About Kuredu Island Resort and Spa

Positioned in the Lhaviyani Atoll on the Maldives Island is the Kuredu Island Resort and Spa. With the Island being located closer to the equator, it predominantly experiences more of a tropical climate. The climatic conditions in the maldives is similar to the tropical weather, with strong winds and rains in the monsoon period and that weather changes quickly into clear open sky as a result of the air streams. It hardly takes 35 minutes of travel time to reach the resort from the Seaplane transfer is possible option to reach the resort. The time taken to reach the Kuredu Island Resort and Spa is approximately 35-40 minutes from the Velana International airport. Trans Maldivian Airways, is the only seaplane operational company that runs across 65 other resorts in the Maldives.

The accommodation includes 380+ rooms with different types of villa categories according to amenities facilitated. The things that are to rejoice at the resort is its mouth-watering food experience, a wide range of beverages to try at the bars, body relaxing treatments offered at the spa of the resort, and a piece of enlightening night music and dance shows organized by the resort to give a visual treat for the guests. Snorkeling, scuba diving, excursions in a wooden yacht are some good activities to explore. This man-built island is a retreat for the visitors to have a gala time on their holiday.

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Kuredu Island Resorts & Spa

Room categories in Kuredu Island Resort & Spa

Kuredu Resort & Spa gives a choice to be selected from its built architecture and room types. Like the Garden Bungalows, Beach Bungalows, Premium Beach Villas and Jacuzzi Beach Villas, or the ecstatic Water Villas.

Types of accomodation

Garden Bungalows

These properties are at an affordable price with no compromise on amenities. The garden bungalows are the perfectly covered around with lush green landscape,around. The palm trees giving shade for the outdoor deck and feels very comfortable with the amenities offered to the guests.

Beach Bungalows

This bungalow is a blend between the green foliage cover and the picturesque view of the tides from the shore. With these bungalows facing towards the seashore, the guests who love the view of tropical view and enjoy the beach waves will have a great holiday time under a reasonable travel budget.

Beach Villas

For Those wishing for a classic and tranquil holiday experience, beach villas are the sort of properties to choose. With an elegant and scenic layout and prefer to have mealtime at the resort’s main restaurant called the ‘Koamas restaurant’.

Premium Beach Villa

These are designed modernly with a good spacious living area and more amenities added to the villa. The villa will give a blissful view of the sunrise in the morning and is absolutely a perfect to start the day with a cup of coffee. With the Spa located near the main facility, it’s nice to have a good relaxing body massage after spending time in the morning in water activities or building sandcastles.

‘O’ Beach Villas

 This type of beach villa hosts a very special and surreal experience in its fashion. The villas are close to the O’ reception area, where the ‘O’ Restaurant with terrace seating is available, and the ‘O’ Bar which has a wide selection of beverages, and in the evening, entertainment is guaranteed. The resort has a private pool. Activities like playing golf in the golf course and dolphin safari are the must-visit dos in the stay.

Deluxe Beach Villa

People who want to spend quality with their families can choose to opt for these deluxe beach villas. of its built area, it is ideal for families to have a gala time at the villa.

Jacuzzi Beach Villas

The jacuzzi beach villas are spread across the resort’s main beach which is close to the lagoon and accessible from the island’s main facilities. Koamas restaurant is the only restaurant where the guests can enjoy their mealtime. There are three jacuzzi beach villas at the Kuredu, main beach (Jacuzzi Beach Villa), Sangu resort (Sangu Jacuzzi Beach Villa), and O’ Resort (O’ Jacuzzi Beach Villas).

Sangu Water Villas

The Sangu water villas are built over the crystal clear waters on wooden support structures known for wonderful romantic experiences. The jaw-dropping interiors with a beautiful sundeck give a luxurious hotel encounter. There are two types of room categories: Sangu water villa and Sangu water villa – honeymoon suite.

Private Pool Villas

These villas are exclusively for private experience and a sumptuous Maldives getaway. Designed with utmost aesthetics to give a serene feeling and are close by to the island’s main dining. There are two variants: Single pool villas and Double pool villas.

Food & Dining

The beach shalk offers traditionally prepared seafood and vegetarian menus. Delicacies like oysters, lobster, tuna, fresh salads, and soups are some dishes to try at the resort. The Far East is a Japanese cuisine restaurant where one can taste tantalizing flavors from the menu. Franco’s menu comprises Greek, Spanish, and Italian food cuisines which serve Mediterranean food recipes for the guests.

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Bars at the resort are :

These are some of the bars where good drinks and beverages can be a delight to have in the evening time

  • Babuna Bar
  • Sangu Bar
  • O Bar
  • Akiri Bar
  • Pool Bar
  • Golf Bar
  • Sai Kotari
  • Bulleit Bar.


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The activities which very popular and that should be experienced at the resort are:

  • Scuba diving
  • Snorkeling
  • Ocean Watersport
  • Excursions
  • Spa
  • Gym
  • Golf
  • Tennis & Padel tennis
  • Entertainment

How to reach?

Seaplane transfer is the possible option to reach the resort. The time taken to reach the Kuredu Island Resort and Spa is approximately 35-40 minutes from the Velana International airport. The trans Maldivian airways is the operating seaplane facility from the airport to the resort which has seaplane landing facility provided. Check out our Maldives Vacation to change your vacation a memorable one.

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