Maldives is undoubtedly one of the most famous destinations for summer and tropical holidays. A flock of tourists from around the globe visit this island nation for all kinds of travel. It is pretty evident that your loved ones back home might ask you to bring them a souvenir from your Maldives vacation. Grab a wicker basket as your shopping cart and get going on a shopping spree in Maldives. Male being the capital city tends to offer a varied range of shops, boutiques, street markets and showrooms for tourists shopping in Maldives.

Here is a unique list of shops in Maldives from where you can buy souvenirs for yourself, your family, friends, colleagues and maybe even lovers.

  1. Male local market- The Classic

         The best way to interact with the locals and experience a place’s culture is to visit its local   markets. Shopping in Male’s local market easily tops the list of exciting things to do in Maldives. The market houses numerous handicraft shops, souvenir shops, street food and unbelievably fresh produce meat and vegetables.  If you are one of those people who get excited over grocery shopping and snacks, this is the place for you. 

Best Buy for : People on gastronomical ventures, foodie friends back home.. 

  1. Centro Mall – The Boujee Experience

. The mall is home to several branded clothing stores, exquisite seafood restaurants, cafes, home goods, gift shops, alluring spas and salons which gives the tourists an all round shopping experience in Maldives. This is one of the ‘happening’ places of Hulhumale waiting for your visit.

Best Buy for : Everyone. 

  1. Majeedhee Magu – Everything at once

Majeedhee Magu Market has it all, anything and everything you need. From jewellery, cosmetics to electronics and clothing, this street market in Majeedhee Magu is the best place to fulfil your shopping needs in Maldives. You can also find fish chips, canned fish products at the best cheap prices. 

Best Buy for : makeup enthusiasts, cat owners and shopping enthusiasts. 

  1. Fabrics shop – For the Fashionista in you

The fabrics in Maldives are vibrant and sold at a reasonable price. Fabric shops like Jalparee Fothi Fihaara, Farikamana,  Sindhitha offer a wide range of Maldivian fabric to choose from. Let your fashion sense tingle while shopping in Maldives and buy fabrics for your new personal fashion project. 

Best Buy For : Fashion enthusiasts. 

  1. Chandhanee Magu – A junction for national and international

Chandhanee Magu is yet another shopping district in Maldives that caters to your shopping needs of imported and local goods. The place is filled with local handmade crafts, imported watches, shoes, bags and many more. The stationery stores, book stores and fancy cafes add to the beauty of this market. There are stunning shops like Asrafee Bookshop, Novelty Bookshop, Havaas Bookshop, Nursery Bookshop and many more that offer cute stationeries. 

Best Buy for : Craft collectors, people who adore watches, stationery enthusiasts, book lovers. 

  1. Boutiques – The Aesthetic Purchase

It goes without saying that vacationing in Maldives is a luxurious experience, shopping in Maldives is no exception either. There are a few posh stores like Island Bazaar, Lost Souvenirs, Antique & Style Souvenir Mart and Island Breeze that offer aesthetic home decor products like cushions, wall hangings, fridge magnets, apparels and showpieces.

Best Buy for : Your Home, friends, colleagues.

  1.  Souvenir Shops- Taking home a piece of Maldives with you

The dhonis, the local boat made out of coconut timber, is an essential part of Maldivian life. Kaashi Boat gift shop offers the best souvenir shopping experience in Maldives. Your Maldives vacation is incomplete if you fail to take a piece of this tropical paradise with you.   The shop consists of miniature dhonis, keychains, intricately painted, carved vases and bowls. Common elements you might come across during your stay in Maldives; like fishes, drums, boats, seashells etc. are sold in these souvenir shops, something for you to remember about Maldives. 

Best Buy for :  boat enthusiasts, loved ones, family, yourself.

  1. Oevaali Art Shop and Avahteri Gallery

Artists are the best mirrors when it comes to society, culture and heritage. The local artists of Maldives have beautifully reflected Maldivian art, history and lifestyle in their paintings. The pleasing paintings are the best part of the artsy shopping in Maldives. Art can never bore you hence do pay a visit to  creative venues of Maldives: Avahteri Gallery, National Art Gallery and Art Gallery Male. Add a Maldivian touch to that cozy nook at your house with these paintings. 

Best Buy for : Family, friends, loved ones, yourself. 

  1.  The Airport Duty Free

It is quite possible that you forget to buy that antique boat you were asked for. Male International Airport is here for your rescue. Shopping at Duty free shops at the airport is the best shopping experience in Maldives you can ask for. The shops are filled with items like organic cosmetics, dhonis, lacquer products, wicker handbags,  Maldivian fabrics and sarongs. 

Best Buy for : Family, friends, people who are into skincare, colleagues. 

  1.   Tickle your taste buds on your Maldives vacation

After a taxing venture of shopping in Maldives, your stomach is most likely growling for the delicious Maldivian delicacies. There are exclusive restaurants and bistros that offer the best quality seafood in Maldives. On the other hand, people travelling on a tight budget can explore cute cafes, bars and ravishing  street food. 

  • Sala Thai – This is an authentic Thai restaurant in Male that offers scrumptious soups, noodles and thai curries to its visitors. The vibe of this restaurant is laid back, calm and fancy. This restaurant in Male experiences a rush of tourists during weekdays hence plan accordingly. 
  • Salt Cafe and Restaurant – Overlooking the blue sea, Salt cafe and restaurant has an open dining area where you can devour tasty snacks whilst admiring the sparkling shoreline.The restaurant serves one of the best Italian, Chinese, Indian and Maldivian Cuisine in Maldives. 
  • Meraki Coffee Roasters – This is by far one of the best coffee shops in Male. The open brick interiors, a trained barista and good coffee are enough to re-energize from the shopping spree you had in Male. 
  • STO Supermarket –  A supermarket is a hungry man’s heaven. Quench your thirst and munch away your hunger at this life saving supermarket. This is the best place to shop in Maldives for budget travellers.
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