Maldives has commercialized over the decades. The resorts, hotels, water sport activities in Maldives boosted as the tourism industry flourished. The activities provided for fun and leisure in Maldives also play a huge role in showcasing the lifestyle and culture of the island. The capital city of Male has been increasingly becoming one of the most ‘happening’ places in Maldives. Offering majority of the water sports and now skydiving in Maldives as well! Get a chance to behold the alluring, white sandy islands of Maldives from an aerial view. Maldives truly has surprised the world with its underwater wonders and now with its azure blue skies. Skydiving in a tropical, archipelago country like Maldives is a one of a kind experience which thrill seekers should definitely not miss out on. Capture the painting-like scenes of this tropical paradise in your memory as you fall free through the skies.

The blue Maldivian skies which meet the turquoise waters of the sea over the horizon, gives you a sense of free falling in a blue paradise. Witness the sublime views of the lagoons, forests and panoramic views of the islands far away while you skydive in Maldives. The clear sunny skies with little to no clouds in Maldives create an ideal set up for a smooth flight and soft landing. Like all the good things in the world are short lived, similarly skydiving in Maldives is no exception. The free fall lasts for a minute as you glide through the endless blue skies at a speed of 120 mph.

To ensure all round safety of the tourists skydiving in Maldives, there are certified instructors and professional tandem divers included in the package. For all the first timers and beginners, tandem diving is the best option to choose while skydiving in Maldives. The price usually ranges from INR 30,000 to INR 50,000 that includes a 20 minute airplane ride, certified instructors, skydivers and skydiving equipment.

When it comes to eligibility, people below the age of 13, pregnant women are not allowed. People with difficulty in mobility, impairments or wheelchair users are refrained from skydiving in Maldives. This is a private tour and activity in Maldives. It is advised you to not carry any illegal drugs, alcohol or any prohibited substances.

Skydiving Site in Maldives

Make sure you report to Kooddoo Airport well in advance for your dive.
Carry your Valid ID proofs for documentation and age proof.
The hotels in Male and Hulhumale offer pick up and drop facilities for your tour.
The tour lasts for 1 hour with skydiving timings beginning from 8 AM to 6PM.

The prices keep fluctuating according to the peak season in Maldives. Hence it is advisable to contact the skydiving services for current prices and packages. Get your adrenaline pumped for a whole minute and fall freely through the most beautiful skies of the most beautiful destination in the world. The Maldivian skies are equally beautiful and scenic as its turquoise clear seas. While you are in Maldives, don’t limit your adventurous streak only till seas, when literally sky’s the limit. One of the world’s exhilarating activities to do in Maldives, Male is here to help you tick items off your bucket list. When it comes to diving, be it scuba diving or skydiving in Maldives, the activities are safe and often accompanied by experienced professionals. Skydiving in Maldives is bound to leave you speechless and in awe of the scenic nature surrounding you. Definitely one of the best adventurous activity to do in Maldives vacation with your friends and partner that is very likely to turn into a core memory.

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