balcony, and many other facilities are included.
  • Dining- The hotel has a multi-cuisine restaurant with world-class chefs.
  • Spa- Enjoy a body-relaxing spa experience in the wellness spa, complete with soothing massages and professionally crafted music.
  • Outdoor sports, a state-of-the-art business retreat, indoor games, and much more! Recreation and Sports – A range of places, for a variety of activities -outdoor sports, a state-of-the-art business retreat, indoor games, and much more!
  • Fitness Studio- If you are a health nut, the resort assures that you do not miss a single day of exercise. All guests get access to a state-of-the-art gym and fitness studio with sophisticated fitness equipment.
Image Credits: Unsplash

How to reach from Male Airport?

Brennia Kottefaru is a small island in the Raa Atoll. The Maldives International Airport is 156 kilometers away, and it can be reached by domestic flight, speed boat, or seaplane. The seaplane travel takes 40 minutes, whereas the domestic flight takes about 20 minutes, followed by a 20-minute boat ride.

Relax, rejuvenate and make yourself for hassle free honeymoon/ vacation through Maldives Vacation and have a amazing experience, Now that you know it’s tailored made and it’s a huge retreat for you to sit back and explore the places and unleash your travel thirsts.

Summer Island Maldives Resort- Overview

Meeru island resort
Image credits: Pixabay

The Summer Island Maldives Resort is definitely a spectacular, calm, and relaxing place to stay. The Summer Island Maldives Resort is the perfect place for people who are looking for a simple beach holiday. The Summer Island Resort Maldives is situated in a stunning which is why it is a perfect place to spend one’s vacation. The resort is inhabited by a private island in North Male Atoll. The island has smooth white sand beaches, blue water, along with comfortable beach bungalows, and water villas. Honeymooners can choose Summer Island Maldives Resort for their memorable time.


  • Overview
  • Location
  • Types of Accommodation
  • Food, dining and more
  • What are the experiences?
  • How to reach the resort?
  • The resorts nearby


The Summer Island Resort Maldives is located in the North Male Atoll on the gorgeous island of Ziyaaraifushi. It is just 42km away from Male International Airport.

Types of Accommodation

The Summer Island Resort Maldives offers totally 156 comfortable rooms and villas in 6 different categories and 1 suite. All the rooms in the resort are open-air in designed and bright, and also, the lighter furniture compliments the fresh tropical vibe to relax and lounge. The rooms have Lightwood, tiles, fabrics, and paintings on the walls which creates more space. All rooms in the resort offers modern, simple wooden furniture, coffee and tea making amenities, kettles, flat-screen satellite TV. And also, CELYON Summer Island baths, mini-bars or mini-refrigerators in the rooms. The Superior Vista rooms have open bathrooms.

  • The Summer house
  • Garden Room
  • Superior Beach
  • Superior Vista
  • Superior Bungalow
  • Premium Beach Villa
  • Water Villa

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Food, dining and more

There are 4 restaurants in the resort and there is an option for private dining too. Popular food offered seafood, salad buffet, fresh soup, grill station, and many main dishes. The apple-cinnamon cake is a delightful dessert offered by the restaurant. And there is a choice for every other person’s taste.

1. Samuga 

This is the main restaurant, this restaurant offers delicious buffets for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Besides delicacies from around the world the restaurant has live cooking stations.

2. AVI 

This restaurant is situated overwater and includes a bar, this restaurant is best known for its live music and exclusive beverages.

3. HIYA 

This restaurant is only reserved for the guests staying in Premium Beach Villas and Water Villas, and it is also an overwater restaurant that serves delicacies from an a-la-carte menu.

3. NEVI 

It is a beach bar that is a perfect place for the guests to chill and enjoy refreshing drinks.

4.A romantic dinner in the beach

In case of any special occasion, or just any celebration the resort offers a bottle of wine, and the guests can choose their food. Also a private beach dinner is arranged, under the dazzling stars and the chilled breeze of the beach.

5. A breakfast with champagne

The guests are offered champagne, delicious breakfast with pastries, fresh tropical fruit, coffee, and tea which is served on the beach, and enjoying the food.

6. Tasty Barbeque dinner

The talented chef of the resort make and serve the delicious special barbeque dinner.

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What are the Experiences?

The Summer Island Resort Maldives offers multiple activities which are sailing in a Dhoni that is a Maldivian boat, live diving experiences under the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean, where the guest can encounter the most beautiful fish, coral, and other species in the ocean. The guest can experience a relaxing morning spa offered by the Summer Island Maldives Resort. This is done by professional masseurs who use Ayurvedic treatments. Or the guests can simply choose to read a book in the library or at the resort facilities enjoying the sea breeze.

The resort has a certified Diverland PADI diving school near its lobby where the guests can find night dives, snorkeling with manta rays, diving courses, and their professional team. The Summer Island is closer to the outside reef located on the north-western edge of North Male Atoll maldives. This is a perfect location for a dive base because it put the divers within easy reach of some 40 top sites that provide very unique types of diving. The adrenaline junkie has channel dives along with strong currents that whisk a person along at an exhilarating rate. In places, these types of currents cause upwellings where large sharks congregate to cruise effortlessly back and forth. These are such spots which are the famous shark points at Kuda Faru and Woshi Mas Thila. Madigaa and Eriyadhoo Outside are 2 prime spots on the Outside Reef. The interested underwater naturalists will enjoy the dives of the inside atoll where hard and soft corals are fast recolonizing the reef and attracting the largest diversity of colourful small fishes.

The resort has a certified Diverland PADI diving school near its lobby where the guests can find night dives, snorkeling with manta rays, diving courses, and their professional team.

  • The guests can experience relaxing therapies at the exclusive overwater spa.
  • The guest can enjoy a swim in the oceanfront infinity pool. They can relax and calm themselves at the beach with a book from the library.
  • The guests can buy souvenirs back home in the boutique present inside the resort.
  • The guests can indulge in all these adventurous water sports too, like snorkeling, scuba diving, fun tube rides, and picnicking on the sands of the beach. 
  • The resort also offers kayaking, paddleboarding, fishing, angling, sunset cruises and they also provide local island tours. 

How to reach the resort?

To reach the resort from the Male International Airport it takes 15 minutes of travel by seaplane and 45 minutes by speedboat to reach the island. Seaplane and speedboat are the 2 means of transport to reach the resort. Check out our Maldives Vacation to experience a stunning vacation.

The resorts nearby

  • Coco bodhu Hithi
  • Paradise Island Resort and spa
  • Oblu Select Sangeli
  • Taj Coral Reef resort and Spa Maldives
  • Adaaran Select Hudhuranfushi Resort