The Island of the Maldives in the focal Indian Ocean is a nation made up completely of coral atolls. The reefs offer top-notch swimming, while the seaward waters are home to an incredible overflow and variety of cetaceans.

Generally bountiful of everything is the spinner dolphin, which takes care of seaward around evening time. They come into the atolls to rest during the day. This routinely utilizes specific reef channels. Many retreat islands offer short trips to watch the spinners as they go through these channels.

Spinner dolphins are the commonest cetacean species in the Maldives and are the primary species. These outings here and there additionally see Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins inside the atolls. The other is just pilot whales and other species outside the atolls.

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The Best Dolphin Spot In Maldives

Muli Channel in the Meemu Atoll is seldom known and discussed. Be that as it may, it is certainly one of the most outstanding dolphin spots in the Maldives. There are just two retreats in Meemu Atoll, Medhufushi Island Resort, and Hakuraa Hura. Fewer hotels in this atoll might be the explanation it isn’t commonly known in the movement local area.

On an occasion of a 4 day trip in an outlandish ocean side. Many hotels in the Maldives offer dolphin watching outings and it is perhaps the most famous trip among the traveler. Resorts can’t ensure that you will see dolphins. It involves possibility, it might likewise rely upon climate conditions and seasons. All things considered, you might need to discover which resort allows the best opportunity of seeing dolphins.

Dolphin watching at Muli Channel gives a triumph pace of 85%, lasting through the year. Better the climate is, the better possibility of seeing dolphins. At this point, the dolphins are amicable, as a rule, keep the boat and perform high leaps. In all honesty, dolphins got an extraordinary funny bone. They may not comprehend your language yet they appear to comprehend you quite well.

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You don’t need to take care of or feed to watch dolphins, the boat needs to dial back and they would follow the boat. Giving acclaim is an extraordinary method for getting them perform great.

In the event that you are considering swimming or plunging with dolphins I did jumping here in Muli Channel and didn’t see any dolphin, just heard them making clamors a ways off. I didn’t take a stab at swimming as it was not presented by any retreat, certain individuals recommended it could even be dangerous assuming that there is a child dolphin as moms endeavor to ensure children. Jumping was astounding. Outright lucidity in water makes you in a real sense fail to remember you are in water.

Places to Swim with Dolphins in Maldives

  • Swim with Nurse Sharks and Explore – Vaavu Atoll Maldives
  • Half Day Snorkeling – Shadow Palm Resorts (Turtle Reef, Palm Reef, Nemo Point, Giant Sand Bank and the Dolphin Cruise)
  • Nurse shark and Dolphin swimming with Coral nursery experience – Maafushi
  • Maldives Boat Charter (Private Boat Rental) – South Male Atoll
  • Swimming with dolphins – Vaavu Atoll



Most dolphins are dynamic during the 24 hours, both constantly despite the fact that they are basically dynamic during the morning and evening. All that they do during the day relies upon the states of their environment, the period of the year, the time, and the physiological states of their bodies.

Sleeping behavior

Since they need some level of awareness to arrive at the surface and inhale, they keep one cerebral side of the equator dynamic while different rests. Dolphins in captivity have completely unique resting conduct than wild dolphins as they keep their blowhole off the water and don’t react to light improvements, obviously having a more profound rest, maybe on the grounds that they are not worried about hunters in their tanks that could undermine them.

Feeding behavior

The taking care of exercises can be completed separately or in gatherings, helping out one another to catch bigger prey and having less energy consumption. One surprising conduct is the point at which they do a kind of “a hack,” tossing their food out.

The amiability of dolphins is obvious because of their constant relationship with different dolphins of similar species and sporadically cooperations even with different types of cetaceans and creatures overall.

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Wildlife of Maldives

The natural life of Maldives incorporates the vegetation of the islands, reefs, and the encompassing sea.


  • Fish
  • Reptiles and amphibians
  • Birds
  • Mammals


  • Coelenterata
  • Arthropods
  • Mollusks
  • Echinoderms
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Whale watching

In view of the shallow water, the blue tone is all the more brilliant and striking, simply ideal for watching dolphins. In any case, the reef is an additional extremely well-known plunge site. The geological cosmetics of Meemu Atoll are exceptionally extraordinary, there is an external reef that secures every one of the islands inside the atoll. To visit most islands in Meemu Atoll ships need to go through this channel. There is solid current streaming in and out, consistently. That gets clear water and makes permeability in the water precious stone understood.

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The Maldives atoll chain runs some 800km north to south. The distinctions between the north and south are generally minor. For cetaceans, the one exemption for this is for the melon-headed whale, which is just found in overflow in the south. The Maldives is affected by the rainstorm, with solid breezes likely in December-January and furthermore during late May to August. The calmest seasons, and in this manner the best times for cetacean-watching, are during the stormy times of February to early May and September to early December. Choose the Maldives Vacation to have a great vacation experience.


When is the right time to fly and visit Maldives ??
The best time to visit the Maldives is from November to April

What are the covid restrictions in Maldives ??
No restrictions as such, but the RT PCR Tests and Vaccines are compulsory.

Do we help you book flights for the Maldives ??
We definitely help you with flight booking as well! Just reach out to us by sharing your phone number, name and email id and you’ll get a call from our experts to help you with everything.

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