Nakai Dhiggiri resort Maldives, completely renovated and has got new looks in the year 2016. It is a few steps away from Dhiggiri Beach. There is a massage center that is located in dhiggiri where the staffs give warm welcome for the moment of relaxation also provides a cup of tea with different flavors which will give the guests peace of mind. Dhiggir resort has a villa that provides maximum privacy to the tourists. It is spacious enough, where one can relax by cradling on the porch swing and enjoying the sun rays.The guest can choose what suits them. Enjoy and experience the magic of degree Nakkai resort.
Nakkai Dhiggiri resort Maldives offers the guests three different types of rooms. The overwater-looking villas, Beach bungalows, and garden villa which surrounded by greenery. The garden villa surrounded by a real coral wall which gives privacy to the tourists. It is well designed and customized for tourists to enjoy.
It provides a private beach area with different types of food. The resort has a restaurant fitness center, a bar, and a shared lounge in Fulidhoo. Each room has specific features and also a perfect breakfast is available. The resort has a separate place for playing different sports. Guests while staying at the Dhiggiri resort can enjoy the different ambiance and other activities. It will keep them constantly enjoying the complete beauty of the ocean. To thoroughly enjoy and experience this resort you can reach the pickyourtrail vacation package.

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Villas at Dhiggiri Resort Maldives –

One splendid, Private garden villa and different suits. This accommodation has a terrace and a different playing area like billiards and table tennis. There is also another area famous for windsurfing and canoeing. The popular amenities provided in Dhiggiri resort include free breakfast, an on-site restaurant, and a lounge.

Terrace view of Dhiggiri Resort in Maldives
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Water suite and superior suite-

WaterSuits are of two types one is what is suit and another one is superior suit water suit is located on the ground floor of the water villa. This water suit covers hundred square meters and the wooden furniture’s are handmade. There is an outdoor Terrace on the suit which gives direct access to the sea and the private bathroom has a jacuzzi where the guest can have a relaxing experience. This room is located just a few steps away from the main service and there is also a feature where the guest can admire the romantic starry sky. This room provides a king-size bed with approximate of hundred square meters where four adults can stay and also this room gives the ocean view.

The superior suite is located on the first floor of the water villa, The square bit of this superior suit is approximately 175 m² the wooden furniture is handmade and there is a private terrace with a breathtaking ocean view. The private bathroom provided with a jacuzzi offers a romantic experience for the couples The superior suite is also just a few steps away from the main service which provides a king-size bed where full or four adults can stay and enjoy the ocean view.

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Beach resorts in Dhiggiri resort Maldives
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Over water villa-

Dhiggiri resort has a private view on the horizon there are 34 overwater villas from which you will wake up to the sound of the ocean with calm and serenity. This overwater room provides a king-sized bed and this room is approximately 50 square m with the outside deck, three adults can occupy and enjoy the view of the Ocean. This room provides a private balcony and a bathroom with a jacuzzi. Look out Maldives Vacation to enjoy your holidays.

Beach Villa-

The Beach bungalow is approximately 40 m² which gives comfort a few steps away from the ocean this has the view of the beachfront specialty of this beach bungalow enclosed in a typical Maldivian coral plus has its own modern structure if you are looking for an authentic Maldivian experience this beach bungalows of degree will give you immense pleasure. The room accommodates up to 3 adults which have a king-size bed and a view of the beach and ocean.

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Water boats in Maldives
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Garden villa

The Garden villa of degree is recently renewed with a unique ambiance. For the guests who are looking for privacy, this garden villa is the most preferred one is located in the heart of the island which is surrounded by the real coral wall this private garden has a spacious patio where the guests can relax by traveling on the porch swing during the sunny day this room is approximate of 50 m² which is a king-size bed where three adults can accommodate and enjoy inner part of the island.

Dining and Activities at Dhiggiri Resort Maldives-

There are sports that can be practiced on the degree resort different activities that can be performed are Beach volley can we dance bowls table tennis windsurfing gym water aerobics and morning gym The Beach volley has a different kind of wave is because the guests can play it on the white sands of degree this gives them the unforgettable experience. The guests who wanted to explore the crystal clear waters of the Maldives windsurf is the preferred sport with where the guest can discover the blues sea and blue sky together.
For the fitness freaks, The degree resort provides a gym that has the walls of palm trees and also the view of the sea in front of them. Table tennis and fun games on the beach will take you to know the best level of experience. The guest can discover the wonders of the colorful fish and coral reefs of the Indian Ocean. Balls are the funniest game that ever played by the guests. The guests can find a separate place for playing balls on the white sand of degree do not miss it

Dining at Dhiggiri Resort Maldives

Dhiggiri resort Maldives, topic picked for the lovers of Italian and Maldivian Cuisine. In The restaurant and bar, you can discover all the flavors of the island. The cuisine fulfills all the needs of the guest. fresh, genuine dishes are prepared and served by the chef. You can relax at the bar which is centrally located and a la carte offer while enjoying the view of the Maldives at the hours of the night. A la cartè is a beach restaurant where you can taste the complete Italian and Maldivian cuisine flavors of the chef. Seafront restaurant is an overwater restaurant which is truly unique it serves the guest for breakfast this restaurant has a perfect lounge area during the afternoon and night

Over water bungalows in Maldives
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