Patina Maldives is one of the most luxurious resorts you can find in the Maldives. Located in the Fari islands that belong to the North Male Atoll, Patina is one of the most recent launches of the Capella group. The Fari islands is an archipelago that features a marina and three luxury private island resorts. The Capella Maldives, The Ritz- Carlton Maldives and the Patina Maldives are the three luxury resorts that share the Fari islands.

About Patina Maldives

The Patina Maldives, a 5-star, ultra-luxury property, was recently inaugurated in June 2021. The resort boasts 90 spacious and contemporarily designed one, two and three-bedroom beach and water pool villas. The 20 Fari studios that are part of the resort make guests experience privacy and the feeling of belonging simultaneously. The importance given to the art is seen as soon as one steps onto the island. The Korean art pieces and the artwork of world-renowned artist James Turrell add to the visual impact that the island conveys. The resort is also keen on its sustainability goals and being eco-friendly. They have partnered with the Olive Ridley Project. The project helps with the rehabilitation of injured turtles from the Indian ocean. They also aim to produce 50% of their entire power needs via solar energy by 2030. The plans for their water purifying and packaging plant is in the works.

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Archipelago Maldives
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Dining at Patina Maldives

Skilled and talented chefs handpick an ensemble of the finest cuisine. Each of the 12 concepts presented in the resort will blow your mind away. The quality of the ingredients used is of the highest priority. The following are the different concepts presented in the resort. Also check with Mercure Maldives Kooddoo Resort.


A nature-inspired cuisine that serves a fresh and light plant-based meal that uses fresh, nutritious, organic and homegrown produce. The restaurant believes in serving healthy food that caters to the body, mind and soul. 


Indulge in an experience that creates a perfect fusion of Japanese and Nordic cuisine. This is the perfect spot for a wonderful evening filled with sophisticated encounters. 


Witness the Latin American play of fire, smoke and spices. The restaurant draws inspiration from the cold desert region of Patagonia, where the food is prepared over an open flame. Dig into the grilled meat dishes that have the rustic flavours of South America. 


A social hub with intense energy serving authentic Asian food. The ambience of the restaurant radiates the vibe of a chic Hong Kong society. 


Enjoy the rich Mediterranean cuisine, set over the beach overlooking the sea with a beautiful sunset view in the evenings. 


A private space where guests can taste the wine collection and cheese. Explore the different combinations, understand the various taste characteristics and find out the perfect pair. The space is open on request.


The excitement we had when the ice cream truck came to our street is the inspiration behind this concept. Enjoy the naturally sweet, creamy, melt in the mouth dessert that is served to you from a modified tuk-tuk ice cream truck. 


Sip into a cocktail and enjoy a light and tasty bite by the beach. The bar is open all days of the week from 11 am to 7 pm.


The Fari Beach club is a place that defines beachfront entertainment paired with a wonderful dining experience. Fine dining, fine nutrition and fine music go together in perfect harmony here, under the guidance and supervision of Nick Bril, a world-famous chef with more than one Michelin star under his belt. 


Food served in Arab style tents, with lanterns hanging, lighting the place and colourful fabrics that adorn the tents recreating the Arab ambience. The ambience sets the scene for shareable mezze platters, tandoor-grilled meats and iconic street fare. Alongside the food flavorful hookahs, Turkish coffee, Moroccan tea and creative cocktails are also served. 

Asia is a vast continent and the variety of street food that is liked across the globe is also vast. Tum Tum is a concept where this Asian street food is served to people on a food truck located in the Fari Island marina. This is the perfect spot to stop after a tiresome day of walking and shopping, Meat- and vegetable-filled bao buns, steamed dumplings, aromatic soups and flavorful noodle dishes are some of the best-sellers of Tum Tum.


There is nothing that can satisfy a person like a proper burger. Enjoy these quality burgers that feel like they’ve just been cooked in a food truck before you. This is the pitstop that guests visit at least once during their stay at the resort. 

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Activities at Patina Maldives

The activities provided in the Patina Maldives are classified under sub categories that will be discussed below.

This is an experience that is organised by the resort for people who believe in the art of hacking our biology in the name of energising the body and mind. The Wellbeing experience complements the nurturing spa to guide the guests that desire to re-energise, rejuvenate or just relax. The activities under this experience are as follows

  • Paddleboard Meditation
  • Sunrise and Sunset Yoga
  • Aquabike Fitness
  • Immune boost arranged by the culinary team of the Roots

Patina Maldives supports creativity and showcases original and expressive art. The following are the events that are part of the Stimulate experience.

  • Retail Therapy
  • Patina Maldives
  • Boduberu Class where guest learn to play the traditional large drum instrument called the Boduberu.
  • Art Tour

An ocean-themed experience that helps guests celebrate the water and the ocean ecosystem. Patina Maldives is surrounded by some of the best waters in the planet. The following are the activities that are part of the ocean experience.

  • Build Your Own Coral Reef, where a marine biologist will help the guest with seeding and planting a coral frame on the lagoon.
  • Little Surf Camp
  • Ocean Conservancy
  • Snorkelling

An experience where guests get to discover, get inspired, engage in programs and witness the exceptional facilities. The following are the activities that are part of this experience.

  • Cooking Creation
  • Kid’s Spa Workshop
  • Footprints Dolphin Cruise
  • Fab Lab, a place where kids get to experience futuristic tech like 3-D printing, laser cutting etc.

Island Location and Transportation from Airport

Patina Maldives is located in the Fari Islands on the North Male Atoll. The resort is 48 km away from the main island Male. The resort can be reached by a 45-minute scenic journey on a speed boat. You will be escorted by the resort people from the airport to the jetty and from the jetty to the island. Look out the Maldives Vacation to have a memorable experience.

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  1. How is the network connectivity on the island?
    The island has a Hi-speed Wifi connection throughout the island. You will have high speed stable connections no matter which part of the island you are located in.
  2. Can we take children to the resort?
    Yes. This is a child friendly resort with activies that keep the kids entertained during their stay on the island.
  3. Is there anything special that we need to take to Maldives ?
    Sunscreen and mosquito repellants would be something that one should always carry to Maldives. If you are interested in snorkelling, a dry bag to store your belongings would also be needed. If you are taking a seaplane, note that the baggage is usually limited to 25kg