Barbados or Maldives

Vacation in Maldives? or Vacation in Barbados? Either way, these summer destinations ooze with distinct vibes of island life. These island countries are situated on opposite sides of the world and are diverse in their geography, character, aura and culture. Hence, a vacation in Maldives or vacation in Barbados can take you through a kaleidoscope of adventures, experiences and memories. Following is briefly categorised information about Maldives and Barbados to get you started on planning your next exciting summer vacation!


Maldives is a jewel of the crown of Asia that has more than 1000 islands spread across the Indian Ocean. The capital city is Male is well connected to these islands and its 26 Atolls. Each Atoll consists of numerous smaller islands that offer the most luxurious hotels, resorts and water villas in Maldives. The vibrant coral reefs, stunning views of the ocean, a peaceful cohabitation between you and the exotic marine life is what makes this place unforgettable. The colour palette of turquoise blue lagoons, lush forests and pristine white sands never fail to mesmerise. A lot of tourists flock to Maldives to experience the most posh, lavish and luxurious summer vacation of their lives. This summer destination tends to be popular among couples and honeymooners. The hospitality in Maldives is exceptional which highly emphasises on providing top class service and comfort to its tourists. The national currency of Maldives is Rufiyaa (MVR) which is vastly used for transactions across the islands as well as US dollars, British Pounds and Euros.

How to Get There

Velana International Airport Male is a gateway to Maldives

Seaplane/cruise transfer from Male Airport to your desired destination.

Things to do

Being a world famous destination for summer, Maldives has an array of adventurous activities, relaxing activities and wellness treatments. You are bound to find something that will peak your interest in Maldives. Here are some fun things to do on your Maldives vacation:

  1. Exploring the Capital City
  2. SkyDiving
  3. Snorkelling
  4. Scuba Diving
  5. Experience Bioluminescence
  6. Kayaking
  7. Paddling
  8. Jet Skiing
  9. Water skiing
  10. Kite surfing
  11. Surfing
  12. Parasailing
  13. Shopping
  14. Spa and wellness treatments
  15. Helicopter ride

Top places to stay in Maldives

1. Six Senses Laamu

One of the most extravagant water villas in Maldives, Six Senses is the epitome of allround service and convenience. The overwater stays are one of the most unique styles of accommodations in Maldives. A noteworthy mention of the overwater fine dining restaurants, ice cream and chocolate shops.

2. Hard Rock Hotel Maldives

It’s sleek, modern and upscale interiors give off a sense of staying in a futuristic accommodation. The bright colours used in its decor makes it a best match for young couples and friend groups travelling to Maldives.

3. JOALI Maldives

This is as close to nature as one could get in Maldives. A slice of paradise amidst a private island. JOALI is known for its lavish wooden decor and green outdoor concepts.


Barbados is known to be the most eastern island in the Caribbean chain. The green-blue waters of the Atlantic ocean, fine white sandy beaches and a gorgeous mix of flora and fauna captures the essence of Barbados. The geographical features of Barbados include a unique blend of caves which have evolved volcanically, rolling green hills and open gardens. The capital city of Bridgetown Garrison has a vast history around its area. The architecture, culture, heritage and monuments in the city reflect the effects of colonialism by the British, Spain, France and Holland. The harbour city was considered to be a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its pivotal role in world history.

The country is known for its hip and lively culture, cheerful people and a stress free lifestyle. The locals of Barbados, also known as Bajans are warm, welcoming and tend to keep a larger than life perspective. The culture is youthful, full of fun and radiant when it comes to partying or celebrating festivals. The country is known for its bombastic carnival held every year. The currency accepted for transactions in Barbados is Barbados Dollars and US Dollars. Make sure you carry international credit cards or convert your currency into the local currency for your vacation in Barbados.

How To Get There

Grantley Adams international Airport. (BGI) is well connected to Miami and few other International airports in Europe. 

Car/Taxi service to your desired destination.

Things to do

  1. Explore the Museums and Galleries
  2. Visit the ravishing beaches
  3. Scuba diving
  4. Windsurfing
  5. Glass bottom boats
  6. Experience the catamaran cruise
  7. Drive sea scooters
  8. Go on Rum tours and breweries
  9. Shipwreck Tours
  10. Explore the caves
  11. Visit the Wildlife Reserves
  12. Botanical Gardens
  13.  Sightseeing in Cherry tree hills, Cove bay, Hackleton’s cliff, Harry Bayley Observatory
  14.  Dazzling Nightclubs
  15.  Farmer’s Market

Places to Stay in Barbados

1. The Atlantis

It is a boutique hotel in Barbados offering stunning views of the east coast to its tourists. The hotel is perfect for weddings, special occasions due to its simple yet ambient decor. The food here tastes even better with the quiet and still surroundings.

2. The Crane Resort

This is by far one of the most classiest resorts in Barbados. The Crane Resort is located near Crane Bay, hosting fine dining multi-cuisine restaurants for its tourists.  They serve exquisite Barbados cuisine, Japanese cuisine and Italian cuisine. Probably the best place to relax and escape from the fast pace of life in Barbados. The most recommended drink at the Bar 1887 is a rum punch with a side of fries. 

3. Sugar Bay Barbados

Located in the capital city Bridgetown, Sugar Bay offers fantastic views of the Drill Hall beach to its tourists. This is a resort and spa that provides more than 5 restaurants, a steakhouse, luxurious swim-up bar, beachfront eatery and watersports to its tourists.

Vacation in Maldives and vacation in Barbados offer completely dynamic experiences. While both of these are best vacation destinations for families and couples, the aura of these islands offer contrasting vibes. The former destination is more suitable for peaceful, luxe, posh and rejuvenating trips while the latter is more suitable for a lively, youthful, radiant and celebratory escape from the monotony.

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